Everyone expresses their feelings differently, particularly when they’re in love or involved in a romantic relationship. That’s why it can be so hard to figure out whether someone has a crush on you. But you may be able to use astrology to discern if the object of your affection is feeling the love right back. You can glean a lot from how each zodiac sign expresses love, and you may even be able to even use astrology to find out how good your potential paramour is in bed, how great they are at making out, or if you’re even compatible beyond the physical realm.

Maybe you’re already in a relationship and want to know if your partner is coming close to saying “I love you.” Perhaps you’ve been lusting over a friend, and you want to see if they reciprocate your attraction. Whatever the case may be, you’ll learn a lot by brushing up on how different zodiac signs act when they’re in love.

Aries Have A More Traditional Approach

Even though Aries is the youngest sign in the zodiac, they’re the most old-fashioned in the way they show their love. If you catch an Aries’s eye, they’re going to court you in a very traditional way: they want to spend a lot of time with their partners and expect the same in return. It’s important for an Aries to remember to take time for themselves to avoid suffocating their partner with attention and to work in a little “me time,” which is necessary for this independent sign. Aries pair well with most signs in the short term, but in the long term, this sign often requires a partner who understands their emotional outbursts and has lots of patience.

Tauruses Tells Everyone About Their Love Interest—Except Their Love Interest

If you’re into a Taurus, you might be the last to know if they reciprocate those feelings. A Taurus will tell everyone else they’re into someone before they ever tell the actual object of their affections. Tauruses may seem composed and put together on the outside, but on the inside they’re hopeless romantics searching for a stable, sensitive partner. They tend to be kind, but kindness does not equal weakness, and a Taurus certainly has standards for their beau. Creating a comfortable, stable home and relationship with a partner is incredibly important to this sign; while some may find this quality boring, Tauruses see adventure in stability.

Geminis Are Dedicated, But Only To The Right Person

Geminis have a reputation for being flighty, but once they find the right match, they value the adventure they find within a relationship. Once they commit to a partner, they’re incredibly selfless and generous people. Geminis are naturally charming and sociable; they love making other people happy, and that extends to their romantic partners tenfold. Geminis want to share experiences with new lovers and appreciate a little variety in a relationship. They may not be very in touch with their emotions, but once a Gemini trusts you, they’ll open up.

Cancers Want Commitment

Cancers are very emotional people, and they take romance pretty seriously. More than anything, Cancers desire a trustworthy mate who’s down to go out with them but also curl up on the couch. This sign is empathetic and highly in tune with other’s emotions, but they’re temperamental—they require a partner who understands their mood swings. Cancers may have a lot of crushes, but they’re sincere about falling in love. Water and Earth signs tend to offer Cancers the stability they need, while Fire signs may prove a little risky.

Leos Love To Brag About Their Significant Other

Leos are charismatic, and they love being the center of attention, but their love of the spotlight is often seen as narcissistic. This flamboyant sign will brag about their romantic partners to just about anyone who will listen; they’re into you, so you must be great by association. They’ll extoll the virtues of your talents, your looks, your personality, and they’ll talk you up to just about everyone. Leos love drama, and spoiling tends to be the name of the game in their romantic relationships. They expect the attention they laud onto their love interest to be given right back.

Virgos Play It Cool

Virgos are more into thinking with the head than with the heart, so they tend to evaluate their partners closely, paying attention to every small detail. This quality can make casual dating difficult for Virgos, because they may be critical of any miniscule misstep. Virgos are a rational sign, but that rationality may go out the window if they’re super into you; there’s a certain child-like innocence to a Virgo that makes them love being swept off their feet. They can easily fall for a “fixer-upper,” or someone who depends on their advice and encouragement, but ultimately leaves the Virgo feeling unsupported.

Libras Make You The Focus Of Their Charm

Libras come in hard and fast with the charm offensive. They’ll shower you with attention and use their charisma to make you feel like the only person in the room. You’ll be their sole focus and they’ll do everything in their power to make you fall in love with them. Libras work hard to capture their romantic partner’s attention and make themselves as attractive as possible. However, Libras carefully deliberate whether their partner is the right match and is one of the only signs that may require an ultimatum in love—people often wonder why Libras take so long to settle down, and it’s largely because they’re so indecisive.

Scorpios Are Scared Of Love, But Only In The Beginning

Scorpios have a reputation for being a little, how do we say, psychotic. However, the key to dating a Scorpio is remembering that they’re all about intense bonding and affection. This sign has a tendency to be terrified of love initially because they know they’ll get lost in it. They may appear mysterious at the beginning of the courting process because they don’t want to be vulnerable. After they grow more comfortable though, they become very invested in their partners and may even overwhelm them with their intense energy.

Sagittarians Don’t Settle Easily

When a Sagittarius falls for another person, they fall hard. This sign is ruled by both animal instincts and an enjoyment of interesting conversation. Highly sensual, Sagittarians requires a partner who loves adventure as well as imagination. A Sag romance can be very fiery in the beginning as this sign may create a fantasy world around a new pairing, which fizzles out as the relationship is forced to deal with the more practical aspects of love. A Sagittarius professing their feelings is usually incredibly sincere, as this sign is typically forthcoming about whether they’re interested in a fling or looking for something more.

Capricorns Are Reserved And Realistic

Capricorns can be incredibly romantic, but as in most areas of their lives, they’re not about to jump into something without thinking it through. Before they’re sure their feelings will be reciprocated, they can appear very reserved. They’ll hold their love interest at a distance before they’re comfortable showing their romantic intentions, as they don’t want to appear too vulnerable. Capricorns are realistic, often to a fault, but it means that they understand no one is perfect and are willing to work together for the greater good of the partnership. When a Cap’s walls finally come down, this sign can be incredibly loving, tender and romantic as hell.

Aquarians Hide Their Feelings

Aquarians have a reputation for being stand-offish and aloof when it comes to romance. They’re not likely to shout from the rooftops about the objects of their affection; instead they’ll act calm, cool, and collected about love and commitment—at least on the outside. Aquarians may be a little neurotic in evaluating their partners, as they’re always searching for their true soulmate. Partners may become frustrated that an Aquarius seems to be more concerned about the good of humankind rather than being focused on the indvidual romantic partner. The wonderful thing about dating an Aquarius is that, because they’re likely to hide their emotions, if they tell you they’re into you, they’re likely 100% sure about it.

Pisces Love Communication

Pisces are often the victims of their own overwhelming emotion and can vacillate back and forth on how they’re feeling, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Pisces may be extremely passionate, but this quality sometimes leads to drama, on which this sign secretly, or maybe not so secretly, thrives. Pisces are typically into self-identified tortured souls (see: Scorpios) who require their compassion and understanding. It’s important for this sign to remember to assert themselves and let their partner know how they’re feeling.

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