How to change the signs of the Zodiac. Let’s find out today how different signs of the Zodiac change. Which of them is more inclined to change, and how they behave depending on their zodiac sign!

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Capricorns change innocently. Not in the sense – sighs and children’s petting. And in the sense of: “well, what is this?” And eyes innocently clap clap. Here is the wife, I love her, here is the chick, I want her. Everyone should be happy. Especially, since Capricorns, as a rule, do not burn. If, however, pin Capricorn against the wall with irrefutable evidence, Capricorn will not otmazyvatsya. He will shrug his shoulders, look at you with the surprise of the surgeon who discovered the Inca gold in the appendix, and say: “You know, I would eat.” And you will go fry the potatoes, torn between memories of finding someone else’s panties in his pocket and setting “not justified, it means not guilty.”


Aquarius changes emotionally. So, that in all directions flying chips, drooling and krovischa. Aquarius is very uncomfortable hiding, so he subconsciously wants to know everything about everything, and this nightmare has somehow ended itself. In general, Aquarius is a terribly unhappy person. His betrayal pushes for diversity and the search for something unusual. But time after time it turns out that all women in their underpants are one and the same. How the Aquarius live to old age in a world that constantly strikes them in the back with such blows is completely incomprehensible.



Fish change ingeniously. Directing a rich imagination to conceal their own horizontal exploits, Fish is able to otmazatsya in any situation. That is, in general, any. Suppose you came home and found a naked woman in your bed. Treason? How could you think! This is my cousin, who came on foot from Nyagan, where her husband beat her, she froze wildly, so she took off her wet ice clothes and was heated under a blanket. Is she continuing to do oral sex right now? But shame on you! I just gave her antibiotics in pills, and we push through them, because her swallowing reflex is disturbed by stress. It looks wildly exclusive in print. And when Fish says it, it sounds more than convincing.


Aries changes cruelly. If you catch him, he will not otmazyvatsya, here’s another. He will sit next to him, dreamily roll his eyes and say: “you are an adult girl, you must understand, you would see her boobs …”. In your desperate babble, “what are the tits, what are you talking about, how can you, I also have boobs, by the way,” he will take the phone, find a photo of the right boobs, stretch it and say: well, see for yourself. And then he will gently take you by the hand, give a bitten lecture about polygamy of men and say that you, by the way, are also very dear to him.


Taurus rarely changes, therefore, is considered the most reliable partner of all the signs of the zodiac. There is only one small (well, big) problem – if Taurus has changed, it means that he really fell in love. And if the other signs can somehow be divided – here I am sleeping, and here is my family, then Taurus should certainly marry a secretary, since he has dishonored her.

And no “how to save a family” psycho trainings will not help. The chain will not help either – it will smash the wall and run away. Therefore, Taurus is desirable to castrate the next morning after the registrar – they are excellent husbands without primary sexual characteristics.


The twins change swinely. No, to go to Tahiti, sleep with a native woman and die from syphilis. Where exactly. Twins choose sexual partners exclusively from close circle of friends. So, to sit at the New Year’s table and understand – oh, I fucked everyone here, how funny. However, Gemini has another hypostasis. If you are lucky, then your Gemini does not cheat on you at all – he completely lacks fantasy. That is, when you sit at the New Year’s table, he is right now mentally fucking someone. Well, yes, “lucky” is always a very conventional concept.


Cancer changes obviously. That is, you do not even need to find in his phone explicit SMS. As soon as Cancer, having sighed, delays the ballad about the imperfections of the world, about how difficult it is to build relationships with those you love, and how interesting it happens – just yesterday a person was a stranger to you, and today – there is no more familiar – write.

“There is no dearer” – this is not about you. In general, treason is not easy for Raku and he reluctantly goes to her. And if it goes, then the problem is not that he has itching somewhere, the problem is that he needs his only one (with a capital letter). And as long as this ten-legged crustacean of all women does not perechupet its claws, it will not stop.

a lion

The lion changes unexpectedly rarely. What are you waiting for from Leo? That he will get himself a troika of equal females, bring them to the pride and lie in the shade of the baobab until they bring him fresh liver of wildebeest. But in fact, Leo does not like to spend extra calories on wiping out other people’s tears, so he has enough knowledge that this one and this one is ready to surrender at any moment. In the meantime, do not give up, Leo has no moral obligation to wipe their snot. In general, if your Leo is lazy, you will have to kill the antelope yourself. Well, please.


Virgo is cheating like Bond. James Bond. If you have an affair with a married Virgin, then your dates will turn into a city quest full of mysteries. You will quickly learn to respond to “Anton, locksmith, STO”, and in your wisdom tooth will lay a capsule with cyanide in case your wife calls. But do not worry, she will not call: Bond knows his business. Virgo is resourceful, like Maslyakov, convincing, like a Stechkin automatic pistol, and cautious, like a virologist working with a genetically modified Ebola specimen. The only chance to find out that the Virgin is cheating on you is the phrase: “I love the other, let’s get divorced.”


Scales change masterly. They can live for two families for years, not trying to hide themselves, but they still don’t scorch. Because they have the rare ability to arrange everything so that everyone is happy and does not ask questions. In addition, Libra takes marriage obligations very seriously and rarely initiates divorce.

In the end, why are these gestures in state bodies, if everything is very nice and comfortable? Therefore, it is important to decide: do you need a faithful husband or husband, as such? If the latter, then let yourself have fun, still not going anywhere. If you burn it, you can beat it with a mop and shake it.


Scorpio does not change. No seriously. Of course, people who are a little familiar with zoology do not expect anything good from Scorpio, by definition. And in vain. This cutest arthropod of the arachnid class is very serious about love and marriage. And change your favorite for Scorpio nonsense. But the fact that Scorpio, a dog (let’s forget about zoology, well, its) is difficult and can fall in love twelve times a year – so, you see, this is a completely different story.


Sagittarius changes gambling. Sagittarius on the ass, like a truck, has a big sign: “NO STOPS AND TURNS.” If it becomes possible to plunge into adultery, then Sagittarius will certainly get into trouble, so much so that biological walls spray the walls, the ceiling, the neighbors and the central square of the city. Learn about the treason Sagittarius is quite simple, and from common friends. And – sometimes – before the betrayal occurred. Because Sagittarius will not hold back and will tell his friends who exactly and in what position he is going to apply in next weekend. Rolling it, baby, with a rolling pin.

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