If you are in a relationship, you are a very romantic loving partner – but only in the phase in which you are newly in love. You are a person for whom it is difficult to find a balance between professional life and leisure time.

And above that, it is incredibly difficult for you to open yourself emotionally. Your inability to make room for a relationship in your life combined with your reluctance to open yourself emotionally makes it pretty understandable why you have been single for so long. 


You have no problems making friends, but it is challenging for you to rest, focus, and sit still long enough to focus on one thing. You are always a “forward” person who jumps from one thing to the next.

Great in many ways for your life – great for your career and dreams, your passions and hobbies. But you don’t know how to find peace in your constant craving to be everywhere. You don’t know how to apply the brakes.

Your life races past you unconsciously and you often do not notice when someone likes you very much and wants to relax with you. That’s why you’re single, because in your spurt through life, you don’t let anyone get close enough to you. 


You are so busy taking care of everyone else and trying to please everyone else that you forget to focus on your own happiness. You are the sympathetic friend, the reliable one, the one who has a bottomless fountain of compassion for everyone you meet.

But when it comes to striving for what you want (in love for example) you stay calm, you hide your feelings and you don’t let yourself go. And if you don’t change that, you will remain the eternal “buddy type”. 


Some people have a hard time falling in love, but you are way too fast with it. You have so much to give yourself – so much love and energy, joy and ease – and that’s fantastic.

But sometimes you give it to the wrong people who don’t deserve it. You become addicted to the feeling of being in love, and precisely because you do not save your heart for the right person, you spend so much time in your life recovering from broken relationships. Less is more, in your case. 


Your drive, your intelligence and your motivation are certainly reasons why you have made it far in your life. But when it comes to love, these traits can make you see love as a game, something to control and something to follow a set of rules.

You are single because you want to even anticipate planning every aspect of a relationship. You have high expectations of your partner and want to have the last word on every topic because you want to be in control. You are single because you look at love from a wrong perspective. F


You are single because you allow your disappointments and pain from the past to visit you again and again in the present. You are a very sensitive person and in most cases this is a wonderful and rare quality.

But this trait becomes a problem when you allow the experiences of your past to be yours today instead of opening yourself up to someone who actually deserves it and can’t do anything about your past. You see from the past, not your future. 


Conversely, as friendly, popular and approachable as you are, you have absolute difficulties in being active in your love life. Instead of being open-minded and warm, as is usually the case for you, you just lean back when it comes to your love life, remain passive and hope that what falls in your lap.

You hesitate in moments when you have to go forward, you fight against developing feelings for someone, no matter how hard a person tries for you. 


Your natural inclination to lead is one of your best qualities, unless it makes you want to control your relationships. You tend to act hastily when something goes wrong in your relationship because you’re afraid of the fact that you can only control your own actions.

You are unable to control the whole situation, so you often prematurely end an actually “healthy” relationship. If you learn to deal with your fidgety pride and your persistent desire for control, you will stay single or only have short-term relationships. 


You have no problems with being confident – you know who you are and what you want in your life. The problem is that even though you are gentle and encouraging with yourself, you are very critical and meticulous with others.

Yes, it is important to be choosy and not to see everyone as a potential partner. But you fell for the idea of ​​the “perfect” partner for you, and that’s what makes you single for so long. 


You are a really rare kind of person – kind and sincere without ever wasting too much time thinking about what others think about you. But the reason why you are single is because other people’s opinions have too much power over your love life.

People can judge and mock you, that doesn’t bother you – you will continue to overcome their stings and continue to be yourself. But when it comes to your potential partners, you listen to others too much instead of deciding for yourself what is best for you. 


When you let someone into your life, you are an incredibly profound, loyal and loving partner. You have a sharp mind and a very lively energy, but you tend to pull back and harden your heart when someone tries to expose your soft core.

And as long as you don’t realize that happiness and joy cannot arise in love, as long as you protect your heart and keep it at a safe distance, you will remain alone. 


You are considered a good friend, employee and known as a pleasant person. You are easily accessible and have a great sense of humor. Your problem with love, however, is that you look at it too logically and practically.

You shut yourself off from final decisions and don’t take any risks, that’s what prevents you from ultimately binding yourself to someone in the long term. 

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