We arrived in February, the carnival is already there, the samba schools are starting to revel, the carnival blocks are full, and last but not least: everyone is already crazy about the busiest and expected holiday of the year! Thinking of madness, and consequently of love – one does not live without the other, right? – we decided to talk about how each sign deals with Carnival loves! Ready for the truth? Keep an eye on the crush sign!


The Arian is the most impulsive sign, he will leave the house to the sound of “I want more is kiss in the mouth,” and will hardly remember the name of the beloved the next day. Sad, but most likely true …


The bullfighter enjoys the party, but not many initiatives. He’s going to be down on the floor if he gets involved with someone, but he’s always going to get that taste of want more. And, in case the roll does not roll, as Paulo Ricardo would say: “For you I leave only my gaze.”


The gemini loses the easy focus, and with so many options in the party then, neither is spoken. If he finds someone fantastic he might even fall in love, but if the person does not hold his attention so much … close to the queue!


The Cancerian will live the love of Carnival thinking that is the love of her life, not for less, for sure it goes to some block “House With Me” dress of bride and all! Hello, bachelorette party?


The leo rattles in the Carnival, are the perfect days to invest in the counts and in the revelry. During the day he can dance to the ground, but at night he searches for his Nala, and all you hear is the song “Can you feel the love tonight?”.


The virgo will stay in his since he is naturally shy, but if he finds someone who is really worth it, he drinks a little, gets loose, and arrives. Are you going to give me a “Hi, do you always come here, sir?” You must know how to enjoy the crowns of shells this year!


No matter which block it goes, it will simply cheer for no repeated crush. It does not hurt to try, but in fact the Librian shoots for all the data, and what has fallen on the net is fish!


The most seductive sign of the zodiac takes advantage of the party in a selective way, if you find someone interesting, most probably the short story will last until after the Carnival. Maybe it’s not dating, is it?


The Sagittarian with his high-spirited way has no difficulty in finding a good company, but it is no use filling the will with empty people. The feeling of emptiness that remains will be filled with food, and then … the diet.


The Capricorn is not a fool, if he paints a scheme he does the painting, but he is never confused about what is reality and what is dream. But, it’s that story, he’s realistic enough to understand that you never know what can happen …


The Aquarian takes advantage of the party, stays with someone known, but with him is that story “take, but not cling.” If someone shows up wanting something more serious, he will leave behind the great carnival excuse “Look, look at the mineral water …”.


The Pisces is so disconnected that he would need to go on a block “Reminds me that I will”. If someone remembers you it’s Carnival – more than just a holiday. He is one of those who live the love of carnival already thinking about dating, marriage, children …

This is personal, Carnival has arrived, the love season has returned, and whatever your sign enjoys, but enjoy it with care. You do not want to get a little frog, do you?

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