Everyone has a miserable day and can’t find anything good about them. If you’re in a bad mood, life is crap. Everything looks so gray and you don’t feel like it anymore, do you ?! How do the individual zodiac signs behave when they are in a bad mood? You can find out here!


Oh, the ram is downright dangerous when it is bad! Then he is incredibly moody and insensitive. He plunges into every danger and no risk is too high for him.

The ram is totally moody and selfish in this state – not a pleasant contemporary. You shouldn’t even meet him in this mood, he could look for a fight! Follow us here on Instagram.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

The bull remains with its character and is not very different from its other condition. It could be that you recognize his lousy mood by the fact that he withdraws even more than usual and only hangs limply.

The bull is then of no use and getting him out of it proves to be extremely difficult, because we all know how stubborn a bull can be! Follow us here on Instagram.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

The brash twins are still on the move. If a person with the zodiac sign Gemini is doing badly, then they will remain true to their roots and still seek a lot of contact with other people.

But it may be that they stay away from her more than usual, because the twins are in a bad mood and are extremely pessimistic and judgmental and ultimately nobody likes to endure that all the time. Follow us here on Instagram.


A bad-tempered crab retreats into its hard shell. If you know a cancer well, then you will know about its sensitive soul. A word is quickly mispronounced and offended.

But if he is in a bad way, then this characteristic is strengthened and everything you say hurts him deeply. There can be a violent argument between you if you are close, but it is more likely that he will hide. Follow us here on Instagram.


Oh, the lion: in bad shape he plays like a spoiled toddler. We all know that he is a person who needs a lot of attention and affirmation, but if you’ve never seen a lion in a bad mood, pray that it will never be!

He then demands more attention than ever before. Everything has to revolve around him or else he’ll get you ready to crash. Watch out, if the lion is bad and you don’t bend over it, you will feel all its narrow-mindedness! Follow us here on Instagram.


When a virgin doesn’t feel good, it has a major impact on her self-esteem. She has such high demands and does not feel that she is fair. In such a mood she thinks of herself incredibly badly and hardly gets along with herself.

It lets them out on everyone you meet. If you are unlucky enough to be around them, be prepared for it without being criticized. Follow us here on Instagram.


The otherwise balanced balance becomes completely the opposite when it feels pulled down. Usually she is always for justice and is committed to everyone else.

But now she is a different person: she takes advantage of the people around her and leads them around by the nose. It’s almost like she feels better by treating others so meanly. Follow us here on Instagram.


The properties of the scorpion also become stronger as soon as it is in a bad mood: it becomes obnoxious and tries to control everything and everyone. Especially the people who are close to him feel his mood swings.

He will make exaggerated accusations and mistrust them the worst. Be careful if you call a scorpion your friend! Follow us here on Instagram.


Fortunately, the shooter is not so mean to his loved ones when he is in a bad mood. But he will also blow air and pull others down. He then likes to start a tangible conflict and discuss for hours. So in this case, better pull away from him and give him time to cool down. Follow us here on Instagram.


When the Capricorn has a bad day, nobody around him has anything to laugh about. The Capricorn completely overlooks the good in this mood and is completely focused on what doesn’t work.

Everything and everyone is bad in his eyes and he has to tell everyone that. Capricorn in a bad mood can be really annoying! Follow us here on Instagram.


The otherwise so hopeful Aquarius is a completely different person in a bad mood. He pulls his friends down and breaks everything that is good around him.

If you are close to an Aquarius, you should bring him to better thoughts as soon as possible, because he is extremely harming himself and others! Follow us here on Instagram.


Oh, how annoying a whining fish can be! Other zodiac signs convert the negative energy in them into anger and are mean. A fish, on the other hand, becomes a small pile of misery that no one can see.

He makes life difficult for everyone around him because nobody wants to listen to him and his whine. He is extremely sorry for himself in this phase and nobody can bear that for a long time! Follow us here on Instagram.

Bad moods are really hard to bear! How good that you now know how the individual zodiac signs express themselves when they are in a bad mood. This can help you recognize the next time your boyfriend or girlfriend is pushing a depri.

Try to get people out of this phase quickly, because they are not themselves and if you fail to do so, pull back and wait. At some point everyone gets back on their feet.

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