Agree, the opinions of others about us and our own opinions about ourselves are sometimes completely different. At the same time, some suffer from low self-esteem, leveling their achievements, while others, on the contrary, consider themselves important people, whose opinion is the law. This funny horoscope will tell which category of people you belong to!

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They are absolutely incapable of sensibly assessing their person. Having over-inflated self-esteem, as a result, it turns out that on this basis they have misunderstandings and incidents that put Aries in a bad position. Representatives of this zodiac sign are so confident in their own right and irresistible that they easily manage to convince others. For some time. When acquaintances finally understand what Aries is before them, they cease to take the representatives of this sign seriously and try not to have common affairs with him.

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Tauruses are afraid to put themselves in a bad light, so they try not to overdo it with a sense of self-importance in front of others. Their self-esteem grows when they are in leadership positions and hold the situation in their hands. Life experience and the respect of others also play an important role in their self-perception. In general, Taurus knows its value, but always tries to be polite and attentive to the opinions of others.


At first glance, these confident and self-interested people are a good example of healthy self-esteem. But they are haunted by the fear of exposure and humiliation. It always seems to them that everyone is trying to hurt them, hurt their feelings. In a circle of loved ones, they can cry the blues, literally begging for praise and compliments. But it really costs them to succeed in something, as they are immediately bursting with pride and heightened arrogance.

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Tactics Cancers diametrically opposed to the tactics of Gemini. They are modest and harmless in appearance, so many do not see them as serious rivals. But in fact, Cancers are well aware of their value, they soberly assess their abilities and understand what their talents and advantages are. If the representatives of this zodiac sign set a goal, it is simply impossible to replay them.

a lion

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Lions, like Gemini, can instill their superiority in others: they pretend that they know everything in the world and are better than anyone in the world. But, oddly enough, this is often just bravado.

In order to truly feel their own significance, Leos need constant “stroking” of their self-esteem – in the form of approval, praise, admiration, or just attention. If you regularly indulge them with such things, they can really achieve a lot!


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Objectively, self-esteem Dev is overestimated at times, if not tenfold! This explains their behavior and attitude towards others. The Boss-Deva is the devil in its purest form!

These people perceive the slightest doubt that they are right as a personal insult, but they themselves, in an effort to prove their authority, often resort to unethical methods. Dev self-esteem can shake problems in his personal life and the deterioration of social status. In such cases, they become even more withdrawn and obscene.


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Scales constantly doubt themselves and their own abilities. They are never satisfied with what they have already achieved. In addition, they react so painfully to the criticism of those around them, that from the slightest intonation of discontent they simply give up. To praise they are incredulous. Perfectionism of Libra prevents them from achieving success, and the fear of public failure leads to nervousness and indecision. Weights need a lot of work on their self-esteem if they want to succeed.


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Often, Scorpios give the impression of arrogant and self-confident people. Deep down, they truly believe that they are unique and irreplaceable, dismissive of the abilities and talents of other people. But the fact that they do not care about the opinions of others, does not mean that they are not subject to internal torments and doubts.

For themselves, the Scorpions are the strictest critics. They constantly check themselves, increasing their self-esteem so that they come out unscathed from difficult life situations. They are also flattered that they are well versed in human psychology and can easily manipulate people.


Sagittarius tend to overestimate their importance to others. It often seems to them that they all place hopes on them, discuss them, love or hate them. They sincerely wonder how you can overlook their sharp mind, beauty and talent. Fortunately, the Sagittarius self-esteem easily elevates the successes of their loved ones. They can be sincerely proud that unique people are around them. It is difficult to say what it is: sincerity and good nature, or simply arrogance and stupidity.

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Due to high self-esteem, Capricorns can abstract away from adverse factors and persevere in their own goals. These people often have a high opinion of themselves and their talents. But their self-esteem flourishes only when they are among the elite of society, surrounded by powerful and successful people.


Despite the fact that Aquarius gives the impression of self-confident people, their self-esteem very much depends on the sense of accomplishment. This debt can be the most diverse: from becoming a good child for your parents, to a debt to the Fatherland and a karmic debt of self-improvement. Shake their faith in themselves can betrayal or lack of support from loved ones. Their self-esteem directly depends on their sense of self-realization, therefore creativity can also increase it.


Fish are rarely satisfied with themselves. Firstly, they set too high a bar for themselves, and secondly, they are too sensitive to the criticism of those around them. What is guaranteed to increase the self-esteem of Pisces is the responsibility for someone’s life and destiny.

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Since Pisces often do not know how to set clear career and personal goals, they can only feel important in family or social life. It is for this reason that Pisces becomes wonderful mothers, active heads of the parent committee, and housewives vehemently involved in the social life of the neighborhood.

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