Name meaning : the scissors of cancer or two spirals that symbolize the rising and falling sun.

Cancer Date : June 22nd – July 22nd

Symbol of Cancer : ♋

Quality : Water – Cardinal – Negative

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Ruler planet of Cancer : Moon

Lucky colors : orange, white

Happy day : Monday, Thursday

Lucky numbers : 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25

Birthstone of Cancer : Ruby

Similar Chinese animal : goat

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The zodiac sign Cancer is a bit wedged between twins and lions and consists of a star cluster, which looks – with some fantasy – a cancer. In Egypt, the cancer, as we know it here as a sign of the zodiac, was the scarab. The sacred beetle, symbolizing immortality and the symbol of rebirth, lives up to the mark. Cancer is the keeper of souls and a deeply mystical sign. Spiritually, he leads and guides the souls on their way from the stars back into the earthly and helps to incarnate again.

The cancer is neither a water nor a rural resident, but a frontier worker, who moves between the two areas and is at home in both. Like the hermit crab, it has a tendency to retreat into its shell to seek protection and security there. But once the crab has outgrown its shell, it looks for a bigger, new shell. Cancers are recreated as needed. They have a tremendous power that comes from the soul and is much stronger in them than the power of the body.

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Hardly any sign of the zodiac is misjudged as the cancer that is so complex and so mysterious. Cancers are not weak, but sensitive, which is not the same. Especially sensitive people live from the essence of the soul – and that gives a fine resilience in dealing with difficulties. Cancers are ailing and they tend not to talk about hurt, which makes living together sometimes difficult. A cancer always has to be at peace with itself first to look at things from all sides. Only then can he go outside with his feelings.

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Zodiac Cancer: Properties

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It is easy to be fooled by the sign Cancer, because this sign often comes to meet his fellow human beings in a cool and distant-seeming way. The zodiac sign Cancer is a very emotional contemporary, but he does not want to show this to everyone. Behind it is his fear of being hurt.

The cradles of Cancer are cautious: they wait until they come out of themselves. In addition, they have a changeful mind: If the cancer seems one day apparently listless and disinterested, so he is dedicated and attentive to the next day.

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The environment of cancer has to come to terms with its mood swings: The moon that governs the Cancer man makes him so moody. Anyone who engages in a relationship with this zodiac – whether professional or private – should be prepared for anything.

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But basically, the zodiac sign Cancer is very human, because it does not like having to compete in tough competition. The cancer would have what it takes, but the scramble for the first place, he holds for level. Therefore, it is not surprising that in this zodiac Born avoided situations in which they would have to show teeth.

The strategy of the Zodiac Cancer is still very effective: The cancer pulls the strings in the background and observed the events from afar – knowing that he is the real maker.

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Almost all cancers have a conservative core, because a certain amount of social or family conventions are important to them. Even if he did not admit it, the Cancer sign needs backing in its own personal environment. The better his partnership works, the more the cancer will blossom.

Zodiac sign Cancer and his character

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. His planet is the moon and his element is the water.

Strengths of cancer:

  • resistance
  • mildness
  • sensitivity
  • helpfulness
  • modesty

Weaknesses of cancer:

  • jealousy
  • irritability
  • shyness
  • anxiety
  • moodiness

Friendly and yet careful

Hard shell, soft core – this description probably applies to most cancers. Sensitive by nature, they take an unusually long time to open their hearts to others. Humanity plays a big role in a cancer, he likes to set a good example, which brings him many sympathies. If they are not up to their moods, crabs can be very sociable and happy. Friendly and yet careful, they approach their fellow human beings, are good listeners and even better observers. They always have some advice for their fellow human beings, but sometimes they feel helpless when faced with their own problems.

Childlike and maternal at the same time

The moon is the sign of cancer and from an astrological point of view it symbolizes childhood, but also the mother. The cancer therefore usually has something childlike and maternal at the same time. He is as sensitive as a child and quickly retreats to his snail shell in case of problems. In doing so, he tends to be hypersensitive and to be worried, often completely unnecessary. But when others need his help, he is quickly on the spot and always has an open ear for his fellow human beings.


The big danger with a cancer is its pessimism. He can not believe that everything should go smoothly, and is looking for a stumbling block. That’s why, above all, he wants to protect people who are close to his heart from all danger, and sometimes he does not notice how he clasps and constricts them.

Great need for harmony

His real life, cancer lives inside, not outside. He is one of the most benign zodiac signs, kind, soulful and soft. But he knows about his softness, so he also consistently tries to avoid dangers. Tricky situations, aggressive people or even open strife are an anathema to him.


Every day you can observe how the moon changes. This rhythm also has cancer-born in their essence. They can therefore change their mood very quickly. Her barometer ranges from sky high to death, and many people feel annoyed by this moodiness. And many a tumbling cancer wants to hear only a sweet word.

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