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She is very insightful and pensive, and it is often very hard to get to her core because she feels very deeply. Even though she is sensitive it does not mean she always wears her heart on her sleeve. It is very likely that she will test you before revealing her feelings. You should make the first move, but it will not be too hard because she is very friendly and warm as well as a great listener. Open up to her so that she can get to know you. As soon as you gain her interest, she will open up to you, too.

You will learn how caring, compassionate and caring she is. She is the perfect long-term partner and you will never feel alone with her. She will try her best to make you happy, so try to return the favor by making her feel protected and treating her with respect. She will not expect expensive gifts, but you can surprise her or buy her flowers from time to time.

She is very passionate and will let her imagination to take control in the bedroom.


This woman will break all traditions. She is very eccentric so you should never expect conventional with her. Every conversation with her is exciting because she is very unpredictable. She needs constant stimulations, to try to keep her entertained. If you want to get her attention, try to stand out from the crowd.

In a relationship, remain calm and avoid asking too much of her time or attention. She wants independence but also the freedom to be herself with you. Even though she does not like being tied down, she will devote herself to you once she falls in love. She values respect the most, so always respect her.

She enjoys physical stimulation and likes to try new things in the bedroom.


This woman is very ambitious and go-getter and she can take care of herself perfectly. It might be hard to break down the walls around you and she might seem cold at first. But once you win her heart over, she will melt in your hands.

A Capricorn woman expresses her emotions through actions. Even though she likes her independence, it does not mean she does not need you. However, she also likes security such as financial and emotional. She is not a gold digger, but she will want to know if you are capable of taking care of her.

Unless you have sincere feelings for her, she will not fully open up to you. She will help you succeed in each aspect of your life by providing encouragement and support all the way.


She is fun, flirty, social, curious and energetic. It requires a lot of energy to keep up with her, but you will never be bored. In fact, you might actually feel a little tired. This woman is the happies when she is gaining new experiences, challenging her boundaries or learning new things. If you are ready to keep up with her, it will be the ride of a lifetime.

Her freedom is probably the thing she appreciates the most, so never try to take it away from her. She is extremely independent and if she does fall in love with you, and after a while she wants her space, you can be sure that she will be loyal during the time and will also come back to you.

She will never tolerate bullshit and she is always honest.


She is mysterious and you may fall in love with her without even getting to know her completely. She is secretive and reserved but also assertive. Even though she may seem outgoing and open, she actually keeps a lot of things to herself. If she shares a secret with you that nobody else knows, it is a good sign that she has feelings for you.

Scorpio women are the most sensual Zodiac sign and they are the best lovers. But they often use $ex as a tool for manipulation, so be careful.


This woman is very social and talking to her is always comfortable and easy. But, don’t put too much pressure by asking her on a date. Try to choose the right timing and allow her to think about it for a while.

She sometimes has trouble controlling her emotions, so it is good if you let her clear her head and heart by giving her the space she needs. She might have a lot of friends, but she does not consider them all as true friends.

If she falls in love with you, she will be yours completely and she will shower you with her love in the bedroom. However, Libras often have huge libido, and sometimes they consider $ex a form of art.


This Zodiac sign sometimes shuts herself from the world, because she is very emotional and wants to protect herself by building walls around her. She is detail-oriented, practical and perfectionist which is why she may seem cold at first. However, she is just being precautious.

She is sarcastic by nature, and her witty comments are not a way she uses to insult you. If you are able to laugh at her sarcasm, she is very likely to fall for you. All the effort you put in her will be rewarded. Once she lets you in her life and heart, she will feel exposed. So, if you hurt her she might forgive you but she will never forget.

Shallow talk is something she despises, so try to appeal to her intellect or knowledge when having a discussion.

She is very sensual and sexual, but avoid pressuring her too much. She might need more time to relax and be comfortable by being intimate with you.


This sign is extremely charming and self-confident and it is very easy to find yourself drawn to them. She has a generous nature and she will give you more than you provide her. She is more likely to fall for you if you provide her with devotion, admiration and appreciation.

She will be loyal and completely committed to you. She wants to be the center of your world, but you will also be the center of her too. Forget about your ego and try to keep her happy, but never try to make her jealous.

She is very confident with her body and if you want to avoid her becoming tired of you, respect her freedom and give her space. She has lots of energy, so she can get bored easily. Go out more and do interesting things. She might even take the lead and suggest something.


This woman is deeply connected to her emotions. It is hard to get to know her because she is guided by her heart and her feelings. She is very sensitive, emotional and complicated. She will wait for the romance of a lifetime and likes to be swept off her feet. Be prepared to listen to her if you want to get to know her.

She will not fall in love unless she is sure that you respect her and that she can trust you. Once she does, she will do everything to make you happy.

She is affectionate and passionate, but also likes connection and not one-night stands.

Her nature is protective and nurturing so she can take care of you like a mother. Besides being your partner, she will be your best friend that you can always talk to when you feel sad.


This is one of the most generous, supportive and giving signs but she is also very unpredictable. She is very charming, and if you are in a relationship with her be ready for a little competition because she always has a group of fans. She is irresistible due to her charm, with and sex appeal.

She can seem both hot and cold. One day you may feel she is all into you, and the next that she is cold. She often changes her mind about almost anything. That is just her nature. If you want to be with her, you need to learn how to keep up.

You can win her over by knowing how to keep up with her in her conversations and social settings. The best way to seduce her is by making her laugh. She can sometimes give you a tough time, so try not to become offended. It may be her way of showing that she is interested.

Try not to make her feel betrayed or angry to avoid seeing her brutal and erratic nature.


She is responsible, grounded and very patient. If you are in a relationship with her, you should devote yourself to her but without putting too much pressure. Give her time and space to decide that she is ready.

She has a conquering nature, so if you seem too easy to catch, she might not be too interested because you will not seem like a challenge. She might be seductive and sensual, but she also has deep emotions. She will try her best not to lose you.

She is faithful and honest if you are treating her that way. She does not like to be pampered and it is best to show her small signs of affection instead of grand gestures.

She is considered to be materialistic, but she actually cares about the stability that comes from financial security.


This woman wants to achieve greatness in her career but also in her personal life. She is very patient to meet her right partner. She likes attention, but also a good challenge. She already knows how fabulous she is, so don’t shower her with compliments too often. Instead, take action to show her how much you love her.

She is fearless in life and love, and if you manage to get into her heart she will show you her feelings. She does not like being salivated over, but she does appreciate acts of love. She likes being with a strong man, but dislikes being dominated. Her independent nature wants to be treated with appeal and respect. She likes adventures because she is full of energy, so being in a relationship with her will always be fun and exciting.

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