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According to the Eastern calendar, 2019 will be the year of the Yellow Earth Dog.

The Red Fire Rooster ruled wisely and correctly, and did not even want to part with us. But on the night of April 16, 2019, the Cockerel will flap its wings, crows out goodbye, and will transfer the rights to the throne to the Dog. The dog is a restless creature, and the whole year will be on guard of our well-being. The dog personifies justice, it never betrays, and in the year of her reign we can calm down – everything will be clear and fair.

In 2019, you can safely take up any business, because the Dog rushes into battle without thinking about the consequences. The elements of the earth are connected with laws and traditions, therefore in the Year of the Earth Dog it is important to adhere to its principles. Despite the fact that the Dog does not like change, and does not seek to move from the booth to the crystal palace, it will do everything so that the inhabitants of the earth could improve their living conditions. The main thing here is to believe in a miracle – the hostess of 2019 will gladly play along with us.

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If in the winter the Dog is swaying, and restore order after the impulsive Cockerel, then by the spring everything will be ready. After winter hibernation, many can count on financial success – the yellow color of the year will lure money. Of course, the Dog will not give us gold bars, and will not lead to the treasure, but for those who are hardworking and persistent, you can wait for the promotion, the encouragement, and all the best. In addition, yellow color is associated with the energy of the sun, it charges us with positive, cheerfulness and good mood – it’s useless to argue with the Yellow Dog, it will still arrange for us all a fabulous and joyful life.

The dog is a disinterested  and generous being, it does not suffer for fame and comfort. But a cute animal will rejoice if we surround ourselves with beautiful things, and dress like we have become kings and princesses. So you can without a twinge of conscience change your wardrobe and, after reading the horoscope, run to the store for chic outfits.

In 2019, qualities such  as friendliness and honesty are welcome . Even in dealing with competitors, we should not be hypocritical and retreat from the rules – in the Year of the Dog no one dares to deceive us, or come up with some kind of fraudulent scheme. The salary of most people will be “white” —that is, we’ll accumulate a pension, so take a walk.

To any business in the new 2019, it is important to be creative.

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 Even working as a technical man, or a bread carver, you can achieve unprecedented results, if you show imagination – the floor can be washed with a powder smelling of oranges, and you can cut the bun with a zigzag (the boss will be delighted and will definitely increase the salary).

For people of intellectual professions, the green light will burn in the year of the Yellow Dog – the world has never seen so many projects and discoveries. An industrious and active Dog will always find something for everyone, her nose is aimed for good luck, and she will help everyone who believes in their success.

With the health of the year of the Dog is not expected problems, hardened yellow dog will not allow us to sneeze and cough.

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 But with bad habits will have to say goodbye – the dog does not like to spend money on nonsense, such as cigarettes and alcohol. It is better to buy a sweet bone, and a new slate for the booth. By the way, the Yellow Earth Dog loves to travel and change the picture before your eyes, in 2019 you can travel around the world – there will be many new friends, and we will fill ourselves with impressions for several years ahead.

Fabulous and magical changes are waiting for us in the love sphere – 2019 is filled with meetings, acquaintances and dates.

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Couples will feel in the seventh heaven – the second honeymoon can last for the whole year. But for the free guys Dog prepared many surprises. Yellow Earth Creation has agreed with Cupid, and he is already forging new arrows – enough for everyone, especially for those who dream of meeting with their long-awaited half.

In 2019 there will be many wedding ceremonies.

Couples who created a family in the Year of the Dog can count on a long and friendly union. Children born during the reign of Earthen Dog will have good health, cheerful disposition, and high intelligence.

So, rather agree with the chosen one, look for a suitable hospital and stock up with diapers and vests (only without banal flowers on the fabric, and with formulas and theorems – brilliant kids will appreciate such a meeting and the world will learn new Pythagoras).

In 2019, it is very important to communicate and make friends.

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We will feel “our people” instantly, and all sorts of enemies will pass us by (after all, the Dog is near, and so bark and roar that the enemies faint). A bite Yellow Earthen puppy will not be – just wagging with a tail, and a foot on command. But the hostess of 2019 will stand up on her hind legs only in front of good people – it is useful to work on yourself and get positive and friendliness.

In order for 2019 to bring us happiness, love, and all sorts of benefits, you need to remember a few rules: do not bark in trifles, do not bite, trust people and do not growl, but solve issues diplomatically and patiently. Then the mistress of the year, squealing with joy, will fall backwards before us, and our life will be far from doggy.

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