What traits, habits and habits make representatives of different signs of the zodiac attractive in the eyes of their partners? Astrologers have created a special horoscope to answer this question. Find your sign and find out your main weapon in conquering the heart of your loved one, as well as those features that you need to look for in a partner.

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You are used to being a leader in everything and always look stylish and cool. However, your s** appeal comes not from your strength, but from weakness, which you do not always allow yourself. The more soft you can afford in a relationship with a partner, the deeper they will become. Try to show your tenderness and femininity more often – this will win the heart of your partner.

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Being under the constant influence of Venus, you are simply made for love. Better than others, you are able to enjoy both playful first dates and long mature relationships. Give your partner a space for self-expression, and then your relationship will become even more harmonious for both of you. Having laid a solid foundation at the very beginning, you can build a stable and happy relationship based on it.

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You consider intellectual development to be one of its main advantages, and this same factor attracts you as a partner more than others. This can interfere with relationships, because love does not live in the head. Aim for a balance of emotions and mind. Allow yourself to enjoy simple pleasures, and not to discuss the latest news and new theories, being alone with the elect. All women love with their ears, but you especially – a gentle whisper in your ear can drive you crazy and make you forget about everything.

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For a long time you are carefully trying to build for yourself a “safe hole” – a cozy home in which you plan to live many happy years with your partner. And only after you feel as comfortable as possible at your place of stay, you can begin to think about the features of your relationship. Do not forget that the needs of the partner may differ from yours, so it may take a long time to get used to each other. Sweet hugs and gifts are your weakness.

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Being under the influence of the Sun, you feel real pleasure when you are in the center of attention. You especially like the atmosphere of luxury and expensive gifts. In gratitude for such joy, you are ready to bestow a partner with a generous expression of feelings. However, remember that the sun can make you hot-tempered. Do not be nervous over trifles, try to avoid conflicts, and your life will become much more harmonious.

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Relationship development is often like a plot from old love films. You appreciate romance, classic courtship, family dinners and picnics in the company of mutual friends. In your love there is a special noble purity, which today can be found quite rarely. Your ideal partner will be able to decorate your life, make it more vivid, rich and fun. At the same time, he must be well-mannered in order to be on the same level with you.

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You are trying to claim marriage in almost any love relationship, so you are trying to put a lot of effort into making your partner feel special. You can be called the queen of romantic nights that men can only dream of. You can easily be enchanted by pleasant music, dim lights, flowers and dinner by candlelight. Try to appreciate yourself more and find time for your own pleasures.


Your love always develops according to the formula “either all or nothing.” You are always guided by emotions, you are able to feel the deep spiritual notes of your partner, you know how to empathize and even can forgive a strong offense. But don’t let emotions guide you forever. Having fallen in love, do not dive right into the pool with your head, and take the time to get to know your partner, his life goals and priorities.

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You especially need freedom in everything – in deeds, in convictions … It will be great if your partner can understand this, confide in you and provide the necessary space for life. You are very passionate – this attracts the opposite s** to you.


You have a natural elegance that often attracts men. However, you are not used to spending time on short and frivolous relationships. You will carefully and for a long time check the potential partner until you are sure that it is with him that you can build a long and stable marriage. Many people like your desire for success, the desire to achieve your goals, ambition. However, often the representatives of this sign may be too carried away by a career that can ruin the relationship with your loved one. Think in advance about your priorities, while relationships can still be saved.


Most often the relationship you have tied on the basis of friendship and common interests. As soon as the bond goes into the love sphere, you will need a certain amount of freedom. The ideal partner will admire your independence and will not see it as a threat to relationships. And you will respect this quality in your partner.


You are extremely sensual and able to love, forgetting everything in the world. For you, spiritual closeness is always in the first place, not life in abundance. Your partner should be a good listener and appreciate trust – you simply cannot be close to a person who does not show sympathy when you tell him about your experiences. Every day you need to receive signs of attention from a loved one, to see manifestations of his love and to show love itself.

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