We decided to find out that the month of birth can tell about the loving nature of different people, and made an amorousness rating. It turned out pretty funny!

12th place – Virgo

Virgo – Monogamous number 1 in our ranking. Often, they spend their lives with the only one they met in their distant youth. But it cannot be said that the Virgos are Puritans who, even in their thoughts, do not change their partner after 30 years of marriage. Just the same Virgin can change, but with an absolutely clear conscience. Love is love, and sex is just physical relaxation and diversity, they say.

11th place – Capricorn

From youth, Capricorns cherish in their heads the image of their ideal and compare each potential partner with it. If the ideal is found, then Capricorn is ready to calm down, lie down in a safe haven and spend the rest of his life with this person. The most interesting thing is that Capricorn is very stubborn in his search, and, sooner or later, he finds his ideal man.


10 place – Scorpio

Unexpectedly, but true! Many people mistakenly believe that Scorpios are very loving. It is not true. Scorpios fall in love very rarely, but neatly. Having survived 2–3 tumultuous novels, they find that one and remain loyal to him until the end of their days. At the same time, the Scorpions do not forget to regularly carry out the brain to the object of their passion and test it for loyalty.

9th place – Aries

Someone claims that Aries is alien to the feeling of love. This is not entirely true. As you know, Aries – unshakable, stubborn, strong and proud nature. Only one thing can hurt them – falling in love.

Therefore, they are afraid of love like fire, and when they meet a person, Aries carefully consider all the advantages and disadvantages of relationships. If the “pluses” substantially outweigh the “minuses”, Aries rush into the pool with their heads. And often, this pool sucks them for life.

8th place – Cancer

Cancers are adherents of a calm, sedentary lifestyle, therefore, on the one hand, their love scares them. Feelings, they believe, can bring discord into their cozy world. On the other hand, nature decreed that Cancers since childhood dream of family and children, therefore, in each person they meet they see the parents of their children and fall in love with him. And, as you know, there can be many oncoming … Cancers suffer all their lives from their love. And you want, and prickly, as they say.

7th place – Taurus

Taurus can be called amorous kind, but with one note: he falls in love for himself, and often the “object” does not know anything about the feelings of our hero. Taurus falls in love for euphoria, butterflies in the stomach and pleasant emotions. He is not so important all these relationships, dates, joint life. Taurus is a freelance artist, and he has no need for marriage

6 place – Aquarius

Aquarius lives extremes. He can fall in love with years in the first comer, and he can carefully choose his victim for years, fearing that something wrong would come out.

At the same time, we’ll clarify: this is the same Aquarius, it’s just that he periodically has something in his head. When pereklinit next time, nobody knows. Even Aquarius itself.

5th place – Pisces

Fish cannot live without love. Without it, they feel as if they were dragged out of the water onto the shore. Pisces is not particularly important who is the object of their love, the main thing that he was. If he is absent, then Fish does not worry much, she can easily fall in love with her own fantasies. In the relationship Pisces are given away completely Everything is there: crazy love, tantrums, and much, much more …

4th place – Leo

Everybody falls in love with royal lions, but they are more likely to love themselves than they love themselves. No, of course, the Lions also fall in love, and quite often, but this feeling can last for a day, a week, a month, and then everything, a loss of interest. But, as you understand, the Lions do not get upset, because before them, while they were in a relationship, there was already a queue. Just choose a new victim.

3rd place – Libra

Scales reveal the three most amorous signs, and this is very true. Scales themselves do not know what they want. If someone responds to Libra in return, they immediately lose interest. Having switched to a new victim, they quickly cool again, as soon as they achieve reciprocity. And so on to infinity …

2 place – Twins

Twins fall in love with lightning speed, zealously and forever. About once a month. Most interestingly, they sincerely believe that this is the person whom they have been searching for all their life.

Just the essence of Gemini changes with the speed of light, as well as their preferences. Therefore, tomorrow they can already fall in love with a completely different person and, as you understand, forever.

1st place – Sagittarius

And the first place with confidence can be given to Strelets Troops! Because they do not live if they do not like. Without love, life seems to them uninteresting and boring. And they fall in love, it seems, forever and to the loss of feelings.

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