Stage one. Bells

So … imagine that Capricorn is dissatisfied with something in the behavior of a partner, no matter what.

He adapts himself this way, that way, tries to reconcile, keeping an intelligent face and a hat, studies scientific works, the Torah and breastfeeding forums, then, after adjusting the sliding glasses, decides on an important step.

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He says: … mnee … you see, it does not suit me.

And he is embarrassed, and gasps, and he thinks: offended, offended, how much in vain, because in childhood Capricorn was taught to rely only on himself, which means – never, never, would a partner meet him, that he, redhead?

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No, the red one is Capricorn, moreover, he is the only sign who lives to old age in a clear mind, which means that he vaguely feels unfair advantages over other Signs.

Therefore, with bated breath, he looks, observes, quietly enjoys minor changes (they began to flush the toilet, answer the sms, do not hit the legs, wait first for the girl to orgasm, then the boy), and in general, he feels good .

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Stage Two. False threats

A little accustomed to relationships, Capricorn begins to afford. The sign, in general, is not a sussy-trigger one time, he is embarrassed to call names with a “bunny,” but, realizing that the partner is sane, Capricorn is tender. Mumbles, strokes, buys tzatski. Even after some time, if the relationship continues the same garbage as it was, Capricorn starts from time to time to quietly explode. Anger, resentment, or frustration.

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At first it looks like a Bengali light. Light up, crackle, go out. A partner can be seen by chance only the external manifestations of a suddenly spoiled capricorn mood. When questioning Capricorn is silent.

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Then, if everything continues to not get better, Capricorn is experiencing real bouts of rage, which at first suppresses. Because shouting is ugly. And he just wants to shout, and sometimes shout, crying: “Vasya !! I feel bad!! Stop doing it !! ”or“ Masha, go ahead !! ”

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When these boils finally break through, Capricorn feels nothing but bitterness, longing and a sense of serious loss. He tells his partner important, painful, but still affectionate things, something like this: I can’t take it anymore, honey, I’m leaving, I’m leaving now.

But, if in partnership or friendship there is something valuable for Capricorn, for example, the opportunity to discuss the unique phenomena of karst cavities, then he will give himself and his union some more time, and, if nothing changes, will continue to boil with rage alone and go out to the public already washed and without a trace of tears.

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This stage is very important, it can last for years and at this time, Capricorn silently, most often without being aware of it, determines the volumes of hopelessness of the situation in your union or, on the contrary, its prospects.

Stage Three. Pre-storm

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If everything goes unchanged, in a circle, then one morning Capricorn clearly understands that he is experiencing hot rabies, so that blood rushes to the eyes. At the same time, all grievances, all tenderness and all love disappear without a trace for the next day. Only rage remains.

Then Capricorn says things unbearable for a partner, most often falling into sore spots. He speaks passionately or calmly, but – he says. Says not to hurt. And in order to understand whether the partner is capable of dialogue or still does not hear.

At this moment, Capricorn is still in the mode of preserving the union, still loves and is afraid of losing, is still trying to become heard, understood and accepted. He talks about his crazy pain, he slips into direct accusations, but he is no longer threatened with rupture or withdrawal.

He applies the last resort: an invitation to dialogue, unemotional, almost businesslike. If the partner decides to enter into negotiations, Capricorn becomes serious, calm, fair and at this moment it is very easy to negotiate with him. All his intelligence, foresight, depth at your service. If Capricorn manages to agree with you about something important to him, taking into account, by the way, your interests and opportunities, he will not remember you any previous mistakes, and if you repeat them, he will wait patiently, forgiving you to understand: this, or you foolishly took him for a fool.

Stage Four. Invisible thunderstorm

If nothing has changed in the capricorn union, sooner or later Capricorn will experience an attack of cold rabies. You will never know about it: for Capricorn, this means the end of everything and it hurts him so much that he prefers to skip this stage as quickly as possible. It can only last one minute.

But from this point on Capricorn makes the inexorable decision of the relationship to end. However, he can almost not be aware of this. From this moment on, all complaints, disassemblies, expectations and hopes are ceased altogether. He no longer loves you, but he also does not hate you. He is waiting.

Stage Five. the end

No one can predict what will be the last straw. Usually this is some trifle. Capricorn from this moment looks, does not interpret anything, just remarks: yes, here is a callousness once again manifested, which is no different from hundreds of other cases of the same callousness. Cold-blooded observation of how you are manipulated. The knowledge that you lie. Quiet statement of the fact that in a relationship you do not get the necessary. Again did not respond to SMS. Again, not hugged after sex. She left the table again before I ate. I went to bed again, not wishing good night. Again screamed at the child. Again he showed a petty meanness, substituting in front of his acquaintances.

Capricorn forgiven it a hundred times. At one hundred and first he decides to leave.

The main thing happened to Capricorn: he lost the sense to communicate with you further and spend money on you in any sense of the word. At this point, it resembles a soulless investor, quietly recalling the balance of assets from a unsuccessful project.

The ambush is that he will not announce this to you this time.

And the fact that you do not understand why you forgave for three years, endured for ten years, and then …

And then Capricorn is simply not there. Absolutely nowhere. For you.

While he is seething, he swears at you, insults you and hurts you, threatens to break, call names, he will return.

When he decided to leave for real, he would not consider it necessary for you to say this clearly. And slurred too. In general, he will no longer consider it necessary to explain something. If you still have some common business issues, children, property, etc. – he will calmly agree, it is easy to agree with him in general. Or his lawyer will negotiate with you if you are no longer interested in him to this extent.

After a while, if you did not behave petty and mean, you will be able to remain good friends with him. If you are petty and heedless, he will also lose respect for you and then you will never cross with him again.

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