For those who may not know a lunar eclipse is something that occurs when our planet lines up directly between the sun and moon during orbit. When this happens the Earth itself blocks the light from the sun to the moon.

The lunar eclipse or ‘eclipse of the moon’ happens because Earth’s shadow is falling on the moon. When this is happening the moon itself will appear faint and quite orange in color. Many describe it as looking as if there is a sheet of red fog over the moon. According to NASA, it is believed that lunar eclipses taught people that the Earth is round. This being because Earth’s shadow is round.

Lunar eclipses signify a great time of change and are known to bring things in our lives to an end quite abruptly. During the lunar eclipse to come on the 31st of this month, you will most likely be feeling quite anxious. That is natural, these conflicting energies are more than enough to get on anyone’s nerves.

Lunar eclipse energy will stick around for almost a week after the eclipse has passed so do not expect this energy to just die down overnight. You will have to truly let yourself experience it. When we resist the change that comes from a lunar eclipse we cause lots of problems for ourselves. Eclipses are intense forces that always lead us to action.

Lunar eclipses bring us closer to our shadow self and allow us to get to know who that is for us on a deeper level. It forces us to reconnect and let go. The benefits of using the lunar eclipse energies properly are almost endless, to say the least. You will feel inspired during this time, but you need to remember to merely allow that inspiration to take form mentally, not quite physically just yet. Once this lunar eclipse energy has passed take that inspiration and use it to your advantage. Tension and stress will be far too high during the lunar eclipse to get anything done.

This lunar eclipse will help you overcome some very deep-seated wounds, be prepared to fight within and overcome things you had long since forgotten. Lunar eclipses offer great benefits for our minds, bodies, and souls. Your mind will grow, your body will rejuvenate, and your soul will heal. Let this energy do for you what it has done for so many before you.

Remember to always meditate when you are feeling overwhelmed. You can make it through this just fine. While these energies to come will be intense and overwhelming you can handle them just fine. The universe never brings us to something we cannot handle. We are far more capable than we tend to realize.

There is a great power within your being. Allow that power to manifest throughout the next few weeks and then use the lunar eclipse to amplify that energy. This special event is going to leave you speechless. Enjoy all that is going to be offered and never attempt to turn down something the universe offers to you.

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