As a girlfriend, a Sagittarius despite being her own worst critic and enemy will always keep your self-esteem high. She lifts you up as an individual and allows you to realize your potentials with her incredible communicating powers. Selfless is the right word to describe her because she always thinks about you first. While this might sound appreciating, in all of this, she often neglects her own needs and feelings. She is investing a lot of trust in you and Sagittarius women is the most loyal when she trusts you completely. If you have earned an affectionate eye of a Sagittarius women, then this a promise that she will love you whole heartedly and will not hold back to give you the best of anything. She will think a lot about how her actions might affect you and try never to hurt you with anything. You would go crazy for her extraordinarily caring nature and appreciation. She is a woman between a guarded wall, and it is only a break through, and you will find a gem of a heart that is forever yours.

A super shy face at first and she doesn’t let you come closer or cross her boundaries. A Pisces girl will push you to keep the distance at the start, but this will trigger a fascination for her. As you try with goodness to be a part of her close associates, you will be a true believer that there is always a shield around the best people. They are the most trustworthy amongst all the signs. If you seek support from your partner, then let me assure that no one can be a better support system than a Pisces. It is because they have an excellent ability to read people. She will understand you through your gestures, your body language and from your silence. Most of the time she will get to know you from the things that you do not say than from the ones you share. Don’t ever fake with her, because it will not take more than a second for her to know. The sensitivity level of a Pisces woman is the highest amongst all the signs. She would keep her actions pure and if she ever hurts you, know it is unintentional, and a big apology is coming in. If you don’t like fighting, a Pisces women are the right one for you. She believes in peace and harmony.

Perfection in everything is just a Capricorn women thing. Therefore, a perfect relationship is something she would strive for and pour the best of the world to do so. But, she is always going to be the dominant one in the relationship. If you both are dominant, then things might get critical. Her dominant attitude also makes her very protective. You will always have her back and give her a chance, and she will defend you like a warrior. A Capricorn woman will only love someone who she deems the most important. If she says she loves you, then please know that you matter. Reading her is going to very hard for you because she knows the best about hiding her feelings. A Capricorn woman keeps her heart inside a guarded cage, and the key is to her. So if she gives you the key, consider yourself the luckiest man on earth.

Libra girl is the exact definition of kindness when it comes to comparing all the zodiacs. Her gentle heart is always trying to avoid the conflicts of a relationship. What she does not realize is not talking about the problems makes them worse, not any better. Her nature is very happy and active, and so she doesn’t judge others with a negative eye. Once they are hurt, they would feel it so deeply that it would almost become impossible for them to absorb it. She knows how to give others the priority, so she would keep her needs aside and will look forward to yours. You will eventually realize that she never asks something for herself. They keep you alongside in every means of life, be it a social gathering or an achievement ceremony; she will include you in everything. A breakup with Libra is usually because the jealousy intervenes; her natural charismatic nature is worth being jealous. Be with a Libra only if you are not the jealous type of boyfriend and can keep her on the long leash. Remember the only bad thing about her is her rare temperament that makes her say things she usually regrets in the end.

Have a Gemini girlfriend? Then you must know how to deal with multiple sides of a single person. A Gemini has two sides that are very different from each other. Sometimes you will find them as outgoing and fun loving, and the other times they are cynic and dark. She would try to hide her side that she doesn’t like the most when it comes to a relationship and here is where you need to jump in to understand and accept her even when she is unable to. She will never let you know that she is down. The Gemini makes into the best five best girlfriend zodiacs because of the trust and loyalty they invest in the relationship. Don’t ever try to cross them because she will not even give it a second thought and will cut you off. Second Chance is a rare case for Geminis.

Aquarius girlfriend stands at the number 6th on the list. It is because they don’t make the best of all the girls, but at the same time, they are not the worst. You can rather call them weird! Not as in the sad weird but also the cute weird. She would act shy when it is about relationships mostly because her independence means everything to her. However, a commitment from an Aquarius girl means a big thing since this is going to be a lifetime loyalty announcement. An outstanding quality of an Aquarius girl is that she has a very positive approach to others flaws, but when it comes on her own, she will make it look like the ugliest thing. She doesn’t know how to love herself, and you will almost die teaching her that. A healthy relationship can be built if you dig into her insecurities and teach her to love herself. It can be very annoying, but she thinks way too much and can be ranked number one amongst the Zodiacs for that. Just hear her out and keep her patient.

The romance that comes from a Leo woman is a hopeless case. Most of the time her expectations would be the absolute definition of being unrealistic. Leo girlfriend is ready to do anything for the person they love, but where she goes wrong is that she always fall for people who are not compatible with them. It makes them reach the frustration level at one point because they have been giving their everything to them, but still, it’s a relationship of fights and distrust. Having expectations is a good thing, but a Leo woman is always getting hurt because she has unrealistic expectations. Taking a friends advice for love matters is a no-no for them. They make a perfect girlfriend, only if they find the right person.

If there is one zodiac which has a heart of gold, then it’s Cancer. However, these sweeties are always getting their heart broken, because they are wearing their hearts on their sleeves rather than on the chest. Only if you ladies don’t push men away too much, you are going to be the best girlfriends. Trusting people is a hard task for them and hence coping up in a relationship is very difficult. They want to love insanely, but at the same time, they fear it as bad they want to love. They are always trying to figure out what will turn out the best relationship by remaining in their domain. They might show that they don’t care, but they care the most even when they are showing themselves as harsh.

The toughest relationship to build with is when the women in front of you is a Taurus. It’s just because they are not interested. They have a happy life of their own, and they are good with it. The record says that they have the highest ratio of breaking hearts amongst all zodiacs. It is not because they lead people on or are stringing but they just have their pace of doing things, and if you put pressure on them they will accelerate away from you. Tag them as cold hearted, because there is no way of having a second chance with them. There is no repeated drama with them. So don’t play games with them because they are they are the ones who decide on the rules.

Aries girlfriend is always rushing things. She wants everything quickly. Although this is an intimidating aspect for the ones who they date, sometimes it becomes a question mark. Guys often find themselves in a difficult situation because Aries girlfriend is taking control of all the things in all types of situations. It’s true that this strong personality had attracted you in the first place dear men, but at one point it becomes a little too much. For a perfect relationship with Aries, the male counterpart should be opposite of her. Since she is making all the calls in your relationship, make sure you are okay with everything. A bad temper and a rough outer look is something visible about them, but as you get to know them, you will understand the sensitive nature they hold inside. Beware of their acidic tongue because she will always say something hurtful.

Here comes the most critical of all signs. Virgos never believe themselves as good enough for those they like. She is a perfectionist, and she usually falls for perfect men. However, when it comes to comparing her abilities she always degrades herself. Her insecurities and jealousy lead to a break up of most of her relationships. They want everything to be done in the best manner, so when things do not turn up right, they are incredibly broken and feel as if they are not competitive enough. The most difficult thing to do with a Virgo girlfriend is to make her see through your eye. No matter what you say, she will oppose with disapproval. She is hard to be with because firstly, she does not love herself and secondly she will make you feel that she has no feelings for you as well.

The controlling authority of a relationship is a Scorpio lady. You must be scared because she is the scariest amongst all zodiacs. How could you be so heartless and cold? Oh yes, there is more, she is also agonizingly blunt and can only be with those who have a thick skin. It’s not that they are mean, they are just straight forward about how things are like. Very honest! Do not cross them, they are ruthless and will never allow you to take advantage like that. Their relationship standards are very high, and sometimes the partner feels like walking on eggshells. You can’t predict them that quickly; they come like a storm. So either remains safe by staying on their side or get ready to be destroyed by standing in the way. It is the toughest to make them fall in love with you, but surely, that is the mine forever day!

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