Fire, not people!

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Surely you have met people who can be driven out with the help of one sidelong glance. They start up with a half turn, and their anger is truly terrible . Everyone knows that quarreling with a flaming man is more expensive to himself, but few know how to act to calm him down and not make the situation worse. It is common for every person to get angry from time to time, but with these 5 signs of the zodiac you really need to be extremely delicate.

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Tauruses are stubborn and uncompromising. When they are angry, little depends on you: they just need to cool down. Usually they are angry with you deservedly, and if you disappoint them, they like to swear at maximum volume. Taurus will not tolerate the one who takes them out of themselves.

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Dominant and dramatic Lions firmly believe that they are always right. They are very hot-tempered and never miss the opportunity to quarrel. If you really annoy them, Lions will not be afraid to descend to insults. And even if they ever realize that they are wrong, they will never admit it and will not apologize first.

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Scorpions can quarrel very tactfully and deftly. They do not need to raise their voices to trample their opponent into the mud with the help of cheats and arguments. They are vindictive, so even if it seems to you that you are reconciled, know: Scorpio remembers everything. Often they are passive-aggressive and instead of open confrontation they use mockery and ridicule.


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Usually Sagittarius – the kindest and innocuous creature. But if you piss off Sagittarius – he will tell you everything. People of this fiery sign literally flare up with anger and rage, and one can only sympathize with those who are within their reach. Fortunately, cooling down, Sagittarius can usually calmly and sincerely apologize for their behavior.

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Capricorns are always very collected and responsible. Usually no one expects emotional outbursts from them. But sometimes their anger takes over and overwhelms them. Then they are ready to criticize everything and everyone around. When they are angry, they tend to blame others for all their troubles and problems.

As you have already seen, you need to be extremely careful with these temperamental people. And if you are one of them – try to think that your rage will pass sooner or later, and your words will long remain in the memory of man.

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