When you meet a new person and think that this is exactly what you need, only one question matures: does he feel the same in response?

Everyone shows their feelings differently. Some are more straightforward, even to strangers. Others need to feel more comfortable in order to express emotions. And this is to some extent determined by our zodiac sign.

So, how do different signs show their feelings and show sympathy:

Aries:  usually not restrained and impatient, rams will make an exception for you. You for them are a comfort zone, a person to whom they go for a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Taurus:  they are always happy to be with you and show it in practice. They quickly reply to the message, or run through the crowd to hug you. Taurus is a huge ball of energy that they are ready to throw out on the one they like.

Gemini:  energetic, but cunning. They are never bored with them, because they will always make you laugh, especially when you feel bad.

Crayfish:  faithful and caring. They will always show how much you mean to them, and you will know it. You will never cry or be sad next to the Cancers loving you.

Lions:  ambitious and confident, because they can directly express their feelings. No questions or doubts.

Virgin:  thoughtful and reliable. They are not as straightforward as Lions, but express their feelings through touch and emotion. These are very observant natures that will help you discover in yourself something that you did not even suspect.

Libra : idealistic and love peace. They are optimistic and will help you see only the best in everything, and will see only the best in you, even if you yourself do not notice it.

Scorpions:  passionate, they want to see you happy, and just like the Twins, they will do everything in their power to make you forget about your problems.

Sagittarius:  independent and adventurous. They show their affection through material things, whether purchased gifts or homemade, but always made with thoughts about you. They will always drag you into their adventures, so that you will not age with your soul.

Capricorns:  often distrustful, because if they show you their devotion, then you can know for sure that you like. Trust and reliability are important to them.

Aquarius:  smart and natural seducers. They show their affection not in deeds, but in words. They are ready to flatter your hearing as much as you like.

Pisces:  sensual natures, but very faithful. Their feelings are sometimes difficult to understand, but if they like you, they will be obsessed with you, constantly thinking about you. If they fall in love, then fall in love over the ears.

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