Horoscope for the last weeks of the year 2019. According to your star sign.

The year 2019 was certainly not easy. It was probably stormy followed by rest periods, which, to be honest, were never long enough. Everyone else is doing other things to reassure themselves and their lives, and each star sign has a different way to approach the last two months of the year.


As Aries, you tend to lose yourself in your own mind, analyzing something over and over again is one of your specialties. Even if it sometimes looks like nothing in life is really possible, be patient, even your moment when the fog will clear and everything goes by itself will come.

The sun is shining through the dark clouds directly on your face. It will be good to take a step back at the end of the year. Use the last two months to self-reflection and personal development. 


You will have to make some important decisions in the last few weeks, what you have to keep in mind is staying rational, which will be very difficult for a passionate and impulsive bull. Because he makes every decision with his heart.

At the end of the year, stay cool and distant, making important decisions and lean back, because everything will come as you imagine, but not as fast as you would like. 


As a twin you are a thoroughly grounded person. With the current state of affairs in your life, you feel well on the whole. But you lack stability and an anchor in your life you need someone to talk to and someone who really understands you.

In the last two months of the year, you are becoming more and more aware that you are missing a “better half” to have a calming post in a hectic world like this one. 


The beginning of the year 2019 was marked by a heavy on your soul, but the good news is that the last two months will be more pleasant this year. Everywhere new possibilities seem to arise for you.

You’ll be by and large proud of how this year has gone, despite the teething troubles and you’re more than ready for the year 2020. 


You will be faced with decisions that will put you in conflict with yourself. Your contradictory personality will put you in trouble at this stage, so you’ll get a second opinion.

You will spend the last two months of the year plumping for a happy 2020. 


The last two months of the year will be a journey to yourself, do not be afraid to look deep inside yourself. You will discover yourself and get to know you better.

You will use the last two months of the year to withdraw and question your whole being. You will accept the challenge of finding your identity with open arms.

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