How to attract the attention of men on the sign of the zodiac. Man win is not so easy. Among them are both avid personal attention to the woman’s attention, and very selective and cautious people. In many respects it depends on belonging to one or another Zodiac sign. Many people mistakenly think that the worst compatibility is with the same Zodiac signs, although in love for every person you can find an approach. You can attract the attention of any man. For this you will need to know a few important secrets and its astrological features.

How to attract the attention of men on the sign of the zodiac

Aries man

Want to attract the attention of Aries – give him freedom of action. Roughly speaking, do not do anything. Ignore him a little so that he will ask himself the question of why you did this. Then start talking about him. Aries male loves when they talk about him, just in awe of such conversations. Go to him and ask a question with a hidden compliment. This is a great beginning attitude and a good way to please the narcissist Aries.

Male taurus

Tauruses are absolutely delighted when a woman or a girl herself goes to the first supposedly random physical contact. During a conversation, you can accidentally touch a man. Taurus is very sensitive to odors, so the perfume is required. The third secret of Taurus seduction is the ability to support the topic. Taurus can not tolerate women stupid and empty inside. Wrapping is important for them, but you should be “oh-go-oh” too.

Male twins

Want to attract the attention of Gemini – make a joke so that the man laughed. Such men do not tolerate sadness and despondency, so you have to hit him with irony, sarcasm, jokes. You don’t need to become a clown – you have to be natural. A sense of humor will need to be supported by the ability not to be imposed. If you show by all appearances that you like it, then, most likely, you will be disappointed. Here is how to attract the attention of a man by the Zodiac sign Gemini.

Cancer man

To impress Cancer, you need to show that you value family rules, love parents and want to start a family. If you are young enough, just show your loyalty, the existence of rules that guide you. In general, such men choose women themselves, so if he doesn’t like you immediately, then you will have much less chances to catch up. Here’s how to attract a man’s attention by Cancer.

Male lion

Leo man just needs to be praised. At this stage of seduction ends almost immediately. Self-esteem in Lviv is quite high, so it should be slightly reduced. Do not show him that you like him. Play cat and mouse. If you find yourself even a little stronger than him emotionally, he will melt and he will tell you that he is crazy about you. Oh, yes – it is desirable to look like you no less than 5 plus. Here’s how to attract the attention of a man by the Sign of the Zodiac Leo.

Virgo man

So we went smoothly to a special type of men who like all women at once and don’t like anyone at the same time. If you think that this man can be fooled, then you are deeply mistaken. Even the light notes of pretense he senses and blacklists you right there.

Be yourself – this is the first rule. Rule two – do everything that he trusted you. The third rule – go to him and tell him straight in the face that you like him. You will immediately win his heart. This is not a weakness – it will show him your inner strength and honesty. Here’s how to attract the attention of a man by the Sign of the Zodiac Virgo.

Libra Man

These men can and even need to make you jealous, but do not need to go too far. To attract the attention of men born under this Sign, it is possible only with the help of an irresistible appearance. Scales – aesthetes to the bone marrow. They adore beauty in all its manifestations, so dare. We’ll have to sweat, because Libra fans a lot. Vices do not attract them, so you have to quit smoking and abuse alcohol. The presence of a fascinating hobby is desirable. Here is how to attract the attention of a man on the sign of the zodiac Libra.

Scorpio man

Your hobbies and interests of the Scorpion man are not interested. Scorpios need honesty, a neat appearance, a mind, and, of course, a huge interest in the physical aspect of love. Scorpios are very attached to their passions, so do not be afraid to be a little more relaxed.

If you overtake the stick in abstinence from bodily love, then Scorpio will leave you, he does not want to run after anyone. Here’s How to attract the attention of a man on the Zodiac Sign Scorpio.

Sagittarius male

Men, born under this Sign, want to see next to him the embodiment of originality, and not just a unique woman. You should have something that you can truly surprise Sagittarius. You should be able to go beyond the comfort zone for the sake of new emotions and not be afraid of anything new. Boring people make Sagittarius withdraw into themselves. These men will not tolerate a single gram of everyday life. Here’s how to attract the attention of men by the Sign of the Zodiac Sagittarius.

Capricorn man

These men do not tolerate reproaches. For them, work is of particular importance. That is why to achieve Capricorn and find the key to the heart of this man will be incredibly difficult. It should be borne in mind that, besides you, he may have a whole bunch of contenders.

You have to either accept the fact that Capricorn is very difficult to please, or you can bury any hopes for success. Sometimes Capricorns descend from heaven to tell you right away that they don’t like you, but this is rare. Flirting with them is dangerous and almost devoid of meaning. Here’s how to attract the attention of a man by the Sign of the Zodiac Capricorn.

Aquarius man

The main problems with Aquarius are emotions. At the stage of acquaintance with these men it is worth being as open as possible, but at the same time keep some intriguing notes. These men need to be surprised, you can not argue here. With Aquarius you will have to keep your ears open, because in the initial stages of dating you may get rejected very unexpectedly.

With them, this stage of attracting attention grows to unprecedented proportions. Want to like Aquarius – do not blame them for anything, surprise and laugh. Here is how to attract the attention of men on the Sign of the Zodiac Aquarius.

Man Fish

Fishes like simple enough. Need to tell them some secret about yourself. This will show them that you can work with you in the long term. Do not immediately disclose all the cards, because in this case, the Pisces men will respect you less. Extend the stage of flirting to make a powerful impression on Pisces’ pride.

With them you can not relax in any case, especially at the beginning. To attract love and success in your life is  possible only through fairness and justice. Men appreciate in women the ability to make friends and understand each other.

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