Pros and cons of each zodiac sign – About me to the point! Each zodiac sign has its own positive and negative features, which are best known! The Zodiac has twelve signs, each of which has its own positive and negative traits, which are best known in order to be able to understand your loved ones, friends and loved ones. Knowing the signs of the zodiac will help to understand the true motives of the behavior of a particular person.




1. Birthday in the spring; 
2. Impulsive; 
3. Emotional.


1. Sensitive; 
2. Jealous; 
3. Aggressive (it’s better not to even try to argue with them).



1. Stable in achieving their goals; 
2. Achieve what they want.


2. Jealous; 
3. May be a despot.





1. Adequate; 
2. Cheerful; 
3. A bunch of emotions, full of life; 
4. Sociable, attract other people; 
5. Energetic; 
6. Always full of new ideas.

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1. The mood is changeable; 
2. Constantly in need of updating sensations and emotions; 
3. Too dependent on the opinions of friends and acquaintances; 
4. In the eternal search.




1. Emotionality; 
2. Birthday in the middle of summer; 
3. Sociability; 
4. Reliable and faithful in relationships and friendship; 
5. Many dream of becoming cancer.


1. Excessive emotionality; 
2. Changeable mood; 
3. Prone to alcoholism; 
4. Do not know how to perceive criticism; 
5. The unsightly status of cancer on the Internet.




1. The king of people, animals and, in general, the king; 
2. Birthday in the summer; 
3. Purposeful; 
4. The faithful; 
5. Generous; 
6. The bold; 
7. Always help those in need, advice, deed or financially.


1. Mania of greatness; 
2. Stubborn; 
3. Vain; 
4. Try only to point him to his cons – you can enlighten the rest of your life in the hospital.




1.You are neat; 
2. When necessary, you can restrain yourself, and vice versa, throw out emotions; 
3. Intellectually developed; 
4. You are observant, know how to analyze errors; 
5. Possess natural charm; 
6. Know how to listen, understand, give advice.

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1.Longly seek their love and make a relationship; 
2. Sometimes too neat and tidy, it infuriates many; 
3. Often complain about life; 
4. Offended by and without; 
5. Jealous, even to the handsome men from the series.




1. Calm, adequate; 
2. Honest; 
3. The only sign that represents an inanimate object; 
4. Sociable, attract other people; 
5. Responsible; 
6. Achieves the goals; 
7. Correspondence of the inner world and the outer; 
8. Always full of new ideas.


1. The mood is changeable; 
2. Do not know what they want; 
3. Too dependent on the opinions of friends and acquaintances; 
4. Much like children; 
5. Always need the support of friends.




2. Able to benefit; 
3. It brings the matter to the end; 
4. Responsible and purposeful; 
5. Good in bed; 
6. Faithful and reliable friend; 
7. Mysterious and mysterious; 
8. Has his own opinion.


1.Very jealous; 
2. The owner; 
3. Selfish; 
4. Slightly depressive; 
5. Vindictive.




1. Cheerful; 
2. Charming; 
3. The brave; 
4. For him, nothing is impossible; 
5. Every 5th celebrity Sagittarius; 
6. Brad Pitt is also a Sagittarius; 
7. The opposite sex loves him; 
8. If he is a girl, then he must have a beautiful figure; 
9. If he is a guy, then he must be tall; 
10. Good; 
11. Likes to help people; 
12. Very good memory; 
13. It is impossible to deceive; 
14. He is lucky more often than the rest of the zodiac signs.

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1. People think that he is an idiot 
2. If he is bored, he becomes aggressive 
3. Most likely, he does not seek to get married / married 
4. He loves to eat 
5. He is too blunt 
6. He values ​​his freedom too much 
7. He remembers his insult for a long time 
8. Careless 
9. Unreliable 
10. Rude 
11. A little selfish



Pros :

1. Purposeful; 
2. Stubborn as rams (that is, goats); 
3. Achieve what they want; 
4. Hardy; 
5. Always come out of the water dry; 
6. The faithful; 
7. Absolutely reckless, it is never boring with them; 
8. Leaders; 
9. Spare no effort for their purpose.


1. Many consider them evil; 
2. Difficult to understand by other people; 
3. They are difficult to endure; 
4. Prone to depression; 
5. They love to mock themselves and others; 
6. Vindictiveness; 
7. Selfishness; 
8. The desire for power; 
9. If, nevertheless, they have not achieved their goal, they fall into the deepest depression and hate everything around.




2. Well versed in people; 
3. Good; 
4. Has a lot of friends; 
5. Everyone loves him; 
6. Has a great sense of humor; 
7. Most likely he is an awesome artist / musician / poet, etc .; 
8. Beautiful; 
9. He is free and does only what he wants.


1. His nobody understands; 
2. Due to the fact that he is smart, they are constantly asked to write off / decide / help with studies; 
3. He does not know how to say no; 
4. He still does not know how to say no; 
5. He reacts too emotionally to everything; 
6. Many (read all) find it strange; 
7. He does not understand why they are offended, he does everything out of noble motives; 
8. He will never marry / marry, because he values ​​freedom too highly 
9. They easily sit on his neck; 
10. He believes that all good people and even inveterate bullies are considered nannies.




1. Gifted; 
2. Kind and generous; 
3. Responsive to new ideas and circumstances; 
4. A sense of compassion; 
5. Often sacrifice their interests for the sake of others; 
6. Engaged in charity.


2. Difficult to understand by other people; 
3. Fickle, gossip, reckless and gullible. 
4. They can be so subtle, sensitive and emotional people that in the end, because of their good soul, they will lose a lot of money;

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