Why are some people open and honest, go out of their own accord and approach others as if it were the easiest thing in the world? And why, in turn, are there people who find it difficult to trust others, to open up to them and to be relaxed in their presence?

There seem to be two fundamentally different types of people: one is relaxed, confident and confident. The others withdrawn, careful and suspicious. What distinguishes these personalities and why are they so different?

Today we will come a little closer to the answer to this question. If you are one of those people who treat others with a healthy distance and respect and you quickly feel uncomfortable in the presence of other people, then you are probably one of these 4 zodiac signs, which are the closed beings of the zodiac. Let’s take a closer look at them.


The Virgo, one could say, is the complete opposite of the Leo zodiac sign. He seeks attention and care. On the other hand, it withdraws and stays for itself. If you have ever been friends with a virgin or have been together, you will know what I am talking about.

She is a person who does not like to reveal things about herself and it can happen that you have had a friendship with her for years and still hardly know anything about her.

That is what distinguishes a virgin from many other people. Most people only tell about themselves and want to present themselves as well as possible. A virgin, on the other hand, would rather listen and ask you questions than draw attention to yourself.

It is her way of keeping herself covered and she does not like it when the attention is on her or someone is too curious. You need a lot of empathy and time to learn something about them. Only when you are a real friend and stay tuned will she gradually open up to you. 


Many people feel the scorpion as a strange being. Admittedly, it is not easy to understand him. But if you do it skillfully and give it the time it needs, it opens up too.

He is a very closed person who double-checks what he gives and above all the people to whom he entrusts it before revealing anything. He knows when a person only wants to tell about himself and shows little interest in others.

Then he doesn’t respect him enough to give him the honor of opening himself up to him. But when he notices that the other person is coming towards him and gives him time and interest, it can happen that even the quiet scorpion tells something about himself.

These are rare and precious moments because words are rare with him. If you catch such a moment, you should appreciate it very much because it does not happen very often. 


An Aquarius has a lot to tell, even if you don’t trust him. He is usually more of a listener, but the people who really know him know that there is more to him. There are only a few who can get so far that they learn anything about him.

There is a lot going on inside Aquarius and he has a lot of feelings that he would really like to talk to others about. Unfortunately, he is extremely suspicious and afraid of being betrayed or convicted.

He doesn’t want anyone to think badly about him or maybe even pass on his deepest thoughts and feelings and use them against him. In order not to risk standing alone in the end, he therefore often keeps his mouth shut, even if he carries a lot within him that longs to be pronounced.

If you want to get closer to an Aquarian emotionally, then give him the confidence that he has lost himself. He needs people to turn to him and treat him gently. Let him feel that you are there for him and accept him no matter what he says, thinks or feels. Then you have a chance to learn more about him. 


Fish are people who react extremely sensitively and carry a wide range of feelings. That is why they understand others very well and can always serve with helpful advice. Many people entrust themselves to them, but hardly anyone has an open ear for themselves. A person whose zodiac sign is the fish will not open lightly either. He has experienced bad things too often, has been exploited or not taken seriously.

Therefore, he will examine you closely when you contact him. His secrets are precious to him and he doesn’t share them with everyone. After all, his greatest fear is to have opened himself up to the wrong person and then to be let down.

He will carefully consider who he is disclosing something to and if you are, you should be very careful with the information he has revealed to you. A conversation with such a person is a gift and you should consider it as such.

Most of these sensitive and sensitive people have already experienced traumatic things and it is precisely these delicate souls that often encounter toxic people and are exploited by them. It’s a shame how bad people want to poison the hearts of pure people.

These experiences remain forever in the mind of a virgin, a scorpion, an Aquarius and that of the fish. You cannot just swallow such experiences and forget them because your heart is very vulnerable.

That is the reason why they close themselves off and hardly dare open to a soul. They mostly keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves and are all alone with them. If they trust you so much that they reveal what is going on inside them, keep this precious secret like a treasure and show them that there are still people they can trust. Because they really deserve it.

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