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That’s why he wants you as a wife, according to his zodiac sign. And about your lover, did it coincide? That’s why he wants you as a wife, according to his zodiac sign😊 Before spending hours in thought, whether your relationship will lead to marriage, consult with the stars. Astrology will help you discover what qualities your orchestra is looking for in a girl to make her his wife.

Aries is looking for a wife who is ready for anything

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Aries men crave adventure, and one who cannot keep up with their busy and adventurous lifestyle is an inappropriate candidate. Aries man wants a strong, independent and ready for any adventure woman.


Taurus wants his wife to have traditional values

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Taurus falls in love with feminine, lovely women who adhere to the traditional distribution of roles in the family. It’s not that he wants you to be a housewife, he just wants the one that will bring comfort to the house and make him feel loved.


Gemini is looking for someone very clever

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Twins love smart women who can keep the conversation going and who are not hard to express their opinions. A Gemini man needs a wife who will constantly challenge him and not let him be bored.


Cancer needs a woman with a strong maternal instinct

Someone may have a strong maternal instinct, not having children. And the Cancer man wants a woman who makes him feel loved.


Leo wants his future wife to be confident

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Lions – big, bold, and more often, are in the spotlight. They need a woman who will not get lost in their shadow. She should have a great sense of self-esteem, so when her husband Leo flirts and charms others, she is not jealous. She knows who he really is.


Male virgins do not tolerate lies, so it’s understandable that when they marry, they need a sincere woman.

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The wife of the Virgin – straight, independent and truthful, does not show disrespect or ill-will.


Scales are looking for a woman who is easy going

Scales strive for harmony and balance, and, choosing a partner, they do not want him to enter into confrontation with them or show aggression. They want to be next to someone calm and measured. Since it is difficult for Libra to decide, his wife must have angelic patience.


Scorpio can not resist a Lovelyconfident woman

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Scorpions are passionate and lovely, so they need a partner with a similar character who will not be overwhelmed by their desires. If you are not shy when it comes to love, your Scorpio boyfriend will always want you.


Sagittarius wants their bride to be good at changing

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Sagittarius does not stand still – they need a change of places to grow, and this implies new countries, new people and constant changes. If you show that you are adapting and can cope with the changes, your Sagittarius man will see the future in your relationship.

Capricorn wants a career oriented woman

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Work is extremely important for a Capricorn man, and he wants his chosen one to be a workaholic like him. If your career occupies an important place in the list of significant things, you probably share the same qualities as your Capricorn: independence, competence, reliability and problem solving.

Aquarius is looking for a woman of free will


Aquarius men love nothing trivial. They need someone who loves to act in their own way, including a choice of clothes, actions and thoughts. The more unconventional you are, the more interesting you are for the Aquarian man. If you have a unique point of view, the Aquarius guy can spend a lifetime marveling and fascinated by you.

Pisces marries a kindhearted woman

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Male fish are very loving and kind, and this is what they need in a partner. Male fish are also kind to women, who are also kind and do volunteer work or save animals that need help.

Men of this sign are very creative and can get lost in their own dreams, so they need one who puts everything on the shelf and gently returns them to reality.

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