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We all sometimes get into awkward situations, to get out of which is quite difficult. But each sign of the zodiac has its own instinctive habits and abilities that help to get out of the water.

In general, the division of people into signs of the zodiac can be very useful, since each of us can see ourselves from the outside and work on our own shortcomings. For example, earlier we wrote about the  vices and weaknesses of the Zodiac . Thanks to this article you will be able to evaluate your shortcomings and correct them. Life is an ongoing process of self-improvement and learning, so learn along with astrology, which never lies about the human nature and its shortcomings.


Aries do not get out of awkward situations. Sometimes it seems that they just do not care about people’s opinions. They may simply laugh it off or not notice at all the general attention to their fiasco. Well, I fell into a puddle, and then what? Reinforced concrete stability.


Tauruses will joke about their curious mistake or terrible bad luck. It comes out sincerely for them, and the people around are really beginning to laugh and love Taurus more for it. This is a rare gift that allows representatives of this Sign, falling face down in the dirt, only to earn extra points for themselves, and not to lose them.


Gemini, hitting a funny situation, can make everyone laugh around those who want to make fun of Gemini. Simply put, these people can quickly turn from a victim into a predator that will make those who dare to open their mouths to suffer for the sake of jokes about their suffering.


Cancers will just be silent. No, well, what else to do? The less we talk about what happened, the sooner everything will be forgotten. In short, to get out of awkward situations Cancers do not know how to do. Sometimes they are helped by a complete lack of such skills, because they look very funny during public attention.

a lion

Lions will skillfully show that they have fun and that they find the situation funny. They may be believed, but in the depths of their souls Lions will want to shrink to the size of a molecule. This strong endurance is bestowed on them by nature itself. If Leo is not laughing, then the people around will not joke about the failure of Leo, even if she is very curious.


A virgin swears very strongly and loudly when something such happens that puts her in a bad light and amuses the people. That is why people will remember not that the Virgin very nicely slipped and fell on her back, like in a movie, but how she reacted to it. This incident will remain in people’s memory for a very long time.


Scales, when they get into an awkward situation, start to rush from side to side and pretend that they are in order. When Libra falls, they say about themselves that they did it very gracefully, although in reality this may not be the case. In a word, Libra is looking for a piece of beauty even in the fact that they were sprayed with mud by a passing car.


Scorpios are almost indestructible in terms of behavior at critical times. Many girls born under this Sign, just very nice upset, forcing others to sincerely support them. Men, on the contrary, will be serious or try to laugh it off. One way or another, an awkward situation will not help you make fun of Scorpio.


Sagittarius in general on the drum, what do you think about him. This is a fact that will confirm you any representative of this Zodiac, or his close friend. They do not even get out of an awkward situation – they just do not care. Because of this, people quickly forget about what happened.


Capricorns will make such a serious face that they want to burst of laughter, but it will not work, because in this case you may have a chair or something heavy that was beside a frenzied Capricorn. No one forgets the ridiculous mistakes of these people, but does not speak out loud about them, because this is how you can earn problems for yourself.


Aquarians perceive humor in their address very sensibly, if you do not cross the border. They can laugh at themselves, but then they will look like Sagittarius, who don’t care. They themselves are not trying to stop the actions of the crowd that witnessed their fiasco. They are wise and know that it will not work anyway.


Fish are very worried when they become objects of ridicule of people around them. It hurts them to understand that everyone is looking at them, and they thank heaven if someone else got into a difficult situation, and they, Pisces, do not have to be at this place now. Pisces cannot even laugh it off if they fall face down in the mud. This Zodiac sign has the lowest resistance to awkward situations.

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