Hyperborean horoscope – The most accurate prediction of fate. And who are you for it? The star map compiled by Oleg Veshch for those born in the northern countries and surviving in birch bark records to this day is striking in its accuracy and content. Moreover, everyone who has read this text fully receives the protection of the ancient forces that our ancestors knew about.

(from January 10 – February 10)

Wolverine is a beast with which no hunter associates of his own free will. Wolverine, like no one else, guards his land, jealously watches all the strangers that pass through his territory, and does not tolerate those who try to settle on his lands, hunt, dig burrows, breed cubs. Those born during the Wolverine are more zealous than other people who place the interests of the tribe above their personal interests. Wolverine is not a black grouse, does not like to be in sight, avoids open places, is critical of himself, is not mistaken either about his mind or about his appearance, because of which Wolverine has more loyal and faithful friends than brighter and more voiced voices narcissistic fellow forest members. Wolverines have neat burrows, Wolverines themselves can boast of pure wool, strong claws. Wolverine is that rare beast that has no hate it,

(February 10 – March 10)

Raven is a wise bird, but wise not by training, but by its very nature, initially wise and understanding. They say viciously about the Voronov people that they don’t need a brain, they have enough spinal cord, but the joke of the gods is that in fact the Raven just understands what the sage needs years of painful thoughts for. Raven immediately correctly answers the question that many sorcerers would have to work on. He feels better than he understands, and, skipping logical chains, immediately gives the correct answer, but he cannot explain how he came to him. Ravens extremely rarely reach heights in management and leadership. Just because they see very far, and the people will not go far, they will even go one step further – to break the original, impassable, part with traditions, covenants of the same illiterate grandfathers, grandfathers, betray the Fatherland …

If occasionally the Raven flies upstairs, then this is simply because he does not talk about everything that he sees his keen eye, otherwise they will beat and expel him like a madman. Usually Ravens are leisurely and calm, for true wisdom does not endure fuss. They see everything in advance, and if they need to peck an apple, they do not rush after rolling along the road, but immediately fly to the place where it stops.

(March 10 – April 10)

An ermine is a beast that feels great power within itself. It is crowded with it so that it splashes out of the ears. He does not sit still for an hour, always on the move, and if someone finds him immovable and collapsed, he will be deeply mistaken, believing that he finally saw the Ermine at rest: he feverishly invents either a hundred sophisticated tricks at once, or how to get into the next forest and rob other Ermines, or plans already strangled all the nasty squirrels in his forest and in neighboring ones. An ermine is so confident in himself and his innocence that he is not concerned about norms, rules, laws.

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He is sincerely convinced that he is doing a good and necessary thing when he is robbing a chipmunk – you look so fat! – or strangle a squirrel – it doesn’t so squeak – that they love him and that they admire him not only for his dexterity, but also for his actions. However, the Ermine actually turns out to be most often a disinterested and responsive person, more willingly comes to the rescue of others. Moreover, he can lend to the needy both his own and someone else’s equally sincerely.

(April 10 – May 10)

The toad is perhaps the most amazing beast, for it can live both on water and under water, and on shore. Toad lives even in the forest on trees. This amazing adaptability gives a person born in the Toad period the opportunity to both work in the simplest jobs, say, in a field or in a forest, as a lumberjack, and to occupy the highest posts in the state, to lead troops, to reach heights in music, literature, art, science. Toads are less likely than others to be discouraged, because they feel good everywhere, but it has a different side: Toads are so cozy everywhere that they rarely seek somewhere else.


(May 10 – June 10)

Grasshopper – more than anyone, does not like to show fatigue, defeat, unhappiness. He always sings, always spreads his wings, preens in the sun. People are smiling, looking at Grasshoppers, in each Grasshopper a tiny drop of sun shines on. The grasshopper is very easy to climb, and although the heart trembles with fear of each jump, it still jumps, spreads its wings and flies, flies, trembling with fear and delight. Big scary animals can wait in a new place, there may be predatory spiders, but there may also be a beautiful meadow with lush grass, sweet berries and … other beautiful Grasshoppers, Beetles, Butterflies!

Perhaps the greatest coward in the world, the Grasshopper admits this only as the closest, and for all others he is a careless and cheerful creature who finds everything easy, effortless, who easily converges with all creatures in the world, like Grasshoppers and everyone – all. The grasshopper is not hardworking in the sense that he is restless, he grasps at one or the other. He often quits what he started, but for others it is surprising that he does a lot, even often more than others, assiduous. And the secret is that Grasshopper, having left a lot of things halfway, returns to half of them and, ashamed of his cowardice, finishes quickly and successfully. And if you consider that the Grasshopper quickly grasps, then we can say that the great Rod created it in one of his best days and in good condition.

(June 10 – July 10)

The hamster is a creature that sleeps for almost nine months of the year, but develops frenzied activity in the remaining ones, managing to collect bread from the fields and fill the pantries to the ceilings. The Hamster Man is able to work day and night without rest, hastily sip hot coffee and again go headlong into work. On such days, he manages to do as much as the one born by Ant does in a month.

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(July 10 – August 10)

Rawlik – is particularly sensitive. They very finely and accurately feel other people, from the Ravliks they can make wonderful leaders, because they know how to ignite and lead people, than to influence, to rush into the abyss. But this hypersensitivity also turns to the other side: they are either ready to give everything they have to a stranger, then, having realized it, they shut themselves off with a wall even from their loved ones, constantly repeating to themselves that they have been deceived as many times as possible, it’s time to think about themselves … This hypersensitivity makes them painfully vulnerable.

Escaping, they go into the sink, from there they just drive in scribbles, looking around the world, trying not to interfere in anything. These people live in a half-invented world, they are much better off there than in the real one, and when they return, they every year longing to be born late, that they would be a couple of hundred years ago, or even a thousand, for some reason, that in the past they would have been necessarily princes, not servants!

There are no better interlocutors for communication than Ravliks, because from the inborn hypersensitivity they always see the mood of the interlocutor, they will never say rudeness, they will always come to the rescue, will help to get out of the delicate situation. Ravliks are smart, although their mind almost never leads to enrichment, a successful career, the prosperity of their business. No one better than the Ravliks is able to come up with illusory worlds, but how much they lose on the way from a sweet dream to reality!

(August 10 – September 10)

The ant is almost the only creature in the world who is never afraid to overwork. The ant can rarely be seen without work, but then it either cleans its paws and ears, licks its shiny armor, and the person born of the Ant, not only in the moments of rest, plans the day ahead, but also 
tries to fulfill more persistently the rest. The ant is constantly at work, even if it looks like 
aimless wandering through the thickets. He either grazes cattle, at the same time guarding Ants from strangers, or builds, drags prey into the house.

He will never say to himself: enough, I have done enough. He always tries to do more, for which he is valued, respected, although he tries to put more work on this, to transfer part of his work to it. The ant drags, grumbles quite occasionally. Such diligence is rewarded: Ants notice, promote, give work more and more difficult, more responsible. And let it be said that the Ant takes not intellectually, but industriousness, but genius is one percent of talent and ninety-nine industriousness!

(September 10 – October 10)

Khrushchev – no one experiences such drastic changes in life as Khrushchev. When a worm digs in the ground and nibbles its roots, he is sure that this will be so all his life. When she turns into a chrysalis and freezes in great peace, she exclaims in an insight: “What a fool I used to be!”, Implying that now I finally finally understood how to live, now I know how to live, now I will only live so … But time comes, and the cocoon bursts, a young beetle crawls out of the ground, spreads its wings …

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More than anyone else, Khrushchev is tormented that you cannot explain to your children how they will live, they will not believe, you generally cannot explain to anyone how to live in order to be able to turn into Real St. Wings, because most of them will die with thick blind worms … In the work Khrushchev easily reaches any heights if he is not taken away from his easy career path by more complex searches for truth, philosophical or religious paths, the search for the moral and ethical gates to a right life.

(October 10 – November 10)

Beaver – Beaver’s desire for order and peace led to the fact that he learned to build dams, raise the level of streams and rivers, and make dams. All animals adapt to the weather, only Beaver adapts it to himself, adjusts to his character and routine. Beaver always has everything at hand, he never hurries, he works calmly and confidently.

Other animals are envious, but Beaver’s life is too complicated for them. To be a Beaver is to know a lot and to be able to. But when the animals flee in a panic from a thunderstorm or forest fire, it’s enough for Beaver to dive into his underwater house and calmly wait out the trifle, which for others is a disaster. Beaver knows how to arrange his life so that next to him everyone feels calm and protected, even if the rest of the 
world is crumbling.

(November 10 – December 10)

Dog – a distinctive feature – fidelity and fearlessness. In a world where no one keeps his word, Dog is the only one who still adheres to the old canons of honor, fidelity to the word, he will never hit a recumbent, in the back or below the belt, no matter what benefits it may bode for or laughed at for its old-fashioned habits. He is faithful to friends to blindness, to stupidity, and no betrayal and betrayal can wean him to believe in people, to protect them.

But, strange thing, even opponents trust him more than their friends and associates. A dog can be trusted with money, secrets and his own life. If a friend is in danger, you won’t scare the Dog with a knife or power. He will not, like the Cat, calmly wash himself, when the owner is killed nearby, he will jump and cling to the throat, even if he knows that this is his last jump. For the Dog in life, it is much more important to live in harmony with conscience than with the law, which is one today, tomorrow is another. He does not strive for a career, but often you see him at the top of business, politics, management systems, because even his opponents trust the Dog.

(December 10 – January 10)

The bear is the master of the forest, but not the king of animals, not the king of all forests, steppes, deserts and mountains … and all because before the Bear, his exorbitant laziness was born. He knows this, got used to it and got used to it, he himself can tell something about himself that he puts out in a funny way. Only a few know that the seemingly clumsy Bear overtakes a racehorse, is able to strangle a moose and carry in its forelegs that it senses a mouse nest under a dense layer of solid earth and is able to get a mouse out of there before the dexterous cat has time to say “meow.”

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But not strength and dexterity make him the master of the forest. He is considered the main one because, with all his might, he is surprisingly simple and nonchalant, condescending to the weak, does not offend a trifle, but he is content to marvelously small: get honey, lie down in the raspberry bushes, bask and indulge in a belly … Bear is the envy of many beasts and he sleeps in fierce winter in a warm den, which speaks of his great mind and ability to get settled … if he really needs it.

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