If you are anything like me, you read zodiac articles all the time, but do they really tell you what you need to hear?

When it comes to life and where you should be and the things you should work on looking to the stars will benefit you greatly, but you have to be willing to hear the things you don’t want to hear. You have to take the good with the bad. Not everything about your sign is positive and it is kind of like how just because you think you are a nice person doesn’t mean you are. Some signs are more manipulative than others in the ways some are more caring than the rest; we are all unique.

Take the things below with a grain of salt. They are meant to help you get to know yourself and understand the areas you may need to work on. They are not meant to make you feel bad but they are a little brutal. Mine was far more accurate than I wish it had been, enjoy.


As an Aries, you are a work-oriented asshole. You are too impulsive for your own good and you tend to be a bit overly optimistic. People find you to be moody and terrifyingly aggressive. You really need to work on your people skills, scaring everyone into getting things done isn’t the way to go.

You hate anyone who holds you back or tries to make you feel like you are doing too much even when you are and you are someone who loves being in charge. While you are not quite as controlling as the Leo you are on up there in this sense. But shit, for some reason people are drawn to you in many ways.


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You are a possessive, rude, quick to temper, jerk. You don’t let anyone ever win, it is all or nothing with you. Sure, you don’t like sudden changes but neither does the rest of the world. Stop being so caught up in yourself and what you want. This world does not revolve around you.

You are a hard worker and you do hold your own but you are so irritable and angry all of the time. This is no way to live! Stop being so tense just relax and remember to breathe.


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Let’s be real, you are fucking nuts. Sure, you are easy to talk to but you never shut up. You are always talking about something and honestly, it feels like sometimes you talk just to be talking. You are batshit crazy and can go from normal to pissed or crying within seconds over NOTHING. You are not a roller coaster everyone can keep up with.

You are always searching for love but you aren’t willing to see what is right in front of your face. Stop being too serious at the wrong moments. Take this world as it is and see where things go.


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You are more selfish than selfless. You think that in all that you do people owe you something but honestly they don’t. You shouldn’t be giving so much of yourself to people who don’t really care. You are someone who gets overly attached and doesn’t know how to let those who do not belong in your life go.

You really need to work on being able to thrive without relying on other people for your happiness. You are an amazing person who can do great things. Just believe in yourself a little bit more.


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You think you are hot shit. You walk all over everyone around you and are constantly starting drama so that you can be the center of attention. Sure, people are drawn to you because you are charming and attractive, but you’re too shallow for your own good.

You demand to be treated like royalty but you are too stubborn and arrogant to see that you don’t do shit to deserve that kind of treatment. You really need to get off of your high horse.


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You are constantly cracking jokes that no one thinks are funny and making fun of people just to make yourself feel better. You are the person others have to warn their families about before introducing you. Somehow through this all, you are a bit shy and that makes you seem like more of an ass because you don’t speak to people you haven’t met.

You are the king/queen of making awkward silences even more awkward. You throw yourself pity parties almost every single day of the week and no one likes you as much as you think they do. You really need more work than I can explain.


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You are someone that most people just don’t understand. You are creepy as fuck. You are not someone who likes confrontation so you avoid it like the plague and you are always being overly cooperative.

This kind of thing, in general, makes you seem pretty weird and people tend to avoid you because of it. It is like you are trying too hard. Maybe you should just tone things down a bit.


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You don’t trust anyone and honestly, you are kind of a hoe. You let people get too close to your heart far too quickly and it fucks you up every damn time. You really need to learn how to stop letting people in without getting to know them first.

Stop fucking yourself over. You deserve so much more in this life. You were not meant to be so vulnerable all the time.


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You are too flighty and too open. You let people get to know you only to run away as soon as things get serious. You are one of the most jerk-like signs there are. You break hearts faster than anyone else and you are never able to follow through on your promises.

I am not going to write much about you because you know what areas you need to work on even though you probably never will. Stop being such an impatient douche, be more responsible. You can make the needed changes if you really want to.


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You are so boring it is hard to deal with. People like that you have a good sense of self-control but they hate how condescending you are. You always expect the worst in every situation and you are the exact definition of a ‘Debbie Downer.’ You really need to figure out how to overcome your own mindset. Shift to a more positive point of view.


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You are always refusing to express your emotions. When it comes to love you run away and you never let anyone who shows you that they care stick around. You are good at driving people away and you are too cold to care about how you make them feel. Yes, you are a fucking asshat.


You are one of the most fun signs there are but you don’t often show it. People want to get to know you but you are too caught up in other shit to let them. You are overly trusting but not in the ways people would think and you play the victim all the damn time. You really need to get your shit together.

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