Scorpio sign is a watery sign with steady mentality. Scorpion’s are emotional with deep feelings by nature. They like to do things only after deep research. They have good memory skill. They can easily judge others just by looking at them. They have strong belief in spirituality due to watery sign. They like to discover hidden secrets related to spiritual and religious beliefs. They also have interest to know more about astrology and ayurveda. Scorpions are very intelligent. They symbol of scorpion sign is Scorpio. Just as the Scorpio bites similarly they don’t like others to cheat them. If that happens then they take rebel in the same manner. If others will do good for them then they will remember that and will definitely return the favor.

Scorpions are above medium height, thin body at the earlier age, broad chest, with strong shoulder. They have very strong and good grip on anything just like Scorpio. They have wet type of skin due to watery sign.

Scorpions are strong, adventurous and supportive by nature. Still they have fear and doubt in their mind. Scorpions are very energetic at the beginning of any work, later on they will analyze and do calculations related to that work. That means they are not good at the order of process related to any work. They will always think about the negative side rather than the positive side for any work. Due to that they will be scared to start that work. They will always look for supportive people after starting any adventurous or risky work. They can achieve greater height and success in their work if they have mental support from others. Scorpions believe in religious beliefs and would like to do the same throughout their life. They strongly trust in the religious rituals. Very rarely you can find atheist in Scorpions people. Sometimes they will do prayers for hours.

The possibilities of extra marital affairs is very less in Scorpions, because due to watery sign. They are scared of slander from the society and even they have the fear of what others will speak about damaging their reputation. They are scared to discuss about their heterogeneous sex with others. Finally we can say that scorpions are trustworthy related to sex and they will always be 100% devoted to their life partner. They will have lot of fantasy related to sex in their mind but they will never apply it in their real life.

Most of them like to spend on food and even they know where they can find the best place to have their delicious food. They like to spend on food not only for themselves but even for others. Their hobbies include reading, writing and religious activities. They have very good married life. Their sex life is also very good. They love their children very much rather they blindly love them. If you see someone is fighting with other for their child than definitely that person will be a scorpion. Normally they are successful in business but they prefer to do job at their earlier age. They would like to grab the experience and use it later in their own business. Many times they fall due to obstacles in their business but sooner they patch up and regain their control on the business.

They have the ability to understand other people and they can easily analyze and know for what they are expert in and will get the work done from them. They are good at education and can achieve great success if they want to do so. Sooner or later they like to practice religious beliefs in their own life. They can advice others in traditional ways related to religious rituals. They have immense interest in astrology whether they may or may not have proper knowledge about astrology field.

Scorpion can become saint, famous ascetic, if they can control and channelize their sexual energy. If they can convert their sex force into work force then they can be a great famous saint. There is possibility in scorpions to be an imposter or fraudulent saint, because they have the capability to impress and have control on others mind easily.

Scorpion females are very sharp minded and loving by nature. They like to take proper care of their child, life partner & their family. They are strong enough to protect their family from others. They will never spare others if others will try to harm or damage the reputation of their family. They are very good at administration and management work. Because of this they can easily manage & administer their work at office as well as at home. As the lord of scorpion is Mars due to this they have immense power and quality of leadership. Female scorpions are much better to have as life partner.

You are intelligent and hard worker but you are not much successful because you care for the comments from others about you.
Scorpion is a steady sign and gives stubborn nature to you. So that sometimes you have to face loss in your life.
You are too much concerned about your children and due to this sometimes your children like to avoid you in their personal matters.
You are interested in steady income and due to this you may not be interested to take calculative risk. This type of mentality force you to do job rather than business.
Please try to be a God loving person rather than God fearing person.
Please share your feelings or love for others immediately rather than to keep it secret for a longer time.
Sometimes your language or behavior become aggressive and may hurt others.
Please try to be extrovert rather than introvert.

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