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No one can know in advance if your man will be faithful. After all, to charm, lie, something not to say, it does not cost anything. However, if you look closely, there are always some small hints. It is especially important to know the date of birth of your chosen one. It turns out loyalty also depends on the sign of the zodiac. Ladies, be careful! Do not be fooled. So, let’s begin! Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. But they are not so many.

Aries: unity and struggle of opposites

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Aries is a conqueror. And this says a lot. If you managed to really fall in love with yourself and keep the attention of Aries, you are not the first day together and have plans for your family, you can expect that he will be a faithful husband and an excellent father. But the likelihood that the search for new goals in it, sooner or later, will make itself known, is still there.


Taurus: an example of loyalty

Taurus is very calm and even to some extent closed. They go to the heart of their beloved for a long time, and setting a goal – they achieve it in all possible ways, and if they decide to marry, then this is for centuries. By the right of Taurus can be called the surest sign of the zodiac!

Gemini: permanent only in their impermanence

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To find an approach to a Gemini man, you need to catch their mood and character. This type of men quickly ignites the knowledge of a new girl, then quickly burns out and either go in search of a new one, or weighing the pros and cons in favor of this lady, tie themselves to the knot.

Cancer: 100 reasons why he is not to blame

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Surprisingly, Cancer in a relationship shows a lot of pride and selfishness. He always does what he wants, and always has 100 reasons why even he is not to blame for his own betrayal, but his half. Cancers most often settle down after 35, before this point they lead a rather disorderly life in terms of relationships with the opposite sex.

Leo: this is “yes”!

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Do you expect the most narcissistic sign to be the most walking? And no. Lions, choosing a companion, emphasize that it should be the best. And if they chose someone, they remain faithful to the end. The reason for treason can only be the fact if his partner begins to build a career more successfully, earn more or take on the role of head in a couple.

Virgo: everything is hidden in habits

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Another of the most faithful signs, along with Taurus and Leo, however, his devotion to relationships lies in his habits. The fact is that Virgo is the most accurate and fastidious sign. Relationships on the side will simply be unpleasant in terms of insecurity for health and gossip, which harms the reputation. In addition, Virgos are far from the “fairy-tale prince” at the time of courtship, so they are not interested in wasting energy on “dancing around the fire” to attract the attention of a potential new passion. There are more important things to do!

Scales: “slept on” lies

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Libra is one of the few reliable partners not only in marriage, but also in friendship and in business. They value loyalty and loyalty and try to reciprocate. All that a Libra man needs is constant approval and praise. If you let them know that they are doing everything right – he will be devoted to you to the end. In addition, even if Libra has an Adulter, he will not be able to live with it and will tell everything to his half.

Scorpio: soul and flesh

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Scorpios are the kings of sex and at the same time the most inappropriate sign of the zodiac. And all because in a passionate body, thirsty for adventure, there lives a sensitive soul, which wants to give stability and loyalty to its family. Therefore, most often the scorpion’s treason is impetuous and does not imply anything serious. But who wants to put up with it?

Sagittarius: everything is clear without words!

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The saddest infidelity – just at Streltsov. This zodiac sign basically regards relationships, and especially sex, as a sport. Excitement. Conquest Rage. Sagittarius live in a fit of passion, trying to try as much as possible. But they come to the conclusion that there is no ideal, and they marry the first person who comes to hand at the right moment .

In the family (which is often created late), they remain faithful, because they are disappointed by the lack of high ideals. However, there is a rare variety of Sagittarius, who knows how to direct their sexual energy into a creative channel, then the relationship does not suffer from its unbridled changes.

Capricorn: true to the bone marrow

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Capricorn – a very simple sign, he does not need delights, secret hints, some sophisticated ways of seduction. If he likes you, he will act simply, according to the standard scheme. The family is also straightforward and hardworking, capable of sacrifice. All that he needs is that the partner, like him, is constantly working on relationships.

Aquarius: the wind of freedom

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Aquarius is very contradictory behavior in the pair. On the one hand, this is a fairly sure sign, which, choosing a pair, makes it once and for all. Most often Aquarius is Monogamous, but at some point a click may happen in it. He suddenly realizes that he was too tied to everyday life, and he will leave very unexpectedly. Change rarely, because they prefer to first put an end to the previous relationship.

Fish: romantic for family

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Pisces is a rare sign among men who are capable of sincere romance. That Pisces can read you poetry and do it with pleasure. In the Pisces family are distinguished by tenderness, reliability and loyalty. But there is a lurch – at any moment their quiet life can crack if momentary passion interferes with it.

Oh, and no luck Scorpion wives. Although, on the other hand, living with a bright and enthusiastic person is always fun – you can get involved with it and complement each other.

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