From the point of view of astrology, you need to select a date not only taking into account the current position of the planets in the sky, but also with a detailed analysis of your natal chart, your individual horoscope. This is important because the position of the planets can be very favorable, and today can be a beautiful day, but, nevertheless, these beautiful planets form very complex configurations with your natal chart. And it turns out that for most people, the day is favorable, and for you – not very. The current position of the planets in the sky is important to consider from the point of view of the general background. Indeed, in general, when the position of the planets is favorable, most people feel better and their mood is better. And any of our communication, and purchase, including – is the interaction with other people. Therefore, it is desirable to take into account both.

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  1. To calculate the date yourself. If you are astrologically savvy, you can compare this with your natal chart. At a primitive level, for some not too important event, it is enough to choose a favorable day as a whole. I will briefly tell you the characteristics of such a day, because the date of buying a new cabinet or a new washing machine really, perhaps, should not be coordinated with an astrologer. Although it all depends on how clear and precise you want the result, and how expensive your purchase is.
  2. It is important to have a decent sunny day. Not 4, not 17 and not 28.

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  1. The moon should not be in a position without course.
  2. If this topic is really interesting for you, and you want to understand it in more detail, then I have a webinar on the selection of dates. You can either buy it in the record, or visit it in April. It all depends on how important events you choose, and how important this all is to you. Many of us act at random (“And, maybe blow it! Nothing bad will happen!”), But unfortunately, this often leads to sad results: household appliances quickly break down, we are unhappy with purchases, they are short-lived.
  3. It is better to coordinate the important elections, that is, the selection of the date of the fateful event (the selection of the date of the wedding, the selection of the date of a serious operation, the selection of the date of a major purchase: an apartment, house or car) with a specialist.

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