The Coffee Corner of Every Sign 

Coffee is so much more than just a drink, it is an experience. The place where we consume it or the company with whom we share it may add or diminish the value of that moment. So, now know the best place to consume your coffee according to your sign. 


Aries would certainly choose to have coffee on top of a mountain after a long climb. His adventurous spirit would be in complete harmony with the warm coffee in a thermos mixed with the cold of the altitude. 


The Taurus would definitely appreciate your coffee in a first class bakery. The comfort and the luxury next to the tasting of the high quality grain would be synonymous of the paradise for him. 


As the Gemini can present different tastes, your perfect coffee corner would be in that alternative cafeteria that not everyone usually goes to. The café next to the mystery and the curiosity to be visiting a different place are definitely very attractive factors for the natives of that sign. 


The perfect cancer experience is the Sunday afternoon family breakfast, accompanied by a good cake straight from the oven. For the native of this sign, the taste of everything that consumes becomes much better when accompanied by the one he loves. 


For the Leo, his ideal coffee moment is with his friends that weekend when they are all gathered on the beach. There is nothing better than good coffee and good conversation. 


The Virgo does not need a great environment as long as she has a great coffee maker and several refills of different coffees in her backpack. At home or at work, whatever! The taste of coffee is primarily responsible for your mood. 


There is nothing better for Libra than having an afternoon coffee after a day of shopping at the mall. He will choose the cafeteria that has the most funky coffee and the most delicious side dishes. 


Intense as it is, the Scorpio does not dispense a cup of coffee in bed, especially after enjoying the previous day beside the loved one. 


The corner for Sagittarius to have coffee is the world! For him, being able to try coffee in several cities and in different places in the world is the true synonym of happiness. 


The sacred moment of the Capricorn is when he drinks that his cup of very full coffee during his work shift. This experience awakens you and cherishes your nervousness. 


very sociable sign Aquarius loves to meet and have a good time when he wants to meet someone better. Well, if the company turns out not so nice, it can still taste good coffee. 


The corner for the Pisces to drink coffee is one that is tied to his hobby . Be next to your studio, photographic camera, or on your computer; if that moment has any meaning to it, your coffee will surely make it more special.

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