Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, your sign could give you a good, or bad name. Scorpio is one of the most notorious signs; they have the reputation of being sneaky, insecure, possessive, and hyper sexual. Let’s be real; most Scorpios have a leading personality which could be quite intimidating for others, and just like every other sign, they have their real bad side.

For each good quality they have, they have an equally bad one.

The Good: Their mysterious vibe could be captivating

It’s human nature to be intrigued by the mysterious people. The Sherlock Holmes in us tries to break their code and find out what they’re hiding.

The Bad: Their mysterious vibe could get old


If you’ve known a Scorpio for too long, their mysterious act could get old and boring.

The Good: You’ll have to work for the friendship, which will make it worth it

They aren’t the type who could trust others after just one conversation. Earning their trust and friendship points will take time, which is good for both sides because it’ll be a well-deserved friendship.

The Bad: You’ll go through many mental games with them

Scorpios are the kings and queens of mental games. To gain their trust, they’ll manipulate you and play all the mind tricks in the world to know who you really are and if you’re trustworthy or not.

The Good: Scorpios are the most loyal friends you can have


Loyalty is everything for a Scorpio. No matter what happens between you, they’ll always have your back.

The Bad: The Scorpio’s wrath could sting you

Even though loyalty is crucial for them, you’ll definitely regret it if you get on their bad side. Scorpios don’t enjoy confrontations. When they’re pissed off, their attitudes will change without any prior notice or further explanation. Good luck getting on their good side again!

The Good: They’re the partner in crime that you could depend on

Scorpios won’t question your motives, or back up from a crime you are involved in. In fact, they’ll plan the whole thing for you and they’ll definitely plan it better than you.

The Bad: They’ll never be the voice of reason

Their loyalty could hurt the both of you. They’ll blindly support their loved ones, but will never talk them out of destroying their lives or making a stupid decision.

The Good: The lustful attitude could be fun

According to astrology, Scorpios are highly sexual people. They have the ability to ‘sexualize’ anything, which could be funny or interesting to talk about at times.

The Bad: Their hyper sexual attitude could get annoying

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