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The number into which you were born plays a much more important role than many think.

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 Your energy and its features, character and temperament directly depend on this number. By date of birth, you can predict fate, but this is already much more closely related to the science of studying numbers – numerology. The natal horoscope is more focused on analyzing a particular day on which a person was born, in particular, a calendar number.

1, 10,19 or 28 number

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Your energy is strong and constant, but it is too impenetrable. This means that you may have problems with learning, with the assimilation of information. You are difficult to adapt to major changes in any area of ​​life. In marriage, you are reliable, exactly as in friendship, partnership. The peculiarity of your thinking makes many people respect you, and some – to shun you, but this does not mean that someone loves you, and someone does not. You are on your own, but only until you find a decent person for friendship or love.

2, 11, 20, 29 number

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If you are born into one of these numbers, then you should think about what matters most to you. The problem of proper prioritization has been haunting you since childhood, so you need to pay attention to it. You are strong in teamwork. Often you are restless and windy, but you can do several things at once. Your weak point is rashness. Your strengths are flexibility and diplomacy.


3, 12, 21 and 30 number

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People born these days can become great musicians, writers, actors more likely than anyone else. All you need to do is tell yourself that you can do this and enlist the support of someone who believes in you. Behind every person born on one of these four days is someone else hiding. Without the help of another person, the chances of success are noticeably reduced. You are vulnerable, but you can be like a giant avalanche, a hurricane.

4, 13, 22, 31 number

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Your destiny is family. Stay close to those who have blood ties with you. You are strong in analytics, math and learning foreign languages. You are an unsurpassed leader, a master of psychology and just a strong personality. Your energy is not always stable, but it has so many strengths that no minute weakness can block them. The secret is positive thinking.

5, 14, 23 number

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If you were born on one of these days, then you are truly universal. It’s over, you have something that others don’t have. It is about compassion. You are excellent psychologists from birth, who have no reason to study science in order to understand your interlocutor. You may make a good teacher, but not the exact sciences, because you may have problems with numbers.

6, 15, 24 number

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You are the leader, but do not think that you will get away with everything. Reckless actions you do, perhaps, more often than others, and sometimes even without knowing it. You are pedantic and responsibly approach the solution of important tasks, but you lack the very small grain of sensuality that is needed for normal communication with the overwhelming majority of people. You are too closed when the opposite is needed. You are a good analyst.

7, 16, 25 number

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You have a craving for knowing the invisible part of the world – its energy component. Many experienced psychologists were born just on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month. In the natal horoscope such people are marked as highly spiritual, internally developed. You are able to understand any person and understand any situation. As for energy, then you have it is stable and quite high.

8, 17, 26 number

You are an unusual, dual nature. On the one hand, you often ask questions of a philosophical nature; on the other hand, you often refer yourself to purely material personalities. The world for you consists only of good and evil, so you do not hesitate to divide everyone around you into bad and good people.

9, 18, 27 number

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You have a powerful intuition and enormous potential for its development. Throughout your life you can change your interests, principles and rules, and in a most radical way. You are windy and dynamic, so do not stay long in one place. You can make a great traveler, a scientist. You are knowledgeable and have an excellent memory.


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