There are times when you just want to be alone. We humans tend to think of people who like to be alone as if something is wrong with them, but that is not always true. When someone distances themselves or closes itself. Then there are always good reasons. And the zodiac signs can tell us who tends to want to be alone.

There are many reasons why someone isolates themselves from other people. Perhaps it is grief and you want to process it in peace or you are generally not interested in being in contact with many people.

Taking a break after a painful experience is often a good idea.

It is said that if you take a break from everything, there are fewer distractions so that you can concentrate fully on yourself. Such a break can take you further and make you more productive.


If the ram has suffered a severe loss, he will feel the need to take some time off, not only to recover from it, but not to burden others with his mood. The ram can then really go into hiding and we cannot respond to calls, messages or visits.

Since the ram is very impulsive, it can react irritably to small things during such a time, which is why it prefers to withdraw so as not to injure others unnecessarily. As soon as he feels better again, he has the courage to apologize to those whom he neglected for no reason during this time. 


Part of the process of how the bull processes feelings is often to spend some time alone with yourself. When there is a deeper change in a bull’s life, it can isolate itself by breaking all social contacts.

If the bull is at a point in his life where he feels the need to move away from certain people, then he won’t do great planning. He’ll probably only stay where he is, at home. And he will see to it that his message arrives, namely that “No one is welcome in my life at the moment”. 


The twin tends to be very careful and if he is disappointed or hurt then he will take some time out. If you can, then somewhere in the country in the beautiful and secluded nature.

They love to be in nature, alone with their thoughts and the sounds of nature. Twins love to be with people, but at certain stages of their lives they are burned out and tired and need a break from other people.


When cancer experiences a hard setback in its life, its instinct tells it to take a break and to retreat. Then the crab pulls back into his house like a crab.

However, it would be very surprising if the cancer retreated to total loneliness as it still needs someone to entrust everything to. A caregiver always needs cancer in phases when he is looking for a break. 


As confident and powerful as a lion is, he too has his insecurities and dark moments in life. Since they usually represent the focal point in almost every circle of friends, it is all the more surprising when the lion takes a break to focus on his own healing.

Then it is the case that the lion has to distance itself a little from the world in order to be able to think clearly again, if only for a short time. Those are the moments when the lion gives up his leadership position and only concentrates on himself. 


If the virgin feels constricted, the virgin will distance herself and need some time out. And the virgin is not one of the people who do things halfway when she takes a break, then 101%. Then it is really not accessible to anyone.

Nobody really knows what the virgin thinks, so nobody really knows your motives for the time out. Whatever she does, it is carefully planned, well thought out and always exactly what she needs. 

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