How many relationships you will have in your life. According to your star sign.


You are open-minded and generally relaxed, which is why you have no trouble meeting other people. It is important for you to have a good time with someone and you are not really a devoted guy.

The stars say that Aries has more relationship in his life than he can imagine. The number of partners is: 7-8. 


The people love about you that you radiate usually a positive energy and things are not so easy to give up. You like to meet new people and you have that certain something that makes others fall in love with you.

Since you do not let everyone get in the way of you and go out for a relationship with most people rather than a relationship, in the end there are not so many relationships in your life. Quality before quantity. The number of your partners is: 4-5. 


Your charm, your communication skills and your playful nature are, in bringing so some hearts melt over your life.

In the way, you could just say that you often have “two faces” and therefore do not really know what you want. What could often confuse your opponent and even hurt you.

But in the end, you always find someone who loves you for who you are. The number of your partners is: 3-5. 


You are highly sensitive and emotional, which is often a blessing but a blessing to the right people. You can only lie badly when it comes to your feelings and you can not pretend that you are someone you are not and the right person will appreciate that in you.

You will not have many relationships in your life, but the ones you will have will be real. The number of your partners will be 2-3 , but these are usually long relationships as well. 


You are someone who is in the circle of friends, at work or in the relationship in the center of attention, which makes it easier for you to meet new people or even attract attention.

Your charm and your self-confidence do the rest to get to know others better. Your positive attitude to life attracts others like magic. Your flirting skills speak for themselves, so it’s no wonder that others literally eat you out of hand.

The number of relationships is quite high and you are not embarrassed because you are convinced of yourself. The number of your partners is 8-9. 


People who were born under this zodiac sign are among the most loyal partners. When you make a relationship, you take nothing for granted, and that’s what makes it so special and unique.

It’s anything but easy to conquer your heart, but if somebody does, it’s a sign to you that this human needs to be special.

You do not have many relationships in your life because it is important to you to be in a stable relationship, rather than jumping from one to the next. The number of your partners is 2-3. 

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