Horoscope of the wife. Find out what you are! I am Gemini and my characteristic coincided 98%! The truth is that the zodiac sign very much affects the character of a person and the personality as a whole. 
Experienced people just need to look at the habits and manner of communication of a person and you can easily determine which constellation protects him.

Today we bring to your attention a very unusual horoscope of the wife. Find out how a woman will behave after marriage. Well, or check yourself or your friends. I am Gemini and my characteristic coincided 98%! You can always find more useful articles, interesting tests on our website .

Aries is a weak woman with a strong character

Aries woman is guided by a strong will, but can become irrational) romantic, unpredictable at any time. She starts novels periodically, out of curiosity, for the sake of variety or from excess of strength. In marriage, for the same reason, makes lovers. When she wants to attract attention, she does it on the principle of a lamp burning in the dark, brightly and slightly over the edge. All moths just burst into its light. But others may not like such a turn. This can play a trick on her. They say “She climbs ahead.”

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She is upright and straightforward, active and assertive. If he wants his own, then he acts directly, decisively. She wants to like her without a penance and various female tricks, but just like that. For beautiful eyes, Aries Woman will be active and natural in her personal life. She will not hide her likes and dislikes and may be the first to declare her love. Weak men fly to her like butterflies in the light. The strong ones will have to fight with her, but you can rely on her.

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Aries woman can be both a feminist and a woman-hater, but she is never a hypocrite and does not stoop to small squabbles. If she decides to “live a man’s life”, she brings sorrow to herself and others, and then her husband is a weak-willed errand creature, and happiness no. When she’s already “unbearable”, it is as easy for her to go down the aisle as not to commit this act. She has too many deeds and desires. Marriage with Aries is not uncommon. Aries also get along with Lions and Sagittarius. One drawback in these relationships: quickly flare up, quickly go out. But marriage is so good if it is not the first.

When an Aries woman thinks of a family with Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, then a common language is easy. Spouses will remain friends, associates, partners for a long time. A marriage with Capricorn and Cancer is obtained if the man immediately agrees to take part of household chores, which, as a rule, happens. Marriages with Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio can not be explained in two words. They are rare but happen. Aries woman is a good mother, a faithful wife, while she loves, because every time she idealizes a man, family, marriage and all that jazz. And to each her husband she gives birth to a child. This woman is able to fend for herself, her husband, children and family. She is a mistress in the sense that she is a mistress in her house and the keeper of the hearth. Keeping a beautiful Aries woman close to her is difficult. Firstly, because of the spirit of competitiveness, and secondly, it always needs to be consistent with it. She must somehow recognize the superiority of men in order to submit to him. If a man is not a fool, he will direct her energy into a peaceful channel and give her reasonable freedom. Otherwise, she will take it herself, without asking.

Aries woman should feel like a person, the center of everything. She knows how to achieve her goal, overtake a hesitant male representative at a bend. An unrealized Aries woman is dangerous and unhappy at the same time. Trust and honesty in relation to it are required. And you need to quarrel with her periodically, but on minor issues. This gives a taste to marriage and keeps blood from stagnating. The spirit of competition is manifested in it not only in work, communication, but also in clothing. But by and large, for her it is always more important not how the person is dressed, but what he is.

Taurus – Mistress of the Copper Mountain

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The Taurus woman is jealous, treats a man as her property. Cheating does not forgive, because it idealizes life and tries to live by the rules and laws of decency. It is distinguished by great obstinacy and wishes to exist in accordance with its internal law. A sense of duty towards loved ones is her indispensable character trait. For the same reason, she is afraid of sudden life turns and is on guard of stability. The Taurus woman is looking for a reliable, wealthy man and agrees to devote her life to him. She will not buy promises alone, she will not perform feats in the name of a brighter future.

The Taurus woman herself knows how to be a worthy friend, a good housewife, a faithful wife, and a demanding mother. This talent is given to her from birth. And she also knows how to save and accumulate, preserve and protect, comfort and inspire a man to act. She is attracted to real men, courageous and reliable. She knows how to create coziness, housekeeping and like, as if she was born specifically for family life and love. You should immediately warn her of marriage with Leo, Aries and Gemini, too much statistics of divorces is disappointing. The classic case is a marriage with a man-Aquarius. There are a lot of examples. Women Taurus get along well with men of their own sign.

Gemini – The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Gemini women have a female heart, but a male mind. They understand male logic. Everything can be explained to them in words. But such duality carries a contradiction and, as a consequence, nervousness. Gemini women are easy on sex and marriage. Twin women also come into contact with men at ease. They are ready to try a lot of options before deciding on the most acceptable. They are mobile in communication, smart, cheerful, cheerful, witty, easily go on adventures. Therefore, in the family, Gemini women are not only wives, mistresses and mistresses, but also friends and leaders of their men.

Zodiac signs

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They show business qualities without difficulty and prefer to achieve their goals with their own efforts, not hoping for providence and fortune. Twin women easily imitate, imitate, show strong-willed character traits and are ready to fight for their happiness. ABOUT

nor love ears, but appreciate practicality and the ability to keep abreast of events. They are attracted by bright and unusual actions, the courtship process itself. Twin women love guests, trips, variety. You will not get bored with them, but they also do not like to miss.

Gemini women agree to admit that there is something in astrology, but men will be chosen at their discretion: democratic, practical and carefree. And no one will be denied attention. The main thing is to be smart and consistent … Formalization of relations in this case is the key to success. Maybe, by modern standards, this is for the better. But one thing is easy flirting, and another when relationships take on depth. Here the Gemini is just none. It is difficult for them to establish a deep emotional contact with a partner. Not that they don’t want it. They just do not understand what is at stake. Twin women should be aware of this disadvantage or advantage (it all depends on the outlook on the situation). Yes, and their cavaliers will not hurt to have information on this subject, so as not to demand from their beloved that it cannot.

Gemini women get along well with their own sign. Quickly and cheerfully they form couples with Aries. With Gemini, relations with Gemini develop naturally, they complement each other. Often a successful business relationship arises in such a pair. I want to warn about marriages with men of the water element. This is just the case when the logic of the mind and the illogicality of feelings will be in an unbalanced state, and this is almost always a misunderstanding and resentment.

Cancer – The Princess and the Pea

Cancer Woman is a delicate, sensitive nature, although she hides it. He knows a lot about marriage and was born for family life. He can take on various social roles, but he will never sacrifice them for personal and family well-being. In choosing a man, as in life in general, she is pragmatic and carefully chooses her husband, despite all her ephemerality and dreaminess. Woman Cancer is often a mystery to a man who is used to think with his head and operate on facts and does not pay attention to the subtle nuances of relationships.

Zodiac signs

Cancer Woman is characterized by significant changes in her mood and, oddly enough, is very practical in life’s realities: in relation to marriage, family, domestic problems, property, housing issues. Classical astrology claims that Cancer women are subject to the influence of the female planet itself – the Moon. This luminary just gives them the named qualities. She is an adherent of peace and harmony, family traditions and values. Combines severity and romance, intelligence and feeling. This is a good and caring mother, a faithful wife. In such a woman, a sense of duty is highly developed. Her family and home often come first.

Cancer Women actually firmly know what they want from life and from their chosen ones. This woman chooses a man who can be relied upon to provide for her. Therefore, her marriages with strong representatives of the stronger sex are not uncommon, despite the fact that Gemini, Libra and Aquarius simply do not understand her emotional life, and Aries, Leo and Sagittarius cannot explain her actions.

Lion – Vanity Fair

The Lion Woman is well aware of the difference between love, sex and marriage. She is ready to immediately establish partnerships with a man and makes high demands on the male tribe. The female Lion herself is not going to give up without a fight the first place in social competitions with men, spoiling them a fair amount of blood and nerves. Having achieved the desired, the female Leo calms down, because, despite all her volitional qualities, a secured and predictable existence will come, which, as you know, cannot be built in continuous battles for personal well-being

Zodiac signs

The Leo woman loves social life, entertainment, wealth, strives for a high position and leadership role. Loves being in the spotlight or in a leadership position. She is quite pragmatic, realistic, energetic and conceited.

A female Leo has a developed will, can stand up for herself, her family and her ideas about life. Her attitude towards children can be a reference if she has the intention of having children. Possessing great internal energy and ambitions, the female Leo cannot fully realize herself in the family, therefore she will strive for an active life outside the home – at work, in sports, anywhere. She often crushes her husband for herself and takes control of all family affairs into her own hands. As a rule, this is how unhappy families arise.

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A female lion chooses either a strong man endowed with power and wealth, or someone who is easily pushed around. She does not show any special astrological predilections, because, as already noted, she never commits a marriage act spontaneously, at the call of her heart or because of a whim. In addition, it easily formalizes relations based on the common benefits and convenience of coexistence. Self-esteem, the nobility of the soul helps her to emerge with dignity from various life situations. If such a woman is endowed with high inner ideals, then it can serve as a decoration for any society.

Virgo – a silent backwater

It has a calm, even character. She is equally characterized by a sense of duty to loved ones and compassion for the weak. This is an exemplary mistress, she is hardworking, economical, diligent, always ready to help. Practicality and realism prevent her from losing ground. However, the Virgo woman does not seek career or fame and is ready to sacrifice all these social changeling for the sake of family and home happiness. She begets children reluctantly, but will raise them biased.

Woman Virgo is either very neat or a sloven. Either aspiring to ideals, or immersed headlong into the routine of life. It is more a moral pattern than its opposite. Usually it keeps the house in perfect order and lives by the legitimate rules. The Virgo woman is emotionally restrained, often indecisive, plans love, and takes things on their own. This person is of a fine spiritual organization, and she can be offended by a careless word.

The Virgo woman trusts the mind on an equal footing with her heart. Therefore, she feels more than others her insecurity and the gap between the desired and the real. To cope with this psychological misfortune, she tries to occupy herself with chores, cares, duties that are endless and permanent. The Virgo woman is modest, shy, but often forgets about it. She chooses a husband who meets her requirements and perceptions. And therefore, often disappointed in men.

Libra – The Snow Queen

Libra woman combines ephemerality, gentleness, courtesy and rigidity, strong-willed and fighting qualities. Usually this is a beautiful, thin, attractive person. However, unemotionality and some arrogance – this is a woman-Libra inherent. She highly values ​​herself and is created for a secular, uncomplicated, optional life. Libra woman loves pleasant communication, comfort, she is not adapted to serious physical and mental stress. The future spouse should know this and protect her beloved from sudden changes and adversities.

Zodiac signs

The Libra woman has a developed sense of beauty, but she may seem cold and distant. This makes her look like the Snow Queen from a famous fairy tale. She has the art of liking, because she is also under the auspices of the planet of feminine beauty and beauty in general – Venus. Around her are always spinning men. She may be the standard of female beauty. However, she, showing friendliness and conformity, confuses love and a good attitude towards herself. The adult Libra woman begins early. She chooses a husband for herself and marries repeatedly.

Scorpio – a witch in the community

Do not flatter yourself that you got a woman sensual, mysterious, modest, plastic, affectionate. Every coin has two sides. And your gentle doll, by the way, can stand up for itself. Her inner emotional life is rich, saturated. She has a strong character, a tender heart and a purposeful mind. No offense to himself. She is emotional and romantic in her personal life, but this does not prevent her from being practical in business and work.

Blonde Scorpio women are strikingly reminiscent of Devs, but they also have their original qualities and habits.

Zodiac signs

A Scorpio woman can simultaneously show a female character and show strong-willed qualities. She would have to spend her energy outside the house and preferably for peaceful purposes. Women of this type are endowed with special flair and intuition. Scorpio instinctively knows who her chosen one is. The fresh cavalier herself chooses a man for herself only vaguely assumes something regarding future prospects, and our villain sees in advance what will be and how she will deal with him. She is not particularly mistaken in evaluating men. Scorpiohi are jealous to madness.

A Scorpio woman can influence her man with female charms quite effectively. He doesn’t have to be there for this, her thoughts about it are enough. Cleopatra pushes proud Anthony like a boy, and does not part with her poisonous snakes. The Queen of Sheba is not afraid to challenge Solomon himself. Margarita in love, better than the Master himself, knows what he needs, and is ready for him in the fire and in the water. The queen of the night, Shahrazad, fools a dull and voluptuous lover, Shahriyar, for a thousand and one nights. Everything gets away with her. In the improvised salon of our madame, tales full of romance, adventure, mystery and eroticism sound. She is a witch, I’ll tell you a secret.

The one who leads friendship with the devil and flies on a broomstick on holidays. Conspiracies, curses, herbal treatments – all in its part. It attracts men to itself like a magnet or, on the contrary, repels them right away. This is due to the sensory fluids that come from it. She is like a vampire, but she is not to blame for this, since she is a vampire from birth. Fatal fatal beauty is about her! Poison and eat. Like a black widow spider eating her lover after a night of love.

Scorpiohi get along with Aries and Capricorn. Such a couple is not only a family, but also a small creative team. Taurus Man is clearly not the hero of her novel. But Rakov should be paid close attention. Two Scorpions, like two spiders, do not live in the same family bank. But with Pisces – very much so. These are soul mates. Virgo and Gemini are too logical and unemotional for her. The same can be said of Libra and Aquarius. They live in different worlds, there’s nothing to be done. A difficult relationship with Scorpio and Sagittarius. In general, her marriage to men of fire signs always sparks creativity. The Scorpio woman is a lover and a fighting friend, a virtuous wife and a bacchanal.

Living with a Scorpio woman under one roof is to warm a snake on her chest. The warmed viper is faithful, sensual, caring, ready to follow your loved one both in grief and in joy. And all this as long as there is love and fidelity. It is foolish to blame a poisonous snake for poisonousness. After all, poison is not only poison, but also a medicine. A man who understands this, can become happy with his from the swearing.

A Scorpio woman wants to be wholly owned by a man and simultaneously command them. Call on her virtues, and then your sweetheart will be a gift for you, not a punishment. Deserve her love. And she will answer your love with a stream of feelings of the highest standard.

Sagittarius – Amazon in the home interior

Sagittarius women do not play dolls in childhood, but prefer to run with the boys, climb trees and fences, knock down their knees and remain their boyfriend until marriage, if, of course, it does. Before others, they recognize the taste of a kiss, lipstick and the smell of tobacco. Not out of malice to bring to the grave of parents, but out of simple curiosity or for company.

Zodiac signs

Sagittarius woman loves entertainment, feasts, hiking, dancing, outdoor sports, loves society, does not like other women. She, in general, does not hide that she would like to be born a man. In any case, he will keep himself equal with men. She is an Amazonian: jump on a horse, pull a bowstring. It is precisely such persons who are described in detail by a classic of Russian literature: a horse will stop racing, it will enter a burning hut …

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She supports the women’s rights movement, but is in no hurry to join the ranks of feminists or organized lesbians. She knows: there are still women who love quiet family joys, for example, peeling potatoes, and is not going to protect everyone in a crowd from male arbitrariness in the battles for equality. For her, personal freedom and independence obtained with her own hands is more important than a hypothetical struggle for common female ideals.

A Sagittarius woman has to parachute from time to time, run, ride horses, and ski. Preferred rapier combat, terrain orientation, shooting at live targets. Then she will have a good mood, a wonderful appetite and a healthy complexion. Not every man is suitable for the role of husband for the Archer. She herself prefers to choose a gentleman, and is inclined to command her husband.

The blue stocking, always busy, awkward commander finds himself a soft-hearted husband and is equal in spirit and beliefs to a man. But this spouse will then wash the diapers, cook dinners and run around the shops and ask: “Where have you been ?! Again, I was late at work ?! ”If she was planning to get married, get married, but don’t get married … A Sagittarius woman is a keen person, she doesn’t need to fall in love at first sight or make enemies because of naive simple-heartedness and unwomanly manners.

She refers to marriage without trepidation and longing. Archery jumps out early to get married, gives birth quickly, soon learns how much a pound of family life is, and does not learn well from his mistakes. She enters into a state of marriage easily and naturally. For example, meeting with her husband on the beach, a party, while climbing to the top, and begins a family life right away – wherever he stands. She is ready to treat sex as sports, bodybuilding, shaping and tourism.

The Sagittarius woman is not inclined to bind herself and impose responsibility. Her parents are often divorced, and her own family life is full of surprises. She is not ready for the feat of the mother heroine. Monotony, including family life, she suffers painfully. A sense of freedom is necessary for her like air.

The Sagittarius woman will remain with the man if she knows that she can leave him at any moment. Her household is tight, and not because of laziness, dislike for the family, or indifference to children, but purely astrologically. Sagittarius-housewife – a miserable sight, unnatural and short-lived. Her children are often raised by grandmothers. By the number of these (both children and grandmothers), you can determine the number of her marriages. Having quickly gone to marriage, she just as quickly leaves it. When youthful enthusiasm subsides, and age requires to be hidden, the Sagittarius woman always has something to remember.

A smart man will not allow his warrior to spend days in communication with pots – she will not tolerate and will leave for another. The husband must give her freedom, free from routine and, of course, archive idealistic ideas about what the keeper of the hearth should be like (kitchen, children, church). If she wants to get a dog, she must agree, choosing the best of many evils.

Life for a Sagittarius woman is not limited to cuisine, children and the church. There are so many interesting things in the world and such a variety of temptations – in cinema, sports, modeling, on stage. How not to try? And she is not sitting at home, trying. Sagittarius women do not show astrological preferences. One thing is for sure: they choose husbands themselves and do it periodically. she will begin to judge by what he did in life, and in appearance: how dressed, trimmed, which tie he chose. Completeness, restraint, modesty, traditionality are inherent in her like no one else.

Capricorn – Carnegie in a skirt

One of the symbols of Capricorn is the image of the bride. So the Capricorn girl is more than others full of the expectations of a worthy man, plans for the future, forebodings and fears. She can sit up in girls because …

A. Long chooses. It is difficult for her to please, her husband must meet her dreams, be a person and have, if not merit and status in society, then the prospects for all this. And then she will selflessly help him achieve victory, live by his deeds and successes, perceiving them as his own, or she will set the desired goal for her husband.

B. She is not averse to achieving something in life with her own hands, and then the family and husband are just an obstacle to the goal. She is a reliable wife, hardworking, honest, economic, but all this needs to be earned and maintained every day, in accordance with her ideas. But while she is a wife, the man is washed, fed, washed and knows what to do and why.

Zodiac signs

The Capricorn woman, and without studying Carnegie, is easily oriented in household psychology. If she wants to influence her husband and the sheepskin is worth the candle, she will smile, call by name, listen to his problems, explain why her husband should be fine with her … She is a demanding mother, she keeps children strict, takes care of their education, upbringing and prospects.

Maybe the child will not have enough love and affection, but the psychological mood in which he grows will make his fate meaningful and effective.

Her marriages with Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus are successful. Bad, but not boring, marriage to Cancer. Nice, but boring – with Capricorn. However, the Capricorn woman does not look for easy ways and prefers to marry difficult partners in order to torment herself with a “real” man. So, marriage with Gemini is very common. Relations with Leo, Aries and Libra are even more complicated. Sagittarius husbands are not recommended. The attraction and the psychological gap between people are too great.

But there are plenty of such marriages. A similar picture is with the Aquarius husbands. Think it over! What do you want – family happiness or a family career with a promising cowboy? You will begin to sculpt something from it to your taste, and all that he needs from you is comfort and dryness! .. Hardworking, purposeful and prudent Capricorn not immediately, but succeeds. If desired, the Capricorn woman can take place in any profession.

Hero’s career and politics are also on her shoulder. She can equally use her own talents, connections and business skills. Capricorns are strict in everyday life. Common sense, a sense of taste gives this woman a special charm.

Aquarius – the mystery of nature

Aquarius is a mysterious sign, and the Aquarius woman is even more so. It is difficult to understand her, she herself does not understand. Her actions are unpredictable, her words are unexpected, her thoughts are unusual. Her men are also exotic. For example, a plastic surgery victim, an Arab sheikh or a homosexual. The Aquarius woman is ready to close her eyes to a lot, but her chosen one should be a person, and preferably a Person with a capital letter.

Zodiac signs

The Aquarius woman does not give in to difficulties and is not afraid of male work. She is easy-going and easy to talk to. However, it is always unpredictable and original. For example, the model of “Playboy” Nicole Wood has three treasured dreams at once that clearly characterize the nature of a young girl. Without a doubt, to make a career, it is imperative to have a house, family and children and … fly on a fighter.

Aquarius woman is an independent, independent, sociable, optimistic nature. This is always of interest to men. She has a developed mind and wit. Always comes to the rescue, sympathizes and tries to understand. Friendliness and goodwill are characteristic of her.

The Aquarius woman easily falls in love and suffers from male selfishness. Confuses friendship with love, from which there are many disappointments. With men, he can be in a very strange relationship and marries by calculation, conviction and out of curiosity. He does not like prejudice and bigotry, does not recognize the monotony in his personal life.

She is also an idealist. Marries many times. The institution of marriage is an anachronism. With this statement, sooner or later, any Aquarius woman will agree. The average Aquarius is married at least twice or dispenses with this disgrace at all. The recent scandal, in the center of which was the Princess of Monaco Carolina, only confirms the ephemeral relationship with men. My husband was again caught with his mistress …

The satirist said that many people more carefully choose shoes in the store than their life partner. The ease with which this girl marries is amazing. The fact is that the Aquarius woman does not marry a man, but an image that she created for herself. Moreover, her freedom-loving nature and non-trivial outlook on life are little used in family life.

Aquarius woman needs to look for a man who looks at the world through her eyes, choose her husband according to her interests and do one thing with him. First of all, you need to opt for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. But in this case, too, something chaotic and unsystematic is obtained. But once at a time is not necessary. Relatively successful marriage to Libra. Things are great with Sagittarius. With Lions, everything is not easy. Pitiful stories with the Virgin.

Pisces – a Turgenev woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Woman-Pisces is a woman with a feminine character and often the standard of beauty. If she doesn’t take her appearance, she will take her inner beauty. According to public opinion polls, Ornella Muti is the most beautiful woman in Italy for a year in a row. The beauty of the Soviet screen, Irina Alferova and the sex symbol of America Elizabeth Taylor only confirm what was said.

Zodiac signs

Along with the female Scorpions, Pisces are the best actresses. This is largely due to obedience, suggestibility, a plastic psyche and deep emotionality. This is a tender heart: a lot of feelings, a little logic. The Pisces woman trusts her subconscious and heart more than the arguments of reason. This creature is ephemeral, unearthly and attractive. The great suggestibility and ability to mimic it allows her to play many social roles and act in various roles – from a champion of morality to a woman who is not inclined to Follow morality. She is amorous and often makes sacrifices for her beloved.

Woman-Pisces lives by faith, hope and love, although in everyday life it is imperceptible. Often deceived in their expectations and fall under the influence of others. The fish are caring, always ready to sympathize. They will provide emotional support, will enter the situation. Any male can feel like a man next to such a woman. Therefore, Pisces are successful in men. But they themselves do not remain in debt. This wife is not very faithful, but very good. So is mother. Usually finds his happiness in the family. Her fate is greatly influenced by a man who is nearby.

Her life depends on what her chosen one is. “She fell in love with him for torment,” is also a common situation in Pisces. A small will and dependence on irrational thoughts makes them easy prey for crooks. They attract male parasites and losers of all stripes. Compassion leads to the fact that the “martyr” is gradually turning into a tormentor. In life, Pisces often have to suffer. But they know how to suffer.

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Pisces woman needs a person to lean on, who would show her clear guidelines. A positive man exerts the necessary influence on her, and she will go hand in hand with him through life, will adapt to him, changing plastic and imperceptible to herself externally and internally, gaining support, stability and her own meaning in life. Husbands Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus do not cause astrological fears. Relations with Virgo require endurance and nerves. Marriage with Pisces is boring. Marriages with other zodiac signs are problematic. So the Pisces women have to suffer …

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