You’d think that a list like this, about who will get married first, is something we’d giggle over in middle school, but it’s not. Each sign has a certain personality, certain expectations from life, and a perception of love that dictates when they will get married. So, read on to see the ranking of the 12 signs of the zodiac, based on who will get married first!


Childlike Gemini is very likely to rush into an early marriage, perhaps without even getting to know a person well. However, this sign is very changeable so there is a good chance a marriage they rush into might fall apart. However, even people with Gemini moon signs are likely to marry early in their life, or have multiple marriages!


Libra IS the sign that represents the stage of marriage in the karmic wheel of life, so it is only natural that they’d be second on this list. They seek partnership in every aspect of life, and marriage is no different. Even if they get married young, being married becomes them. They make perfect spouses, and are very romantic and charming even years later.


Cancer is secretly huge a homebody who doesn’t waste valuable time on partners they can’t take home to Momma. So, they start seeking someone they can actually marry and have a family with early on. They want the safety and security that marriage presents, along with loads of babies or puppies – whichever they’re more inclined towards!


A very practical sign, Taurus does what is expected, and is very traditional about most things in life because of this tendency. If everyone is getting married at 24, and that is what they see as “normal,” Taurus will do it. Another sign that is committed to the home and hearth, Taurus is the steady-relationship type.


Scorpio is good at scouting out potential partners and testing them from an early stage so that they can detect weaknesses easily. All this, so that they can see if someone will last a lifetime. So, once they’re done exploring options, it’s commitment time, because it is an acknowledgment of forever – the only kind of relationship Scorpio understands.


Once Virgo’s affairs are all in order, this sign dutifully sets out in search for a partner. However, that time only comes once they have attained their degrees, accumulated a decent amount of money, and settled into a career that satisfies them. To these loners, marriage is not that important, but living life “methodically” and doing things at the “right” time matters, which is why they tie the knot when they do.


Leos, both male and female, need a castle to protect from outsiders, which is why they make for very responsible and protective partners. They seek marriage for this reason, but often have trouble finding the right partner early on. Blame their love of attention or their flirtatiousness, but Leos don’t easily “settle down.”


Pisces is a very romantic and emotional sign, no doubt. But, Pisceans tend to go with the flow when it comes to life, and to them, marriage can disrupt said flow. That is why they usually take their time with their nuptials. Plus, Pisces is too “meta” to even care about a social institution like marriage. What’s in a piece of paper, they say.


Aries has high expectations from life and love, and can be a pretty demanding sign. That being said, they don’t always choose non-toxic partners, and can delay their own quest for love by going for difficult, challenging people. They want a fairytale romance, but with the quintessential bad guy or bad girl! It takes a while for things to work out when their approach is so complex!


Sagittarius is famously commitment-phobic, but that isn’t always why they marry late. This sign faces so many heartbreaks, betrayals, and almost-relationships, that they have trouble reconciling with the idea of a meat-and-potatoes marriage. The concept of marriage itself feels strange to this sign, which chooses freedom before all else.


Capricorns aren’t pre-disposed towards wanting marriage. They’d rather build a career, a fortune, or a social standing. If they marry early, there is a good chance they might regret it. For them, nothing brings satisfaction like social recognition and material gains. To this pragmatic sign, marrying for practical reasons makes more sense than marrying for love.


Aquarians are loners by nature. For them, their first love feels like the real love of their life, and everyone else after that is simply a fling or a friend or both. So, they aren’t comfortable being tied down in a legally-binding relationship with a person they aren’t irrevocably in love with. This is why they marry late, perhaps for companionship, or perhaps because they gradually learn to forget their first love.

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