The sun sign helps us very much to discover the characteristics of each of us, how each one behaves, how is his way of being, what are his biggest dreams and so many other things. But there are many other things in which astrology can help us, how to better know the mother-in-law of each sign, for example. Are you going to say that you do not want to know what your mother-in-law (or future mother-in-law) likes, does not like, and even figure out how to please her? Well, by reading this article you will learn how to make her happier! Check out what each sign has to say about them:


Any Aries has strong personality and distrusts everything and everyone at first sight. So if your mother-in-law is Aries you will need patience – first, because it will take a little while for her to trust you; second, because she will be energetic for ever, so get ready. Show that you are an independent person, but try not to beat the front, because she will never forget, however small the reason. Already ready for a relationship almost to three, because she will get into everything she can. But it will happen until she trusts you. When she wins her trust, she’ll even win a good friend.


Taurus are attentive, caring and loving. And your mother-in-law will be like that! So consider yourself a lucky person. They are, however, very traditional, then without many freedoms, at least as long as it does not show that it accepts and feels good about such freedom. Taurus’s mother-in-law is very protective of her son, so she will always ask if you are doing everything possible to please her, but without much invasion of privacy, she just wants to know if her son is okay. Just do not disagree with what she says, okay? Agree with your head and then forget, if that’s the case. For if you buy any discussion with her, no matter how calm, the conversation will last forever. To please her, just take good care of her son! 


Like every good person in Gemini, sogras of this sign like to talk a lot, they are intelligent and insightful. With it, you will not need conventions, as it will give you freedom to feel at home as long as respect continues. She also loves children, so will ask for a grandchild soon! As a good Gemini, she likes to learn always and to know new places, so, enjoy and buy a weekend trip for her or some accessory that you brought from some country you met. She will love it! Oh, she likes to take care of somebody else’s life – no judgments, but she likes it. So do not be surprised if she does this to you. 


So mother, so protective, so kind, so careful. This is Cancer’s mother-in-law, who takes care of her son (and her daughter-in-law) with all the love in the world. You will be spoiled on the same level as your boyfriend, boyfriend or husband, but know that for this to happen, you will need to be affectionate with your mother-in-law as well, for she likes attention. Knowing how to treat her with affection, you will become part of the family very quickly. Always give her the attention she needs, so she does not feel left out because, believe me, you do not want to know her jealous, needy and dramatic side. 


The sign of Leo is known by all majesty and power. So you’ve seen everything, right? Get ready for a mother-in-law who needs to be praised and admired whenever possible (this means all the time). But do not get discouraged, because she really has reasons to be admired – she’s very strong and independent. To please her, do one thing: always agree with her. This mother-in-law is very authoritarian and domineering, so it’s not worth buying a fight. The important thing is to respect the other, to maintain a pleasant coexistence and, who knows, to start a friendship.


Virgo chicks are discreet, quiet and do not like silly chats; prefer conversations that add some kind of knowledge. Never try to invade your mother-in-law’s privacy, as she will feel very uncomfortable. You also need to prepare to be thoroughly analyzed, since Virgos are very detail oriented and perfectionists. Your mother-in-law will always want the best of you – always tidy, always elegant, always beautiful, always in a good mood. And do not think she will not point out all her faults, because she will, and in front of whoever she is. But despite all this expectation that your mother-in-law will have in you, she will be very good, friendly and always present when you need to, just call her. 


Calm, balanced, vain, educated and sophisticated: so is the Libyan mother-in-law. She does not like getting into arguments and does everything to avoid any fighting. When she does not like something, she does not fight, she simply walks away and ignores the situation – if she does not like you, she will keep as little contact as possible. But otherwise, if you conquer her, she will be a very sweet, understanding, loving mother-in-law and a good company. Not to mention that, for being discreet, you will not intrude on the life of two that you live with her son (or daughter). How lucky to have a Libyan mother-in-law!


Having a Scorpio mother-in-law is like playing a coin: it can be expensive, or crown-that is, you can be lucky, or bad luck, because she can be both the best and the worst mother-in-law in the world. To conquer her, show that you take good care of her son (but very well indeed!), Because she is very possessive and will only accept someone other than her taking care of her son when she convinces herself that she is worth it. Also, always be very loyal and faithful, both in your love relationship and with her. If you combine lunch at her house, for example, go; if you miss or make another appointment, get ready for the beginning of the nightmare.


The Sagittarius mother-in-law is super modern, she speaks what she thinks and cherishes for her own freedom. So, stay calm, she will not get into your relationship because she already has her own life to take care of. She is very high-spirited, so be as lively as she is and you will be great friends. This mother-in-law is also very intelligent and does not like being passed back; if you try to get past it, you’ll buy a good fight! 


If your mother-in-law is a Capricorn, she is serious and does not like many games. Always be very polite and discreet, as that is what she likes, as well as someone intelligent and conversational. Your mother-in-law will observe your character, your character, your strength and how much you are standing on the ground or wind head. All this analysis will help her decide whether to support your relationship or not. Because she is very sharp, do not make gaffes, like drinking them all at Christmas dinner, because she will not forget. But of course she also has many good points! If you realize that you make her son happy, you will be true friends and can count on your help for whatever you need. 


The mother-in-law of Aquarius is a true friend. She will want to talk a lot, watch movies, book trips and all kinds of leisure programs. Very modern (absolutely nothing traditional, even), the Aquarian mother-in-law will not censor you on any subject – you can speak whatever you want! Treat her son with much respect and make him happy, which is enough for her. Preferably, let her have fun with you and then everything is perfect! However, if you realize that you want to control your child’s life, you will not like it, because for her, the legal life is in our freedom. Remember that and everything will go well! 


This is the mother-in-law that everyone asked God for. Comprehensive, careful, loving and zero collection. Pisces’ mother-in-law will never intrude on your relationship, but when you ask for help, she will be available. She values ​​the family a lot and is sensitive, but she knows how to respect each other’s space. Just do not take her away from you, because she is a little possessive and if she thinks her son does not value her anymore, then she’ll be sad. She’s a little distracted, naive and sometimes she can forget one date or another, but if those are her worst flaws, there’s nothing to complain about, right?

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