The dirty truth about all the signs of the zodiac. This article will open your eyes to real astrology and who you are if you believe it! All astrology lovers usually say that the characteristics of their sign coincide with the characteristics of their personality. But usually it happens because horoscopes are people who only want to please you.

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It’s nice to believe in things that are nice for you. We do not really like horoscopes. Therefore, we have found such characteristics of personalities for you in accordance with their zodiac signs, that after reading them you might also think: “ Astrology is nonsense! “. Forward this article to those you despise!


Basically, you are a monkey. Aries are impulsive, aggressive and create a lot of noise. Your  character lacks depth, so many people believe that you are a “fake” playing to the public.

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Many people want to know what your head is, but the truth is that there is nothing in it. Your ability to simplify reality is reductive, i.e. you simplify the world not to make it clearer to those around you, but to make it clearer to you personally. But lack of foresight makes you naive and stupid.

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You are a boring small owner. But worst of all, calves are the most stubborn creatures on the planet. “My, my, my!” That’s why you love to play Monopoly. Dolrs have become your life, although others do not tell you about it.

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Do you have attention deficit disorder? You can deny, but the main characteristic of this zodiac sign is a complete inability to concentrate and calm down. A powerful whirlwind of all kinds of thoughts is constantly passing through your head . And you cannot even remember them, but even realize them. In general, it is even worse than the empty head of Aries.

You are a master of chaos and total disorder. Close ones probably consider you unbearable.

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You have not grown. Cancers, in principle, do not grow and remain children for life. And you are not restrained. Why, there – do not know how to control their emotions . Your whole life is a complete nervous breakdown. So do not be surprised if your loved ones consider you hysterical.

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And you are selfish. And they are so demanding of themselves that they turn into a nightmare not only the lives of those around them, but also their own. “Why me? Why me again? No one cares about me. I am so unhappy, ”the cancer constantly thinks.


There are no more inattentive people in the world than lions. They are always busy only with themselves and attracting the attention of others. Do you really consider yourself an exceptional person, worthy of praise and attention more than others?

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And lions are petty and stingy. All that they are ready to do all day long is just narcissism. Well, they can also humiliate others well, of course.


Virgos are constantly alarmed: they need to control everything. Therefore, the whole world owes maidens! But they help others, and they do it all the time. But under this false altruism is veiled narcissism . Virgos help others only to tell everyone how caring and reliable they are.


You can be a sociopath! People like you never know what whims and demands they will have in an hour. To please Libra is unreal.

And Libra – master manip ulyator . They constantly study their environment, give it cold characteristics. Sometimes it seems that these are robots. They are simply programmed to say the right things at the right time to the right people.

And finally, the most embarrassing thing about you: your artificial intelligence is actually a reflection of empty posturing. You try to look cool, but everyone sees that your inner world is empty.


You – small, vindicti ny monster. You project your self-doubt on everyone around you. You beat, first of all, by those who mean the most to you. You love to look at the suffering of others. Just because you have convinced yourself that they deserve this suffering. You are poisoning everyone with whom you communicate.


People think that you are a smart person, but this is not true. You just repeat the ideas and slogans of other smart and thoughtful people. Fill quotes. And it seems that this is the only way to have a conversation.

And you are always bored – in any situation and in any company. And you do not know how to hide it at all.

However, your head is always busy with thoughts about what thoughts ayut and others say. It also explains your tendency to exaggerate.

Sagittarius – a great boss: he doesn’t care about others, he suspects others of all mortal sins, and he, in general, doesn’t care that nobody loves him.


Capricorns are the best knockers on the planet. People ready to go over the heads for the sake of their goal. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. And you are ready to throw anyone under the bus to get what you want. You selfish ichny and obsessed with their social status.

Even creativity for you is only a way to become famous.


You consider yourself “too ordinary”, therefore you are constantly shocking people to prove their uniqueness. You are so obsessed with their own individual nosti , which ultimately relatives of people you do not have at all. No one is able to understand your subtle creative nature.

You reciprocate the world. Why do you need the outside world and its “gray” inhabitants if you have such a rich inner world. You wanted to be left alone? OK no problem!


Dream! Pisces say that they do not tolerate scenes, but they roll them up regularly. The whole life of a fish is one misfortune. Your inability to stand up for yourself turns your life into chaos. And your jealousy makes you a loser.

You are the person who constantly complains about a shitty life, and never does anything to change anything. Of course, what’s the life there, because you’re so overwhelmed with work! You are unhappy and make unhappy all the people around.

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