Your brain works without interruption and hardly ever pauses. You go through the different scenarios again and again in your head. You are a rational and intelligent person who can draw conclusions quickly. Your friends and your partner especially love that about you.

Your gut feeling is almost never wrong and every time you regret not having listened to it. Your impulsive nature is able to listen to your inner voice, which is why you actually always react immediately to everything that can be both good and bad. Therefore, it is advisable for you to count to 100 in your mind before you react or respond to something.

You start a lot with passion and enthusiasm, but you also give up quickly when there are no quick results. If you are honest, there are many things in your life that you started but never finished.

You are a born “maker” and in most cases a leader. You are not someone sitting on the edge of the field, rather you are an actor around whom the action is centered. You are always one of the first to jump into the fire and thus demonstrate strength and courage.


You have a stubborn and stubborn mindset and there is almost no one who can change your mind. You have it when someone tries to convince you of something or someone who tells you what to do and what to think.

You are someone who can focus strongly on your goal and the reward that can arise on it. Once you start something, there is no holding you back.

A bull is endowed with intelligence at various levels and interpersonal intelligence, also known as emotional intelligence, is the most dominant in the bull. He can read people’s feelings and intentions, which can be of great benefit both for his job and for his private life.

The bull is led by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. That is why he is always looking for better things in life and he is not afraid to work it all out.

He is not a materialistic person, but does not want to be satisfied with less if he knows he deserves more. 


The twin brains are constantly looking for information. That is why his communication skills are so distinctive.

The twin loves reading in someone else’s mind and looking for things that interest him. Also, the twin does not hesitate to give advice to people who know that it also gives them an advantage.

They are open-minded and have no problem changing their minds on certain topics if they have a new perspective on them. They are very adept at figuring out something that no one should know.

In addition, the twin is a master at finding solutions to problems that are not yet, because they guess what could happen.

The twin is intelligent, quick-witted, rhetorically a master and it’s fun to listen to. Her brain is rarely rational, rather it is her sheer imagination that dominates her brain. You never get bored with a twin. 


The cancer literally always has a head-heart conflict and the heart wins every time. Although it is not bad to follow your heart, cancer tends to follow it blindly.

You always want the best for everyone and always make sure that everyone is happy in your area and you often pay a high price for it.

Cancer must find a balance between what it feels and what they know is right.

Take a moment and take a deep breath and think about it before you act the next time. Take care, you also need some of the love and care that you always show to others. 


The lion is always confident and confident and if he gets excited about something, there is no going back. Even if they reach a low point in their lives, they find it a good thing because in the end they learn something from it. The lion is one of the fewest beings who really learn from their setbacks.

They have a strong and confident personality and they dominate most of the conversations they participate in and they (unfortunately) believe that their opinion is always the right one.

In a work environment, this can quickly become complicated with a lion, especially in smaller work groups, which is why it would be advisable for the lion to listen more and speak less. The lion has to learn to work in a team, otherwise it will be difficult to move forward.


Your brain is analytical down to the smallest detail. Whenever the virgin faces a problem in her life, she steps back and tries to look at it from a rational perspective.

That is why she is always the first address in her social environment to go to when you need advice. She can always put herself in the position of a person well and she is in the constitution to question and analyze the whole thing in depth.

She is her own worst critic and always expects more from herself than from others. Life would be much easier for the virgin if she would just sit back and relax every now and then. After all, mistakes are part of life and the best teachers for each of us. 


If we had to choose the most dominant trait of a Libra brain, it would be indecision. There are times in the life of a Libra when even the simplest decisions seem insoluble.

A Libra’s brain is focused on peace, or at least to create peace whenever the situation requires it. She prefers conflict-free situations and at the same time can read people’s emotions.

That is why the scales are always on hand when it comes to mediating or dispelling disputes.

This can be stressful and tiring at times, but it can’t help but be like that. The Libra has to learn that it is not responsible for the actions of other people and should stay away from other people’s wars in order not to break it itself.


The scorpion is passionate, puzzling and has a strong intelligence and all of these and many other characteristics make the scorpion a very mysterious and charismatic person.

If the scorpion decides to do something, it is really difficult and almost impossible to dissuade him. Depending on the project, this can be both negative and positive.

They keep things to themselves and are therefore often puzzling and do not simply open up to people, sometimes not even after years.

You have to earn your trust really hard. But when they open up, there is nothing like it that could be as wonderful as the passion and loyalty of a scorpion. 


In a shooter’s head, it is covenant and positive. That is why they get along well with a wide variety of people. They often feel comfortable in their environment and are never prejudicial.

The shooter is blessed with a delicious sense of humor and can make almost everyone laugh. They never force themselves to do anything, be it a friendship, a relationship, or just a conversation. If it doesn’t fit, then it doesn’t fit, the shooter thinks so easily.

The shooter’s head is also filled with all kinds of ideas. That also includes making life better for yourself and experiencing more adventures.

Sometimes the shooter exaggerates with the adventures, so that they miss many important things in life because they are traveling again and not at home. 


You have high expectations of life and also know that you can achieve everything yourself if you are ambitious enough. You are hardworking and literally get involved in your work, but you are also there for the people who are important to you.

Capricorn is someone who never wants to be dependent on others because they only trust themselves and their abilities when it comes to getting something done.

But they would do anything for the people they care about. They are used to giving a lot and demanding a lot from themselves, which can easily lead to a burnout.

You have to pause from time to time and let others be there for you. Relax and recharge your energy reserves and let yourself be pampered for a change.


You are a profound person. Therefore you have a wide range of interests and hobbies and you always want to learn something new. You are intelligent, but not a bore …

People like to talk to you because you are very insightful and interesting. You always look at the beautiful side of life and your optimism is contagious.

Sometimes, however, it can lead to misunderstandings when you try to express your feelings, because that is not for you.

You are emotionally closed and introverted, which is why you can rarely find the words that could describe your inner being. You should still be working on that, especially if you are in a relationship. 


You are probably the zodiac sign with the highest emotional intelligence. You can read other people’s feelings better than they can. This is also the reason why you can build such strong bonds with others.

You are very creative with everything you do and sometimes you don’t even know how special and unique you really are because you think it is normal to be what you are.

You hate injustice and are not afraid to open your mouth to point out grievances. Art, music and in-depth conversations with people who mean something to you is your way to relax and forget your worries.

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