Everyone knows the bull, twin, lion and Co. Of course, these are the zodiac signs from our horoscope. But there is another horoscope, which you certainly do not know yet. We’re talking about the Egyptian horoscope.

There are 12 signs in the Egyptian horoscope, each representing a deity. The year is not divided into 12 months but 28 periods. Your date of birth tells you which god you belong to. So if you want to know which god belongs to you according to the Egyptian horoscope, then you should read on.


1st – 7th of January

19th – 28th of June

17th of September

18th – 26th of November

These people are very peaceful and love harmony. They like it rather uncomplicated and avoid quarrels best. They are particularly good observers and like to analyze their fellow human beings. 

The god Nile goes well with the gods Amun-Ra and Set.


8th – 21st of January

1st – 11th of February

If your sign is Amun-Ra, then you are under the influence of the king of the gods. You are a leader and always optimistic. You also have the gift of inspiring the people around you.

The God Amun-Ra Goes well with the gods Nile and Horus. 


22nd – 31st January

8th – 22nd of September

The god courage symbolizes the “mother of the world”. You are rather shy, but carry a lot of wisdom in you. In addition, you are generous and achieve your goals by being patient and charming. 

The god courage goes well with the gods Amun-Ra and Thoth.


12th – 29th of February

August 20th – 31st

Geb is the god with the good intuition and the big heart. You are often emotional and never forget something. In addition, you act wisely and think carefully about the consequences of your actions. You can really rely on you.

The god Geb fits well with the gods Set and Horus.


March 1st – 10th

27th November – 18th December

Osiris is energetic and enjoys the present moment. You are self-confident and do not let others influence you. This makes you a very independent person who is charismatic and intelligent at the same time.

The god Osiris goes well with the gods Isis and Thoth.


March 11th – 31st

18th – 29th of October

19th – 31st December

If your god is Isis then you are not complicated and love society. Your friends appreciate you very much. You are also humorous and romantic. 

The god Isis goes well with the gods Osiris and Thoth.


1st – 19th April

8th – 17th of November

Thoth is a God who likes to communicate and quickly solve his problems. He wants to know everything and strives for his goals. He loves to improve his environment and sees in it his destiny.

The god Thoth goes well with the gods Bastet and Isis.


April 20 – May 7

12th – 19th of August

Horus is a brave god who likes to take risks. He has an incredible amount of charisma and always tries to get his way. For his beloved humans, however, a Horus-born does everything. 

The god Horus fits well with the gods Bastet and Geb.


8th – 27th May

June 29th – July 13th

If you are an Anubis-born, then you are very passionate and creative. In addition, you can be very emotional and would love to be alone from time to time. Your great gift is your attention. You immediately recognize the secret motives of other people.

The god Anubis goes well with the gods Bastet and Isis.


May 28th – June 18th

September 28th – October 2nd

Seth stands for chaos in Egyptian mythology. If you are a Seth born, then you long for changes in your life. You also like being in the spotlight and looking for adventure. It will never be boring with you. 

The god Seht suits the gods Geb and Nil well.


14th – 28th of July

September 23rd – 27th

October 3rd – 17th

If Bastet is your sign then you can handle stressful situations very well. You want to have peace and are therefore always balanced. You just love to surround yourself with things that are pleasant and relaxing. Your intuition is better than anyone else’s. That’s why many people can envy you.

The god Bastet goes well with the gods Sakhmet and Horus.


July 29th – August 11th

October 30th – November 7th

You are a perfectionist and you are always yearning for justice. Also, you always see the good in people and do not let obstacles keep you from achieving your own goal. Your honor and your pride are so important to you that you would do anything for it.

The god Sakhmet goes well with the gods Bastet and Geb.

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