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Aries (March 21 – April 20)

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You will certainly fulfill your need for independence and develop self-confidence, especially in relationships. Since the work environment will be very pleasant, conversations and discussions will bring you much. Make sure you do not overdo eating and drinking.

By the end of the month, you could find yourself in a romantic relationship. After the first half of the month, your mind will want to intensively investigate the issues and enter deep spiritual truths. After the 22nd you could feel the “death” and then reborn a personal aspect.

After the 24th make sure that the people in your life are worth your effort and time. Make sure you get involved with people who think like you. The 27th will raise awareness that will help you to control your finances and improve your current values.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

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Your ability to be creative and productive is tested in the workspace. Because your workload has probably doubled. Look out for extended career opportunities. Health should be excellent this month.

Romantic and creative activities will receive a loving boost, but by the end of the month, the focus will shift to increased collaboration between staff and supervisors. After the 13th, it would be a good time to start new projects that will either improve your working environment or your health.

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The 15th of October brings you the beginning of an intensive and thoughtful cooperation in the relationship. After October 24, you may be dealing with spiritual or occult affairs within your career or you may decide that your current calling is inappropriate. The 27th brings enlightenment into some of the personal affairs.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

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This month you will feel the desire to play. You think a lot about whether to opt for romance, creativity or pleasure. You will be busy beautifying your home or entertaining guests.

At the end of the month you will really be in the mood to have a good time. October 13th would be good to start new creative projects that use your artistic skills. After the 15th you will be more concerned with mental work and pay more attention to the detail.

Communication with employers and employees will improve. Since you are thinking about changing your diet, it will be a good time to start a diet. After October 24, your interests may be stimulated to connect you to the higher consciousness and the spiritual truths. The 27th will bring you awareness of a mystical or spiritual discipline or emotional problem.

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Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

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Your home front becomes your strategic command center. You could also have an open door for all people coming and going. Numerous visitors, nostalgic conversations, lively discussions, renovations and expansions will be a part of your life.

It may be possible that you will overdo it with food and drink. Family disputes are being slowly resolved. October 13th could be a good time to start a family project or strengthen your safety.

After the 15th, you will begin to express your thoughts and share them emotionally with others. Mental activities will have a big impact on you. After the 24th, you will once again be led to explore the hidden aspects of the universe. The 27th will bring you enlightenment for personal goals or activities that you are involved in.

Lion (July 23 – August 23)

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The universe asks you to use your innate need to express yourself creatively to be appreciated by others around you. The pace of your daily routine will certainly increase greatly. As a result, your future planning gets bigger and bigger.

The study of your personal values, the attraction of beautiful things and the urge to shop, give you the opportunity to discover the considerate amount of love in your everyday life.

After October 15th, you will be turning your thoughts towards home, family, and considering the strength of your personal safety and foundation. After October 24, you may want to think about relationships and seek higher spiritual quality. The 27th will raise awareness of career issues or the mediation of the desired public image.

Jungfrau (24th August – 23th September)

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You will use your innate talent to carefully analyze your finances, your ability to earn money, and your self-esteem. You will undoubtedly find ways to work more efficiently. Be sure and spend some money on unexpected expenses.

Personal aspirations will give you the opportunity to attract material possessions, money and people. Protect yourself to high expenses. October 13th will be a good time to start a project to increase your net worth.

After October 15th, you will be following the communication in your everyday environment in a more powerful and redeeming way. After the 24th, you may recognize the need to increase your awareness and sensitivity to your physical self. The 27th will show the need to take a break from daily life at some level.

Libra (24th September – 23rd October)

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Happy Birthday, you charming, diplomatic and artistic child of the zodiac sign! What a way to start your new annual astrological cycle with so much planetary energy in your birth sign. You will really be the center of attention because you have a lot to talk about.

Additional opportunities and luck will be yours in October 2018. You’ll start new creative projects and get an extra boost of energy to move you through to mid-November. After the 15th you will intensively examine your values, both material and intellectual and spiritual. After the 22nd, the finances and personal values ​​should be addressed. You have to find out if it serves your needs or your needs.

An inspiring romance or an inspiring project could start after the 24th. On the 27th of October you could have personal or financial problems. At the end of the month you will completely change your life.

Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November)

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Do you feel like a volcano bubbling and boiling and ready to break out? All of this planetary energy of Libra dives into a house where things are often unclear. Accordingly, the irritability is increased. Perform some form of mental and physical exercise to release the tension.

You will have a guardian angel on your shoulder until October 2019. This will be a good month to pursue your dreams, join group activities or spend more time with friends. After the 15th you will talk to other people about what has been going through your mind over the last month.

Your new annual astrological cycle begins on October 22nd. After the 24th, there could be unclear problems with your home or family. The 27th will teach you how important it is to tackle issues in a relationship. You could discover a secret admirer by the end of the month.

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

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This could be an excellent month to pursue your goals and dreams in life, participate in group activities, take a leading role and spend time with friends. October 13th could be a good moment to start a new project in this area of ​​your life.

After the 15th, meditation will help you to find a higher spiritual self and faith. After October 22, you will begin to connect with your subconscious mind. This is the end of your astrological year and it’s time for a review to prepare for the next year’s new growth.

After October 24, there could be a strong interest in mystical topics. The 27th could bring you relief in your daily work or health problems. The end of the month will bring you new romantic interests and loves.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

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Being diligent and well organized gives your career or public image a lot of universal energy. It’s time to clearly define and verify what you want. This month you will have additional opportunities or luck to move forward in your career.

At the end of the month, you could get a great reward because your bosses will notice your effort. On October 13, you’ll have a great opportunity to start a new project to improve your career or your public image. After the 15th you will express your ideas and opinions directly in group activities and with friends. After the 24th, your sense of values ​​might take on a heightened spiritual tone. On the 27th of October, you will consider a creative or romantic endeavor.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

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This month you will gather new insights and philosophical ideas. It is time to complete a new course of study, travel to foreign countries, or simply communicate with strangers, to broaden your overall vision and help promote your innate need for social change.

After the 13th of October you will have the chance to start new activities in these areas. For most of the month you may crave intense emotional encounters that will awaken your deepest passions.

By the end of the month you will be looking for places with breathtaking views. After October 15th, you will think deeply about your career or public image. After the 24th you will be much more compassionate to other people. But home problems could occur on October 27th.

Fish (20 February – 20 March)

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You will continue to pursue your innate intuitive spiritual desire to bring humanity to a higher level of existence. This will be a good time to come out of hibernation, with so much planetary energy that drives you to pursue so much intensity in your life. You may seem a bit distant from other people. This is the month in which you will examine everything that requires an answer.

Your relationship will be smooth, but you will analyze it very closely. You will be able to solve your problems very easily. By the end of the month, you will long for close, intimate encounters. After October 15, you will think about how to change your vision of life and the universe. After the 24th, you will begin to question and reassess what your life means in spiritual terms. On October 27, your everyday environment will be illuminated.

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