Do you think you have major issues dealing with your innermost personal feelings? Nobody’s perfect and practically all of us could use some sage advice when it comes to processing our fragile emotions. Some of us are better than others when it comes to managing our highs, lows, and in-betweens, but did you know that your astrological sign may play a part in how you cope (or can’t cope very well) with your feelings?

Based on the common traits and characteristics, people with the same zodiac sign tend to embody, the ways people cope with their feelings can be quite similar. Perhaps the exact details and results are not replicated, but the reasons behind the sign-based coping mechanisms are due to the personalities and qualities of people with the same birth sign.

If you think you are not too great at coping with your feelings, you are certainly not alone and your astrological sign may be the culprit of your woes. But once you can find out why your coping skills are not the best they can be, you can work on overcoming those behaviors and patterns and emerge better-skilled at properly dealing with your sensitivities and emotions. Once you check out what may be blocking your path to dealing with your feelings strongly and successfully, you can trump your zodiac sign and give yourself hope that you can deal with your emotions in a healthy and productive manner. See if these traits apply to you and how you tend to cope.


15 Aquarius: Your Superficiality Prevents You From Getting Too Deep


It has been said than many people who fall under the sign of Aquarius can be quite materialistic and superficial – it least more so than the rest of the people who fall under the other signs. Some level of superficiality is only natural, but when it becomes too much, it can prevent you from getting too deep – both with other people and with yourself. This superficiality can prevent you from being able to see past the surface and getting in touch with your innermost feelings. Do yourself a major favor and try to bring yourself back down to earth. It is what’s on the inside that counts most, so look beyond the exterior and reach for what is in your heart. By doing so, you will be better able to get to the root of your issues and best handle your emotions.

14 Pisces: You’re So Sensitive That Everything Becomes A Big Deal


Pisces people can be super-sensitive. Being an emotional person is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but when you are way too sensitive, every little thing can trigger a wave of mind-boggling emotions. When everything is a major issue, it can be very difficult to determine what is truly important to you. Some people may think that being overly sensitive would actually help them with handling their feelings, but the opposite can be true instead. If you think you are a super-sensitive Pisces, try to find the strength to not allow every moment and every detail send your fragile emotions into a tailspin. Otherwise, anything and everything will cause unnecessary feelings of sadness, pain, anger, or doubt that may hinder your everyday life. Keep a level of sensitivity, because that makes you who you are, but try to find a better balance.

13 Aries: Your Hot Temper Prevents You From Seeing Things Clearly


Are you a hot head who flies off the handle and can’t seem to keep their feelings inside? You must be an Aries with a flaming hot temper and a no-holds-barred demeanor. There is no reason to be so testy and temperamental. You may not mean to be, but that does not mean there is nothing you can do about it. See if you can practice mindful yoga or peaceful meditation to get yourself to relax and refocus. If everything causes you to blow a gasket, you will never be able to deal with your feelings in a thoughtful way. If you always jump to frustration and rage before thinking things through, the feelings will not be processed properly. Your focus isn’t there and the feelings will become fired up rather than dealt with sufficiently.

12 Taurus: Your Loyalty To Others May Wind Up Hurting You


Are you a giver rather than a taker who cares a ton about what others think of you? You are likely a Taurus who tends to be super-loyal to other people, but not always quite as loyal to yourself. Being kind and caring to others is very important, and loyalty to close friends and family is a gift, but you must also take good care of yourself. Do not put your emotions and feelings aside for the sake of others. If you don’t feel good about something, you must deal with it internally, despite what the outside world may tell you. Before you are able to be a good person to those who mean a lot to you, you must put yourself first. Without being emotionally stable and fit, you won’t be at your best to help others.

11 Gemini: You’re Too Analytical And Can’t Follow Your Heart


If you are a Gemini sign, you may be used to thinking with your head and never following your gut. This brain-based method is useful and practical in some tricky or complex situations, but when it comes to matters of emotions and coping with your feelings, being too analytical can become a roadblock to getting to the real root of your feelings and allowing yourself to go through the motions of emotions. When you are too critical of your feelings and try to reason them away, you may never learn to cope with what’s eating you inside. It is OK to allow yourself to listen to your heart and see where it takes you. Not everything is a science or mathematical experiment. Let yourself truly and deeply feel and heal.

10 Cancer: You’re Too Closed-Off To Others Who May Be Able To Help You


If you do not let others in, you may be locking the door on positive people who could help you sort out your feelings when you are confused or troubled. Many people who fall under the Cancer astrological sign can be closed-off and introverted, not allowing other people into their personal lives deeply enough to make a difference in their well-being when it comes to handling and coping with tender or tough emotions. Not everyone is the life of the party or wants to let many people in on their deepest thoughts, but if you allow a select few trusted people into your life, you may learn a thing or two about balancing your emotions and coping well with feelings that are nagging at you. A friend can get you through hard times as well as be by your side during the best of times.

9 Leo: You’re Too Quick To Forgive And Don’t Give Yourself Time To Process Situations


They say forgiveness is a virtue, but if you are too quick to forgive others, you may lose the opportunity to deal with what the issue at hand was in the first place. People under the Leo zodiac sign can have the tendency to be very quick to forgive others, but do they forgive themselves as quickly? Of course, when the time is right, forgiving others is a relief for both you and the person who you are forgiving, but that does not mean you are not allowed to go through the emotions and uncomfortable feelings that the situation may have caused. Leos need to give themselves time and a solid chance to think things through, process their emotions and feelings, and then forgive with a clear conscience and honesty.

8 Virgo: Your Fragile Emotions Get The Best Of You


Virgos can be tender souls with a fragility and sensitivity that is not as strong in the other astrological signs. While not everyone can be as tough as nails, the super-sensitive types may have trouble coping with feelings without becoming overburdened with a flood of emotions. It is not easy to switch off this fragile personality trait, but if you know you are a hyper-sensitive individual, keep it in mind when something comes up that causes you to become highly or possibly irrationally emotional. When it comes to Virgos, being a bit more analytical can be a help to get them out of the wave of emotions with some clarity and conciseness. Also, talking to another person can help them put their thoughts into perspective so they don’t feel like their emotions are out of control.

7 Libra: You’re Great at Giving Advice To Others, But Have Trouble Helping Yourself


Libras have a knack for giving great advice to their family members and friends, but when it comes to managing their own feelings and emotions, they have trouble dealing with them as well. Perhaps since they are removed from their friends’ and family members’ issues they can think and respond more clearly and rationally, but when they need some good advice of their own, the aid they are quick to offer others doesn’t flow as fast. Libras may find a workable solution by acting as though the situation they are dealing with is happening to someone else they care about. What would they suggest to a friend or loved one? Stepping outside one’s self and seeing things more clearly can be helpful in managing feelings that may become emotionally overwhelming.

6 Scorpio: You’d Rather Seem Mysterious Than Let Your Real Feelings Show

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Scorpios tend to be veiled in a sheet of mystery and mystique, and with this comes a wall that is put up that does not allow true feelings to escape their minds. A little mystery is OK – we all don’t need to be an open book – but if you are too closed-off or do not reveal your true self, you may never have the opportunity to get to the root of your emotions and you could lose the chance to learn to cope effectively. If you are a Scorpio and have the tendency to be super-mysterious rather than letting the real you shine through, consider opening yourself up a bit more. Not only will others get to know you much better, but you will start to learn more about yourself too, allowing yourself to better deal with your emotions.

5 Sagittarius: You’re Idealistic And Don’t Want To Get Hurt By The Truth


Many people who fall under the sign of Sagittarius are the “glass half-full” types who are idealistic and may not want to see the negative or “bad” side of any given situation. Perhaps they are afraid to see the truth which could potentially hurt them in some way. Being a positive person is a blessing, but not when it goes too far and the person cannot imagine that something may not be perfect. They may stuff their feelings deep inside so they can put on a big smile for those around them, making others and themselves believe that their life is picture-perfect. This may work for a while, but eventually the person will wear down and the emotions will bubble over. You need to allow yourself to feel even the worst of emotions to get through them. It’s OK to be sad or scared sometimes. Deal with these feelings to have a true sense of happiness.

4 Capricorn: You Don’t Want To Rock The Boat And Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself


A Capricorn may not want to cause confrontation or rock the boat in any way. This is why many people who fall under this zodiac sign may hide their feelings or emotions as to not cause any issues with other people. This is unhealthy for the person who bottles up their feelings just to protect others. It is important to allow yourself to feel the emotions that are inside you and deal with them responsibly. You may not have to share this with anyone else, but if you don’t even deal with your feelings while alone, your relationship with yourself and other people will never be truly genuine. Just because you have feelings that others may not agree with doesn’t make you a bad person. Things may not be smooth sailing for the moment, but you’ll feel much better when you learn to cope rather than clam up.

3 Leo BONUS: You Don’t Want People To Dislike You So You Won’t Always Show How You’re Really Feeling


Leos want to be loved, so they may hide their true feelings so they can keep the peace with others around them. While it is nice to want to be part of the group and have everyone get along, it is not fair to yourself to stuff down your emotions for the sake of others. It is OK to have feelings of your own, no matter what others may be thinking about the issue or of you, for that matter. Do you really want people to like a version of yourself that is not 100% genuine anyway? Stop thinking about what other people will think and take care of yourself. Listen carefully to your heart and gut and learn what makes you feel the way you do. Ignoring your feelings will not make them disappear.

2 Virgo BONUS: Your Perfectionism Prevents You From Showing Any Signs Of Weakness


Virgos tend to be perfectionists. Striving to be your best is always a good thing, but we can’t all be perfect all the time. Some folks who fall under the Virgo sign may believe that showing “negative” emotions gives off a sense of weakness. They may not want to cry, be viewed as frustrated or angry, or seem like they are scared. They feel that this would make them come off as less than perfect, the one thing they take pride in being. Virgos – being emotional is not being weak. Being free to let yourself feel and share is strong and powerful – the exact opposite. Do not worry about coming across as weak because we all have emotions that ought to be shared and seen as being human. Everyone has their own idea of what “perfect” is anyway.

1 Capricorn BONUS: You’re A Planner And Don’t Let Emotions Stray You From Your Intended Goals

People who are planners tend to put their emotions aside as to not get distracted from their course of action. Capricorns can be these types of people who do not want to change plans due to feelings or emotions. They have an idea in mind and want to see it through, despite any emotions that may develop inside them. While strategic planning can be useful and staying on track is often a necessity, it is OK to still feel from the heart and allow yourself to tend to what may be bothering you. If you listen to what your gut is telling you, you may do an even better job. Always take time to cope with all aspects of your life to be a well-rounded and successful person from all angles.

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