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In this article we will try to tell which of the signs of the zodiac is the most generous, and which is greedy. So, a brief description of the signs of the zodiac:

Aries, along with generosity, also has a calculating mind. He would never waste money aimlessly, only for the future. If he realizes that some acquaintance may become useful to him, he will not stint. It does not depend on the sex of the person being presented.

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Taurus love when they spend money on them, and they will not think for long if there is an opportunity to walk for free. Among the bodies are often found male Alfonso. Interestingly, Taurus girls are usually more generous than men.

Depending on their environment, Gemini can be both generous and vice versa. They love to show their willingness to bestow others in front of a crowd of observers. Alone the picture usually changes for the worse.

The generosity of the Crayfish extends to your home and family, since this sign is distinguished by home outlook. Especially well manifested in a more adult age. In the house of Cancer there will always be a cozy interior, upholstered furniture, delicious food.

Lev, contrary to popular belief, is not as generous as he is usually considered. They love to spend money on loved ones, they love to make gifts, but they don’t spend even a penny on those who are not in this circle.

Virgos are not inclined to throw money to the wind. They will be where you can get by with a modest gift. At the same time they love to talk about their purchases.

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Scales are generous and hospitable, ready to organize a holiday for relatives and friends. Especially when it’s at someone else’s expense.

Scorpios are important that others evaluate their income and opportunities , so they usually do not stint on revealing generosity.

Sagittarius is not too greedy sign. There are even disinterested. Probably, for this reason, finances are going so well to them, as they say: “the hand of the giver will not become scanty”.

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Capricorns are not stingy, they are homely. True, it does not make it any easier for anyone. Gifts are made depending on the position in the society bestowed.

Aquarius is not only generous , but do not miss a single detail in the desires of loved ones. Accurately catch the dreams of friends.

With Pisces, everything, as always, is not straightforward. For the most part, their greediness depends on their mood.

Planets in a certain location can give such a quality to a person as greed. This is Jupiter, in more rare cases Venus, Saturn, Mercury. Of the houses, the first, fourth, second, tenth influence this character trait.

Most of all greed is Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

Most often in astrology, Jupiter affects greed, as it is responsible for social relationships, in which it is expressed from the number of the rest of a person’s relationship with property. Stinginess occurs next to the damaged Jupiter.

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First of all, the planet of limitations is Saturn. Accuracy and economy under the influence of this planet often reaches stinginess. There is a place to be greedy for cash; a person regrets both his own purchases and those donated by other people.

Another effect of Saturn on stinginess is the control of Capricorn by the tenth house, expressed through the influence of man in society. The main manifestation of the insatiability and greed of this sign – in the pursuit of power.

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Venus appears in the list of planets as the ruler of the second house and the sign of Taurus, among the symbols of which are income, property, accumulation. For Taurus, the usual temptations are the craving for abundance and wealth, which is interesting, they often succeed.

With whoever lives you, do not forget, generosity is a very relative thing. It is impossible all the time to only receive or only give, any relationship must be built on mutual returns, regardless of the sign of the zodiac

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