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Astrologers have found that based on the sign of the zodiac, you can determine the propensity for stinginess and waste. They identified 2 of the most greedy and 2 of the most generous zodiac.

Find out right now, which of the signs of the zodiac can be attributed to the most greedy, and who is famous for his generosity. Of course, there are exceptions to all rules, and this information cannot be regarded with 100% accuracy.


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Capricorn has proven itself to be a real cash collector. Every penny should be on the account and benefit, be the so-called asset. Capricorns make very senseless spending very seldom, and then on emotions. Capricorns can earn a lot of money, and just as skillfully managed them. It is hard for them to understand people who are senselessly spending money, because in their opinion it is extremely stupid.

Capricorns do not understand how you can live without thinking in advance, for this reason, they always try to postpone more, rather than take and spend. It is important for them to know that they have accumulations. Capricorns are trying to provide themselves and their families for life. Is it bad? But in many cases, people may find them terrible misers.


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Like Capricorn, Virgo is known for its stinginess and respect for money. Virgos know the price of money and for this reason try not to commit rash spending. They love to keep a budget and do not miss various discounts and promotions. Every purchase must be necessary. In true Virgos, every penny counts, they like to keep everything under control, and this applies not only to the material sphere of their life.


Of course, from time to time even such pragmatists love to pamper themselves with something exquisite and expensive, because they have a wonderful sense of style, and they love beautiful things and decorative elements. But before buying, they weigh the pros and cons for quite a long time. With the purchased thing they will certainly boast of their friends and relatives in order to demonstrate their taste and viability for such expenses, but in the soul they will gnaw themselves for waste.


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Sagittarius can easily be called the most generous and wasteful sign of the zodiac. We still have to learn with such ease and carelessness to overspend. Of course, they receive from this unearthly pleasure, and do not even worry about the future. Because of their unprecedented extravagance, they attract a huge number of people who want to use their generosity. But the most surprising thing is that, despite its tranquility, money does not stop coming to them.



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 Aquarians love to present gifts, they get great pleasure from it, and it’s not their prerogative to consider your budget. To please a loved one for them holy, and of course, they choose gifts not cheap. Because of their well-known generosity, everyone is pleased to invite Aquarius for various holidays and events, because without an expensive gift, they definitely will not come.

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