Our sign says a lot about us and about our personality. He can point out our strengths and weaknesses, he can point out traits that we have and were not aware of, and he can offer us advice through the good old horoscope. 

If it is so important in our lives, it sure can interfere with our tastes and this even includes what we like to eat for breakfast, right? After all, this is the most important meal for us! 

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So, how about starting the day right by eating that reinforced breakfast that matches your sign?


Everyone who knows an Aries knows he does not like to waste time with anything. So he always gets right to the point and this feature reflects even on the type of breakfast that most matches his personality. Fresh fruits are the best options for you! Besides being healthy, they can be eaten even on the way to work or school.

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Taurus love to eat. This is a fact that can not be refuted. If you want to convince him to do something, just talk about having food! That’s why they love a full breakfast: eggs, bacon, bread … Everything you can imagine will be on the table! A complete banquet!

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Undeterred and always open to change, Geminis are always changing their minds and can never really choose a favorite type of breakfast, but the cereals always catch your eye! Being found in many flavors and shapes, they can satisfy their hunger while providing that feeling of change they long for!

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Empathy is one of the key words to describe a Cancerian. They are always ready to help the people around you and this includes even sharing your breakfast, for example! The pancakes, besides being delicious, can be savored and shared and, therefore, is the best requested for this sign!

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Boredom is a feeling that the leoninos do not know. Dominating and authoritative, they need a breakfast that reflects their personality. With a simple cut and a taste that appeals to all palates, french toast is a great option that also shows that this sign can be very sweet – when it wants!

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Simple, reliable and practical: this is how granola is! Easy to be prepared, this breakfast is the perfect choice for the Virginians. Aside from combining with other side dishes such as yogurt, it will not slow you down so you will not have to worry about it and you will have enough time to pack up without running!

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Libra is the kind of person who loves taking pictures of food and posting on their social networks. But the food has to be beautiful, of course, and very appetizing. So the waffle is always your best request! Accompanied by fruit and even a sweet syrup, this breakfast will leave everyone with mouth watering!

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On bad days, the Scorpio can get very angry … This characteristic of him matches with his stomach in the early hours of the day. To keep you from getting sick early in the morning, stay simple! A simple toast is enough to hold you for a few hours until you can eat something stronger!


Happy and energetic, Sagittarians always stumble upon any ride! For this, they need to be prepared: the smoothie is always on hand, especially for breakfast. Easy to carry, they give that energy that we always need to face the day.

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You love a challenge, do not you, Capricorn? So, do not be intimidated easy and always on the perfect search for an omelet! The one that, besides delicious, also has the perfect texture and leaves nothing to be desired. And this is always your first challenge of the day, which delivers a mouth-watering breakfast!


Aquarians are people who are always surprising us with their unique way of being. At breakfast, they never go for the obvious choice. Eggs? No way! For them, crepe is always the best option: original and very delicious, they reflect your personality!


Sweet and sweet, donuts have a lot in common with the Pisces! Maybe that’s why these are always the first choice of this sign for breakfast! While some people look only at the negative aspects of this food – high caloric value, for example – you, like a good Pisces, are positive and appreciate the best of this great breakfast!

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