Its always good to have some fun people around in life. It makes life all the more exciting. Thank this zodiac for adding some fun and colour to the rest. Yes i am talking about the Aries People. You would love to know them a little and once u know them a little you will crave some more. I promise. Lets know them better. Aries Is A Fire Sign. You just can not ignore this aspect. Why? Ever heard anybody playing with fire? There you go. Yes welcome to the Aries clad. So if you have fallen for an Aries with all its positives there definitely comes few guidelines which you need to adhere to when dealing with them. So here are few do’s and dont’s to remember when dating an aries.

1) Aries  Love Hard

The Do's And Dont's To Remember When Dating An Aries

They LOVE being in love and the whole idea of love. It can be a driving force for them. When you have an aries around you are pretty much safe. They will love you to the extent that your enemies are theirs. They will stand like a guard. Tall and strong.

2) Aries Are Loyal to a Fault

So just don’t f*ck with them. Neverrrr…Everrrr… If u wish to give up on them and admit it to them and they will leave never to get back without even questioning but wont accept cheating as an answer. They need their own space even when in a relationship and will respect yours as well.

3) Aries Are Fun

This sign is full of energy. If you are dating one so get ready for some real punk. They will add colors and lots of adventure to your boring life. They get easily bored and hence their never ending love for adventure. So you have a hard core lover who is loyal and fun to be around. Sounds perfect isn’t it? But heard about the saying “No one is perfect”.

1) They Can Hold Onto Grudges

They can hold onto grudges for years. Yes Years. They have a tongue sharper than most weapons. So before you hurt them think a million times. They will slay you with words. Never ever try to dig them.

2) Zero On Patience

Being a fiery sign Aries are zero on patience. They just cant wait. They would want the things to be done in a fraction of second , which Adds to their aggression at times. Not everyone wishes to run in life. There are people who love to walk and not jogg all the time. So if you are one of those who would love to slow down or listen to some old numbers on your iPod, Aries will never be a game for it. Put some peppy number on and see their mood switching.

But again this aspect of them adds another feather to their cap. It makes them extremely hardworking. If you wish to achieve any target or meet any deadline just ask for your Aries partner’s hand . They will be a game for it anytime. Not only because they love you but also because they love challenges and finishing tasks on time.

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