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Each of us is familiar with egoism firsthand, because this feeling is inherent in us by nature itself. But some Signs of the Zodiac are more inclined to egoistic manifestations, whereas behind others this unpleasant feature is almost not found.


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Aries are the kings of egoism, because they are largely looking for their own interest. But their egoism is not evil; they show this feeling because they just always want to get their way. For them, first of all, there are their goals and their opinions.



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Narcissists – yes, selfish – no. Taurus does not make sense to be selfish, but they look out for a small amount of personal interest in everything. Usually from selfishness fit into the norm and does not interfere with communication with them.


Twins are often overconfident, but not selfish. They think they know everything, although it is often just a part of their role or image. However, their narcissism can turn into selfishness, and then they begin to decide for two.



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For Cancers, there is no other people’s mood. If they are in good spirits, then everything is good, and if they are bad, then everything should be bad for everyone. Not the best manifestation of selfishness, but far from the worst.

a lion

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Selfish from birth. His ego is inflated to the size of the universe. Lions think they are the most compelling, the smartest and the wisest. This is often true, but in most cases these qualities are somewhat overestimated by the Lions.


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Virgo is one of the most pleasant types, since these people look at themselves better than others and control themselves. However, sometimes this Sign does not show selfishness simply for reasons of profit.


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Scales love their personal time – the plans of other people do not interest them. Any excuses of those around them are very painful. Libra thinks that everyone should always have time for help.


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Terrible egoists who by the strength of this vice are comparable with Aries. Scorpios are very often convinced that everything in this world belongs to them – including the time of people around them, their love and their attention.


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Very unpleasant egoist, because he loves to advertise himself, embellishing the details. Archers do not rarely award themselves other people’s victories, which can not hurt people’s pride. But to help others around them is not always enough.


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If Capricorn has set a goal for himself in life, he will achieve it. For him, there are only personal goals, and he will see only his own interests. This selfishness is useful in terms of achievements, but not relationships, and most importantly, it is not treated by anything.


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Aquarius is similar to Gemini – he sincerely believes that he is always right. This is partly true, since Aquarius is erudite and intelligent, but they should reduce their ardor a little in disputes in order to maintain the respect of others.


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Pisces are sensitive and emotional, so they express selfishness in love. They adore attention, so they try to direct all the views of people towards themselves, even if they do not realize it themselves. And the partner also remains to them, although this egoistic quality of the Fish is smoothed by the desire to give back.\

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