3 most unfortunate signs of the zodiac! Scientists at Harvard University conducted a series of statistical studies that allowed us to identify the 3 most unfortunate signs of the zodiac.

“All happy people are equally happy, and every unfortunate person is unhappy in his own way” – this is how you can rephrase the words of the great classic writer Leo Tolstoy.

Indeed, if you look around, you might think that some people are simply born for happiness, while others are devoid of this gift. Perhaps it’s all about the influence of the stars? Scientists at Harvard University conducted a series of statistical studies that highlighted the 3 most unfortunate signs of the zodiac. Who are they and what is their misfortune.

3. Virgo

This is a rather tense and concentrated sign of the Zodiac, which would not hurt to relax at least a little, to put aside unnecessary nervousness and throw off the burden of responsibility that these individuals themselves take upon themselves.

If it were not for the heavy character, the Virgos could well have been happy people, these individuals alone choose for themselves the role of victims and great martyrs, and then bear this cross throughout their lives.

In fairness, it is worth adding that luck rarely smiles on the personalities of the sign of Virgo, and therefore everything that these people receive in life is the result of their hard and hard work.

2. cancer

Persons born under the sign of Cancer also rarely call themselves happy people. Indeed, these people have quite a few psychological problems associated with increased suspiciousness.

Cancers often doubt themselves, their strengths, capabilities, and even their own appearance. In addition, people born under the sign of Cancer easily succumb to the temptations of bad habits, which are extremely difficult to get rid of.

Their flexible nature does not allow them to control people, more often they find themselves in the role of subordinates, which, of course, affects their pride, making them deeply unhappy. And even in family life, these people are almost always on the sidelines, which, of course, does not add to them the joy of life.

1. Fishes

According to a survey of more than 10,000 people, representatives of the Pisces sign are least likely to call themselves happy. For the most part, these personalities are introverts, which means they are deepened in themselves.

Their self-analysis often turns into self-criticism and self-flagellation. Here self-doubt has a great influence. Pisces lacks a person nearby who would encourage and constantly guide these people, prompt and help in every possible way.

In addition, very often Pisces lacks the understanding of others, they are especially people who think too mundane. For this reason, such individuals rarely manage to find a soul mate, which means that many Pisces are doomed to loneliness.

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