Astrology guides and helps us to effectively understand the nature of our character, human needs and the actions associated with a person and their identity. Next we will see how women are according to the sign of the zodiac and we will analyze their personality and character. 

They are enthusiastic, active and passionate women. They are enterprising and usually take the initiative to position themselves as leaders. A negative feature is his lack of patience. They do not like routine either. Whoever is by his side must be willing to challenge and distract her at the same time. 

They are fighters, affective, reliable, ambitious, realistic and calm. They appreciate the security that people can provide. As for her feelings, although she is not an easy woman to conquer, when she falls in love she does so in a lasting way. They do not like changes or crazy challenges, prefer the tranquility of the predictable. They are stubborn and stubborn, so it will be difficult to change their minds. 

They are communicative, frank and changing. Intelligent women with a curious nature, so they will often be sociable and friendly. A defect is their lack of patience and perseverance, although they have a great ability of intuition and subtlety. 

The natives of Cancer are especially perceptive, intelligent, sensitive and calm. They know how to recognize the value of friendship, but they relate only to the people they trust. Of the others they protect themselves with their carapace. Sometimes they are susceptible, inconstant and even capricious. In contrast, they are usually responsible and have clear objectives. 


Leo’swife possesses leadership skills. They are ambitious and their goal never deviates from the goal. They are characterized by being vital, insightful, competent, frankly sincere; sometimes proud and vain. They are always very concerned about their social prestige. 

Virgo She
is a practical woman, as well as reserved and flexible. They always seek to be happy, although their perfectionist instinct sometimes depresses them. They have great intellectual capacities and multilingual facilities, as well as a great discernment on topics of different kinds. 

They are diplomatic and seductive women, but above all with a great human value. Always seeking good judgment and harmony, they tend to respect social laws and also to take care of the rights of others. 

The Scorpio woman assumes and defends her courage. Scorpio is defined by its ability to recover from the worst circumstances, at the same time to be reserved and imposed with his attitude quickly wins the respect of others. 

Sagittarius women are characterized by being radiant companions and lovers of their spirit of freedom. They are tenacious examiners, they have the need to learn everything. They also tend to be clumsy in some circumstances, having no filters when they speak. In this way, they can get to express the worst things very naturally, without noticing the power of their words. 

They are serious, responsible, hardworking, introverted, reflective and realistic. All must prove it for themselves, to be rational, analytical and concrete people. They never improvise and tend to plan each step in detail. 

natives are imaginative, creative and always in unwavering movement. They are liberal and provocative women, sometimes also absorbing and very obstinate. As for their tastes, they are really eccentric. These positive and firm women possess a great intellectual magnetism. 

Dreamy and compassionate women, often take refuge in their fantasy inner world to escape the harsh reality. Thanks to their sensitivity they manage to connect with the environment and capture the restlessness of others. 

They are influential, understanding and humanitarian, other people’s concerns.

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