They’re fvcking HOT.

Pisces is a water sign, and I am an earth sign – Making for a perfect match! Just kidding. I don’t actually believe in that stuff, I just find it entertaining to read although I have to say, sometimes they speak the truth. I repeat, sometimes.

Since It is the month of Pisces (officially as of tomorrow.) I thought I would discuss just how great Pisces men are. In my experience with zodiac signs and compatibility, I have to say Pisces (along with Scorpio & Leos) remain one of my fave signs, and here’s why.

1. They are easy going

The second you meet a Pisces man, you will feel like you have known him forever. They are non judgemental and will make you feel comfortable right from the start. They’ve got great communication skills and will mirror the actions of the people they are around, feeding off their energy and reacting accordingly.

2. and well read

Pisces men are naturally curious, and love to learn new things. They are usually very educated, and will continue to broaden their knowledge at any chance they get. They are well informed, and can keep up a conversation with anyone in pretty much any topic.

3. They can be mysterious

Pisces men don’t show their true colours to just anybody. They are easy to love, yet difficult to know. But the more you do know, the more you want to find out. Their idealisms and altruisms will give you an angle on the world you might not have seen otherwise.

4. They reek of confidence

Pisces men are very confident in their actions, and what they bring to the table. They don’t second guess themselves and will follow through with whatever they put their minds to.

5. They can be sensitive at times

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Pisces men, is that they are feeling-beings. Whether good or bad, they react more with their emotions than they do with rationality. So you need to be careful when you are around one just so you don’t step on his toes or offend him with your comments. They don’t mind getting teased in a playful manner, but they do take things to heart.

6. They are very selfless…

Pisces men are by far the least selfish of all signs. They will put everyone before themselves. And they don’t do so for ulterior motives, they simply enjoy making others feel good. They are great friends, and friendship means a lot to them. But they are also selfless with their partners, in every single way…Especially in the bedroom. They are very giving, and love to make others around them happy.

7. and Intimate lovers

They um…know what they’re doing. I’ll leave it at that.

8. Highly intuitive

It’s almost like they have a sixth sense. They can tell from your body language, and reactions just what you are thinking or what is your next move. They read people very well, which is why they succeed in business. They adapt to any situation and can quickly resolve any problem they face.

9. All over the place

At times they don’t know what they want. Usually that’s also because they have an abundance of choice, and cannot make a decision as to which is the best one. But eventually they figure it out, and when they do they stick with their choice no matter what.

10. But once they fall in love, they will never let you go

Pisces men are know to be passionate, intriguing and soulful lovers. Once they have chosen their mate, they will do anything to keep them. And if you’re lucky enough, that might just mean forever.

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