There are many ways to convey something to someone, talking is just one of them. You can also tell him about your facial expression or let your body work in.

You can ignore him and say nothing. Or you can text it. You can speak loudly or quietly. You can speak hectically or take a break to think at the right place. You can flirt with someone with your key or turn him down.

Language can do so many things! And each of us has our very own way of communicating and conveying what we want to express to others. How do you do it? Your zodiac sign gives you information about it.


A ram can be a real stubborn and sometimes it’s really hard to talk to him. Especially when he is totally convinced of his own opinion and doesn’t allow anyone else.

Unfortunately, this is often the case. Then never argue with a ram if you are attached to your life! Follow us here on Instagram.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

The bull is also not a zodiac sign that likes to give way. If he has something in his head, that’s the way it is and he sees nothing else! Don’t even try to explain your point of view to him.

It won’t do anything, because you might as well speak against a wall! Follow us here on Instagram.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

A conversation with the twins is quickly established, but it ends at least as quickly. A person with the zodiac sign Gemini will be with you if you are interested and listen to your words with shining eyes, but if you tire of it and this happens more often than you would like, you will notice it just as quickly and it will simply disappear. Follow us here on Instagram.


With cancer, you can have the deepest and most touching conversation you can imagine. At that moment he will only be there for you and show that with his whole posture.

You can clearly see his devotion to him. And you can also feel his trust when he opens his heart to you. Follow us here on Instagram.


You can have fun with a lion – also in communication. They are always up for a joke and you can have great conversations with them.

His stories are varied and captivating and people like to listen to him because he tells the stories with dedication and passion. From time to time, when he is in a particularly good mood, you will learn even his deepest secrets from him. Follow us here on Instagram.


Virgins drank water. And not just a liter! They’ll chew your ear if you’re not careful. They have an opinion on everything and like to bind them to everyone’s nose.

What the virgin says can be really valuable and informative, but get rid of her if she talks too much to you. Follow us here on Instagram.


The Libra is probably the wisest sign of the zodiac with which one can speak. You can always come to her for advice because she has so much foresight in her. It manages to open up perspectives that were totally foreign to you before.

She herself is extremely empathetic and understands and sees more than many other people, you can clearly feel that in a conversation with her. Follow us here on Instagram.


The Scorpio is also a good listener, but you cannot expect too much response from him. He takes you seriously and you can pour out your heart. But not much will come back.

Above all, you should be careful not to fool him. He quickly exposes you when you are dishonest and he really resents that. Follow us here on Instagram.


The shooter has the words in his cradle and he will never have problems finding friends or a conversation partner. He talks as if he was born for it and he always comes up with the right topic for the current situation.

Everyone likes to get involved in their stories and questions, because they are a pleasant speaker.  Follow us here on Instagram.


The time with an ibex is effective and successful. He doesn’t just stand around and leads small talk about the weather with you. No, he really takes his time and focuses on helping you with your problem.

He has no time for gossips and brags, that shows his face clearly. Follow us here on Instagram.


The Aquarian world of thought is deep and extensive. He can talk about almost anything and has enormous knowledge and a lot of objections. Discussions about politics or social issues are his favorite pastimes.

His cheeks glow red with excited passion and his face speaks volumes. Follow us here on Instagram.


The best cheers are definitely the fish! They dream around a lot, but that’s what makes them so optimistic and positive. If you start talking to them, they will shine and their good mood will infect you without their intention.

You are just like that. Your jokes pull you out of your hole, you can’t look that fast! Follow us here on Instagram.

Some of the stone signs are incredibly talented speakers and have a vocabulary that others only dream of. Others are like an open book for their counterpart – they clearly show their thoughts and feelings and discuss from the heart and with their whole soul.

Still others have to be slowed down otherwise you will be overwhelmed by their many words. We humans are so different when it comes to the way we communicate, and none of us exist twice. You too have your own individual way of behaving when you talk.

Maybe you’re more of a listener. Or maybe you have a lot to say. No matter what it is, never pretend, but let out what is in you and talk about how your beak has grown!

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