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How to flirt with every sign of the zodiac. To know this before !!! Today our article is devoted to a rather interesting topic – Flirt. As you know, each sign of the zodiac is characterized by certain preferences, because they all differ in their temperament. Naturally, in love they behave differently. Based on this, we want to give you some tips on how to flirt with each of the signs of the zodiac. And not just to flirt, but to make it successful and right! How to flirt a consonant to the sign of the zodiac.  So let’s get started!

Flirt with Aries

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To get his attention, be sure to look him straight in the eye. Present yourself so that he perceives you as a worthy goal and desires to subdue her, try to surprise him, be unexpected.
Invite to a date in the mountains, or on the beach, let every day brings new adventures, be full of strength and energy, always be on the “watch”, beware that Aries could not catch you by surprise and not spoil your plan; try to resist the advances of Aries, but at the same time be romantic and unpredictable, dragging him along. He will appreciate your independence and initiative, appreciate his passionate temperament, Aries is able to relax you, and then spin it in a whirlwind of passion.


It scares Aries

Do not bind him to yourself, Aries do not like when they are limited in freedom, do not be critical, comparing it with other men, do not flirt with him with others, break all relations with your former partners.

Aries tend to be unique in your present, you can’t be too offended or angry for too long, Aries will not persuade you for long that you do not want to communicate with him at all, do not try to cool his temperament, such actions can hurt his soul, remember that temperament and passion are his characteristic features.

Flirt with Taurus

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Horoscope of the subjugators of male hearts

 The path to his heart lies through the stomach, prepare his favorite dishes, arrange romantic evenings with pleasant music and candles. Regularly choose time for him, Taurus will appreciate it, as well as delicious food in a cheerful company.
Be gentle with him, Taurus responds to tenderness, the results will amaze you. Be for him support in the business sphere, stimulate to advance on a career ladder, always be sincere with Taurus, they do not tolerate falsehood.

It scares off Taurus

Be punctual, do not cancel the date and never be late for it. You cannot be unpredictable, the calf does not like surprises, it needs to plan everything in advance.

You risk irritating if you are impatient, or demand a quick decision from him. You can’t be stubborn, remember that if he made a decision, he is unlikely to change it. great importance of his financial independence, and he can regard your actions as violating his security.

You can not be too serious, the relationship should be pleasant and relaxed.
Never question your feelings and attitudes.

Flirt with Twins

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Due to the fact that the representatives of this sign love intrigue, you need to learn how to flirt;
you need to be as open and flexible as possible, learn to be elusive, evasive and alluring, Gemini loves hunting and playing, so you can not be his only partner;
learn to listen and be an interesting interlocutor; be eloquent, but do not hammer the Gemini, he can hold small talk for hours; do not pinch his freedom, he does not like restrictions, be cheerful and be able to entertain the twin, he does not tolerate boredom;

It discourages Gemini

Deal with the idea that he likes to flirt, do not forbid him that. Flirting his nature, develop patience, learn to listen to him, Gemini does not tolerate when he is not given due attention, do not be predictable, if you want to be with him, then learn to quickly change his desires and to various surprises; be collected, so as not to be caught off guard. Be condescending in his pranks, do not try to tie the twin, otherwise he will quickly slip away from you.

Flirt with Cancer

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Pay a lot of attention to your chosen one, properly assess his confidence; Cancer likes quiet quiet evenings at home, let him know that this is also important for you; never forget to congratulate him on holidays, especially such as Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of your meeting, show that you value your communication for emotionality and sincerity; trust Raku and be sincere in your feelings;

It discourages Cancer

Do not, under any circumstances, laugh at him. This zodiac sign takes everything to heart, do not react to the mood swings of Cancer.
Try to get used to his changeable nature, do not demand too much from him, for example, to become a boss, he has his own plans for everything, which he does not change;

Do not be too persistent with him, he will resist, because he does not like to obey, he is too independent, do not be cruel, he loves affection and tenderness, you cannot turn to other people for help, otherwise he will decide that you underestimate him.

Flirt with Leo

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Speak often compliments, they love praise. Give him that, and you will receive generous gifts and knightly love in return, let him be the leader in everything, let him bathe in the rays of popularity and fame, try to cheer him up and inspire him to great deeds.

The grateful Leo will be only yours and will give your life a gorgeous regal radiance, never argue with him, listen to him in everything and agree. Leo has a rich imagination, and you will not be bored in his delightful world, be sure to show that you need him, entrust him with the most intimate secrets, and he will be the perfect partner for you.

It scares Lion

Never pretend that you care about him, do not ignore him. Always remember about his plans, if, of course, you want to stay with him. Never tell him what to do. Lev does not like control, he is used to being a leader everywhere, do not seek to shift him from the center of attention.
Leo loves to shine in all its glory, do not criticize him in public, it can undermine his confidence, he will feel hurt.

Flirt with the Virgin

Horoscope of the subjugators of male hearts

Learn to be patient. Remember: Virgin love to attach great importance to detail.
If he sees an ally in you, he will make your life better, admire his efforts, striving to improve the reality around him.


Virgo will appreciate it and bring your life closer to the ideal, try to become his close friend, sharing his worldview, beloved Virgo will appreciate you if you appreciate his analytical skills and insight. Consider that Virgo will regularly analyze your actions, to criticize you, he thinks that with this he brightens up your leisure time. Do not be offended at him, in his heart he knows that he, too, is not perfect;

This scares the Virgin

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You can not be a bad hostess, lazy and untidy. Virgo loves order and tends to him, especially in his own house, you can not give up his words or take them back.
Even though he does the same, he will not forgive you for this. Get used to the idea that the Virgin can promise a lot, and when she cannot fulfill it, she feels uncomfortable, do not try to force him to eat or wear what he does not like.

They are selective in matters of wardrobe and food, never discuss his bedroom, remember that her desire for the ideal also extends to her, and you must appreciate this

Flirt with Scales

Horoscope of the subjugators of male hearts

Learn to keep calm, radiate harmony and balance. Scales will appreciate your composure, be interested in art, read literature, let your partner discover the world of music and poetry for you, accept his little oddities, never forget to congratulate him on holidays, your chosen one will appreciate your sensitivity, always consult him, be interested in him opinion, attitude to those events that happen to you.

He can give reasonable advice and assist in making the right decision, learn to balance between good and evil, cause and effect. Scales bring peace and balance into your life.

It scares off Libra

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Do not require lightning-fast decisions from your partner, Libra always considers other alternatives, so they need time to make an informed decision; never tell him that he has something wrong with his appearance, Libra is a sensitive person, he will survive for a long time about it.

Scales tend to look always fresh and young, do not be predictable or conservative with it. You risk him quickly bored, the scales love everything new and unexpected, never push him to take some important decision, remember that they think serious things for a long time and slowly, try to foresee and weigh everything; irresponsibility or arrogance.
Scales love to do everything in defiance, so these negative traits of his character will only increase.

Flirt with Scorpio

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Horoscope of the subjugators of male hearts

Always admire him, even if there is no reason for it. Then the representative of this zodiac sign will appreciate your sexual attractiveness and beauty, tell him about your sexual fantasies, little female secrets, intrigue him, and he will want to fulfill all your whims;
create a romantic mood, bed silk sheets, light scented candles, incense, and you will be provided with a chic evening, with pleasant music and erotic massage; , unbridled partner.

It scares Scorpio

Never blame your partner for being dishonest to you, manipulating your feelings. He will take it as an insult, as the Scorpions are very loyal and faithful lovers;
never play on his jealousy, he may become enraged and will control your every move, never laugh, even in jest, over his sexual abilities and fantasies. They are very proud of their sexual ingenuity and are known as the best lovers.

Flirt with Sagittarius

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Horoscope of the subjugators of male hearts

Be with him witty, fun and cheerful. Sagittarius as an example of optimism will appreciate it, do not infringe upon his freedom. Sagittarius needs emotional and physical freedom, and can teach you to be truly free in life, if you want to stay with Sagittarius, then be ready to travel and have a bag with necessary things at the ready, as he can at any time gather in distant places ;

Sagittarius will appreciate your sense of humor, loves adventures and surprises, this is the person who can make your life interesting and diverse, always be energetic and enterprising, this quality will be appreciated, and then your Sagittarius will become your best friend and inspiration.

It scares Sagittarius

You can not be in a bad mood, Sagittarius needs positive emotions, and your prolonged depression will be ignored, you can not point out to him mistakes and say that he is wrong. Always keep him confident that he is the one who best understands the intricacies of life;

you can’t control and restrict his freedom, otherwise he will feel cornered and run away, you can’t demand confessions of eternal love from him, you will need patience, and Sagittarius will have time to really love.

Flirt with Capricorn

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Horoscope of the subjugators of male hearts

Be sure to find out what your chosen one loves, take it into service, he will appreciate your efforts, it is important for him to share interests with a partner, support his desire to achieve success everywhere in work, in career and in personal life, emphasize your attention with small gifts , it will show him your economy, he will certainly appreciate the ability to reasonably spend money;

try to be patient. Your man will gradually mature for a serious relationship and will become a faithful companion in your life, do not rush empty promises, be persistent and constant, like your Capricorn;

It scares Capricorn

You can not laugh at him, especially in public, for this sign is too important the opinion of people about them. He hates being humiliated, do not give him too extravagant gifts. He will not understand your action and may even return the gift back, considering it a waste of money, never give up your words and these promises. He ensures that the words fit the case;

Do not expect quick recognition or serious relations from him, he needs time to decide on such an important step in his life, do not criticize his employment with work, excessive family passion or hobby. This is the basis of the nature of Capricorn, he has his own ideals, in which he believes, and seeks to work for the good of other people.

Flirt with Aquarius

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Horoscope of the subjugators of male hearts

Expand your horizons, learn to talk freely on any topic and to understand various things. Aquarius will appreciate it, and you can become an interesting interlocutor for him, try to be extraordinary, not like others, special. Try to stand out from the crowd, constantly amaze your Aquarius.

Your originality and originality will give unpredictable results, as he likes surprises, try not to limit his personal space, especially emotionally. This will allow your chosen one to feel happy, respect its principles and ideals.
In this case, he is able to make your world better, try at the beginning of the novel to find a spiritual connection with him, and only then physical. The inner world of Aquarius will amaze you so much that you will remain in its networks for a long time.

It scares off Aquarius

You can’t demand too much from Aquarius, especially punctuality, timely fulfillment of a promise or commitment. This can make your chosen one unhappy, do not expect a serious relationship too quickly.

Aquarius are very independent and freedom-loving, do not try to become the center of attention for him, by their nature they are very curious and will not be limited only to you, do not distract him if he is busy with something or pondering something

Do not give advice to Aquarius, if he does not ask for it himself, do not try to change it, especially with regard to the style of clothing, even if it looks awkward, accept it as its peculiarity. Aquarius often dress and act differently than others.

Flirt with Fish

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Be sensitive, do not hold back your emotions if the strings of your soul are hit. Pisces is a responsive sign, he will appreciate it, try to be kind and responsive to people. You will ascend in his eyes, and he will try his best to conquer you;

learn to express your feelings in different ways, try to avoid words, and your lover will teach you to catch falling stars, admire the achievements of art, and then your man will love you madly, praise everything he does, put him on a pedestal, and he will be yours forever .

It scares off the fish

Do not rely on its success in financial transactions. People of this sign in the material sphere are difficult to understand, you can not blame them for lack of understanding or reverie, do not offer them to change their outlook on life;

Do not criticize his views on true love, Pisces is romance by nature, accept it as a small weakness; they believe in the existence of true love; try not to offend his sensitive nature, since the insults in his soul settle for a long time;

Never humiliate the representative of this sign, even by accident. If you touch his feelings, he will feel very unhappy, do not limit their creative impulses, these people are very impulsive and live on emotions.

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